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Aug 12, 2013
Ashland, OR
To me the worst kind of lie is the lie you knew you'd have to tell and verbally commit to something you have no intention of committing to. Things that fall into this category are: "I will always love you," "I'm just going out with some friends," "No, this pipe is not for crack."

Some lies are beneficial for harmony, because if we all spoke our minds about the people around us all the time, we would all be constantly offended and have no friends. It is a sociological fact that we are all the meanest to those closest to us, and take out our frustration with life on those we love. Would it help anything for you to, in a fit of anger, tell your sister she's an ugly skank? You don't find her attractive because she is your sister, but just because you think something in a moment doesn't mean you should voice it, so when your sister asks what is wrong, you feel an obligation not to share your true feelings.

Some lies are harmful and cause pain, strife and dysfunction. If a friend asks you to read their paper because they are afraid it doesn't make sense and you read it, think it's horrible and lie through your teeth about it, them getting a terrible grade is partially on you and your lying. People putting their trust in you and valuing your opinion is an unspoken statement that not only do they think what you have to say is worthwhile, but theyactually want to hear it. You are betraying that trust on both counts by first giving bad advice and second refusing to share your opinion.

Lies are good things when it comes to things we should not be saying to one another, but they are often used as tools of evasion and manipulation.
Jan 1, 2011
I'm not a fan of lying. Because once you start lying it is something that is hard to get out of. I always tell the truth, even if it something that could hurt someone, but I'd rather tell it to them straight rather them finding out that I have lied to them. It is more disrespectful than anything else IMO

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