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Ideas you have for Zelda stuff that realistically would never get made

Nov 14, 2021
As the title says, this is a thread where you can share ideas like games, merchandise etc. pertaining to the series that you know would never get made, whether it be due to Nintendo not allowing it, expired licenses, costs, demand and other factors that wouldn't make it a feasible venture etc.

While this idea isn't terribly serious, recently, I've been watching an abridged series of the Legend of Zelda cartoon called Well Abridge Me, Princess!, and as an unabashed fan of the cartoon, I love it! The creator of the series (who's also behind Real-Time Fandub) has a Twitch channel where they have a 2D VTuber rig of Link from the series, and they recently played The Secret of Monkey Island on their latest stream. While I watched their stream, my goofy-ass brain thought about what if the original cartoon got a game in the vein of Lucasfilm Games' point-and-click adventures? I've had a few other silly ideas about what a hypothetical game based on the cartoon would be like in the past, such as a platformer or turn-based RPG, but after watching that stream, I think a Lucasfilm Games-style P&C game would probably be much more fitting for it imo. There absolutely would be no way in hell Nintendo would've approved a game for the cartoon, but tbh I think it's still fun to think about what one could be like.

For some more serious ideas, though, would love to see one more game on the Hero of Time that explores his life after the events of Majora's Mask and before he became the Hero's Shade or a revival of the cancelled Sheikah game Retro Studios was working on, though ideally have the combat of the latter be significantly retooled to be way more compelling than the whack-a-mole-style gameplay that was reportedly proposed for it. I'd also love to see a remake of A Link to the Past or Four Swords Adventures, the latter especially since it sadly never sold well and has never seen a rerelease of any kind.


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May 5, 2012
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a direct sequel to twilight princess, while it doesn't sound outlandish I just have zero faith that nintendo would ever go back to revisit it, they usually just make a new storyline anyway

same thing w/ a 3rd hero of time game, feels like the ship has sailed for these ideas

I also think a turn based rpg spin off of zelda probably wouldn't happen, at least not the way I'd picture it (something akin to final fantasy X's gameplay, but w/ changes to suit zelda more)
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Jun 22, 2011
The idea I've had in mind since I was little was a Zelda game with about 50 full dungeons with little in between. In other words take Ocarina of Time as the gameplay template and multiply it in length by about 5. My logic as a child was dungeons are the best part of the games so they should make more as technology improves to make games bigger, but instead the series added more and more things in between dungeons as time passed.

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I'd like to see them make a game about (TotK spoilers)the ancient hero whose aspect we wear in TotK as the shrine reward. and see the Great Calamity of 10,000 years ago fought out through his eyes. But I don't think this is likely because it's... not a very long story. The Sheikah made their tech, Ganon appears, and he gets eviscerated by all the guardians and divine beasts, the end. I'm struggling to think of how to pad that out without keeping all the action locked in at the end. (and we basically already have this in AoC.) I'm also not sure what kind of format I'd like to see that in. Another Warriors game? A Fire Emblem type of strategic war game? Some other RPG or action game... Who knows. What I do know is I wanna see more creative stuff like Cadence of Hyrule and I think this would be a fun basis for another go at something that's as out of left field as that was. I also would just really love to see the ancient hero expanded on because he is just so utterly fascinating.

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Oct 9, 2023
I'd probably have to go with survival simulator, with Zelda characters. Braving the wilderness and having weather be an actual threat, rather than an annoyance. And making you build a proper shelter for the night, Breath of the Wild is the closest thing we got. But I mean like the possibility of suffering an illness, the possibility to starve or die of dehydration, and survive against not only your standard Zelda enemies, but also having to deal with certain animals that will kill you, and stuff like that.

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