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MAFIA XIV: Resident Evil 4

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Dec 16, 2009
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Welcome to Maifa 14! Finally it's my turn. Yeah, this was Axle-aproved. Raindrop had her game figured out before I had mine, so yeah. This game will allow for 36 people. If there's too many, that's fine. You can be a replacement. Either that or I can figure out a role for you. But everything will be balanced. Don't worry. This game is for advanced players. I reccomend that if you don't know much, then you should wait for the next beginner game. The theme is Resident Evil 4. Here's a few roles you guys need to know. It's pretty standard for a Mafia game. Except for maybe a few.

- DO NOT PM EACH OTHER ABOUT YOUR ROLES. Mystery and assumptions are the point of this game, so if all the Townies band together through PMs you will ruin this game. Play with integrity. Lying is fine though. Mafia members may lie that they are Townie. Deception is a major aspect of this game.
- DO NOT POST INFORMATION FROM OUTSIDE THE GAME. This means any information, revealing or otherwise, that comes from screenshots of the active user list, IM conversations, or anything. If you post such information, you will be ModKilled.
- You may only post in the Day period.
- Vote and unvote in the format: Vote: Player X; Unvote: Player X
- BOLD YOUR VOTES! It makes my life easier
- DO NOT REVEAL ANY INFORMATION AFTER YOU HAVE DIED. If you are a Mafia member and you die, do not reveal to anyone who else is Mafia because that information may end up in the hands of the Townies.
- IF YOU ARE INACTIVE YOU WILL BE MODKILLED. I'll require you at least 3 posts a (Mafia) day. Unless you've cleared it with me.
- DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS. I hope I don't have to repeat it again. This is a cardinal rule. Editing your posts is a no no. If you have something more to say, or need to edit a section of your post then MAKE ANOTHER POST saying what you need to say. If you are caught editing, you will be ModKilled. DO NOT DELETE YOUR POSTS EITHER! This doesn't apply to mods. You may do your jobs.
- You may name claim. Name claim only. Only like when someone's about to be lynched. No mass claims either.
- Have fun

I may sound really harsh and evil, but I understand that people make mistakes. If it's something small, then I'll forgive you.
There's been a slight change. So re-read the rules. I will be playing as a role, but I won't vote or anything. It'll just be for the story.

-Soldier's Log: Entry #1-
It was a very quiet and normal day in the village. But then, a group of people showed up. The group used their weapons and opened fire. Nearly everyone died. The castle was next. The zealots were doing their everyday prayer, when the group killed most of them. Finally, it was the island, which was populated by a small militia. There were barely any people who survived the massacre. We (the survivors) gathered together. We knew that whoever was responsible was not done yet. For they were still among us. We couldn't figure out who was with us, and who wasn't. We only have a few days to find them, before they kill every single one of us.

*Scene fades away, while this song begins*
(I know it's not Resident Evil 4, but I like this song).

Day ends on February 13th, 2013. It takes 11 for a majority. Good luck.

1) TheMasterSword
2) Keeseman
3) Thareous
4) Mido
5) Furie
6) Lord Death
7) DracoMajora
8) illmatic
9) Kybyrian
10) ALIT
11) Pendio
12) Axle
13) Josh
14) Zenox
15) Austin
16) Viral Maze
17) Darknut Hunter
18) Raindrop 14
19) Rachel
20) Rishian
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Jan 31, 2008
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Didn't I already answer this one?
no wait holy **** guys look at the time of the opening post, did we miss this **** for a month?!


Feb 24, 2010
no wait holy **** guys look at the time of the opening post, did we miss this **** for a month?!

=O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O =O
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