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More Spirit Tracks Artwork


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Oct 14, 2007
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We have four new pieces of artwork available for you from the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. One of the pieces of artwork is shown to the right and it is of the Demon King.

You can check out all four images at our image gallery or by clicking the links below. The four artwork images depict Link and Alfonzo, the Demon King, a Bomb Train, and Link's Spirit Train

The artwork to the right does bear a resemblance to Ganondorf... (if Ganondorf was a train), so it could very well mean that Ganondorf is the major villain yet again for the upcoming Zelda title.


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Jul 9, 2009
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The Demon King sounds a little odd, but cool the way he looks is cool he is kinda like the ghost ship in Ph and who is Alonzo? I have never seen him before, is he one of the pirates in Tetra's group of pirate thugs? I wonder what that bomb train is for it might just go at you on the tracks and blows you up maybe you have to shoot it to blow it up from a distance so it won't run into you, like the sea traps in Ph that you have to jump over to dodge it and not take damage.

The thought that Ganondorf is the Demon Train and that he returns is somewhat possibal, but how does he come back again does he come in the beginning or after a certain amount of the story is completed? And did they call this the Demon Train or did you name it Mases because if that is the name than I guess they could have made it better, but the name it has now is okay, I hope St is longer than Ph and harder thought that way we can have a better Zelda on our hands to complete.

Why can't December 7th come any sooner that is two days before my birthday and I can't hold back my anticaption any more it is so hard to keep myself from going crazy with excitment.:nerd::tired::clap:
Apr 5, 2008
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Aargh! I love this artwork styling soo much, but when will they release a rendered and full scale one of the Spirit Pipes? That one looks awesome to add.

Oh, and Mases, that train looks nothing like Ganon.

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