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Minish Cap! The Pixar Movie?!?!

Minish Cap Pixar?

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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Well, that is definitely some great art! I wouldn't mind Pixar playing some part in a MC movie, if you have ever seen the Toy Story trilogy then you'd know what Pixar+Disney is capable of doing (i.e a masterpiece, basically the OoT of movies in my opinion).


Jul 13, 2008
The art shots look like they would need a little work if they were to be put in to a movie :P

I'd be cool with seeing MC put in to a movie form though because One, Disney/Pixar is very great at making child like playful movies and I consider MC to be a little more child like out of all the games in the series. Two, Minish Cap is my least favorite Zelda game so Disney/Pixar can do whatever they want with it (if they were going to of course).

Disney and Pixar are very great companies and every movie I see by them has beautiful animations and graphics and their very memorable so I'm sure they could do something nice with MC.

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