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If You Had the Choice to Have Been Born in Any Year and Any Country?


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
Wow, there are several places and times I can think of.

New York City, 1968. Twenty years earlier than I was actually born, so I could have grown up in the 1970s, and been a teenager in a major city in the 1980s. There were more jobs, it wasn't too much worse than today, and there was all kinds of interesting stuff going on.

Kyoto, 1790. Mostly because I've always been fascinated by pre-modern Japanese culture, perhaps moreso than modern Japanese culture. The shoguns, the Samurai, Tokugawa, all kinds of learning and intellectual development, etc.

Athens, 422 BC. I would have liked to see the influence of Socrates and his ideas, and possibly to have stood against what they did to him.

Lu (China), 500 BC. Being a contemporary of Confucius and his disciples sounds like an interesting experience.

London, 1700. There was just so much going on during the Enlightenment period, at this time and place. Voltaire was exiled here, there were so many English writers inventing theories, Shakespeare was writing plays... I would have liked this era.

Rome, 75 BC. So much going on with Cicero and Caesar, still a lot of philosophy and political intrigue.

Florence, 1450. The Renaissance was a fascinating period as well.

It would be amazing if I could be reincarnated several times, go through all of these, and then see what I learned from it between lives, assimilate the experience in some way.


Apr 10, 2012
Early 50's and I'd stay in Canada. I'd just want to be alive to see amazing things that I've otherwise missed.

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