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Link's Secret Stash

Sep 28, 2010
It's mostly a design thing, I'd say. That and the magical thing known as hammerspace! To put it simply, hammerspace is something seen in fiction where characters do the same as Link does-pull objects and equipment out of thin air. Though Link is capable of carrying all of his belongings:

Besides, I think would be quite a tough job for the designers to design and put all those items on Link's model or sprite, or whatever. Having hammerspace just makes things easier, I guess.

This works in most cases, but all those masks in MM, they would cover him, he'd be a walking pile of masks! XD I love that picture, though. I saw a fanart of that concept with TMC, it was cool too. And yeah, I never did understand the iron boots and how they are only heavy on your feet.


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Feb 8, 2011
In the Legend of Neil, uh, Neil merely reaches up and pulls an out item of thin air, or in that series, the Inventory. So Link probably always has some magical field about him where he stores the weapons/items, otherwise known as hammerspace I suppose, but it has limits. Otherwise he wouldn't need to upgrade wallets or quivers or even bomb-carriage capacity.

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Sep 28, 2010
I always thought Link's pouch is magical and can shrink the size as he puts them in the pouch.

It is a somewhat fantasy game after all.

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