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Master Ball Request!


Hero of Gorons
Hi, i just found Kyurem in White!
I battled him 100 times with no catch...
If anybody could trade me a weak pokemon with a masterball, a legendary (not Kyurem) may fall in your hands!

It's pretty dumb that i can't get my Master Balls from HG. I have like 500 or something there...
So please, anybody! But help will also be appreciated!


Guardian of Courage
Oct 28, 2011
I really would take this offer....but alas, I have no Wi-Fi connection. And how in Din's name did you get 500+ masterballs in HG/SS?


Archer Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
Probably Hacks. NO im kidding but my friend got that many master Balls through a Game Shark and he would trade me some when I needed some. But now that I play Black Version I can't get those So I have the same problem as you do.


Chillest of Bros
Sep 30, 2011
Suffolk County, New York
Use ultra balls/heavy balls the old fashioned way like everyone else. Put him to sleep and chip away at his health with false swipe/trying to get lucky at 1hp. Its really not that hard, considering how easy it is to catch them in these newer games. It only took 2 or 3 battles for me to catch him. If he was easy to catch, he wouldn't be special to have.

Deleted member 6224

Yea use ultra balls, it took me awhile but it keeps from wasting a master ball. It also feels satisfying when you catch it with a ultra ball.


Sep 20, 2008
I caught Kyurem with a Great ball after not that many tries. My strategy, if you were wondering, was to put him to sleep at the start of the battle. Then i'd use weaker pokemon to weaken him, and keep putting him to sleep/weakening until he was in red health. When he's asleep and in red health, that's the perfect time to try and catch it. After a few ultra balls and then finally a great ball, he was mine!


Nyanko Sensei
Oct 18, 2007
The Netherlands
You know...you could just could ask a good false swiper instead of requesting a Master Ball.

I catched it by using my lvl 100 Zangoose (Sword Dance, False swipe, Thunder wave). Good alternative is Scizor, but u need an other pokemon who can paralyze or sleep it.

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