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  • You've waited for 5 years, I'm pretty sure a couple of weeks won't make a difference. haha
    Do you have the week off for Thanksgiving? Are you working on a long term project or just a regular assignment?
    Don't worry, though. I'm pretty sure she just wants the best for you (well, at least, that's what they all say).
    Dude, that's pretty terrible. Your mom took away your Wii for screwing up an interview? That's hardly fair.
    Hi Zen! Haven't chatted with you in a while.

    Is it because I'm 12? I feel stereotyped...
    At first I thought you meant crazy as in a good way. But I guess not. Why what happened, unless you don't wanna share.
    Then tell your mom that one day when you become a surgeon making millions, hand-eye coordination will help a lot.
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