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How Often Do You Eat Out?

Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
I lead a pretty busy schedule so it kinda depends on time mostly. I spend about 2-3 days after school every week so that I have extra study time, test make up/corrections, and my robotics team that I captain. So some times it's inevitable. If I do eat out cause of school there're a couple good, fast, affordable, and at least semi healthy places nearby. So my options aren't too bad and definitely not limited to something like McDonalds (I hate that place).

However, when I eat at home we usually have some really good food, usually better than what we eat out.

So all in all I eat out about once, maybe twice a week during the busy parts of the year, and rarely when it's a little slower, like in the summer.


be vigitant
Feb 20, 2012
On average, at least once a week, usually on a Friday or Saturday. My family usually doesn't eat out under normal circumstances on weekdays unless it's really busy.


Apr 22, 2011
I'm a great cook. As are my mom and dad. It runs in the family as my mom's mom and my dad's parents were both great cooks as well. That said, I always prefer to eat out. I can work my butt off making a great meal, and no matter how good it is, eating out always tastes better to me.

I guess it's because eating out seems "special" and makes the food taste better. Making my own meal just doesn't feel that rewarding to me. I can cook just about anything. Nice big steak dinner, lasagna, spaghetti..anything really. While I'll still like it, it just won't be as good as say a nice crab cake from a seafood place or a cheese steak sub, or what have you.

We eat out a couple of times a month. We just ate at a restaurant tonight actually.

I actually have the same mentality, Every other day than Friday I cook all of my meals and not to sound cocky or anything but I'm pretty much a beast at cooking food. Once it's done everyone in my family loves it, me too but I just don't find it as satisfying as eating out in a nice fancy restaurant. :P


Every Sunday or so I go for a bite. Otherwise, I don't go out too often.

Azure Sage

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Normally, the only time I or my family will eat out is for a special occasion, like a family member's birthday. Usually, whatever's going on has to be pretty darn important to warrant driving out to a restaurant and spending a lot of money. The last time we went out to eat was at Olive Garden to celebrate my cousin's birthday, and that was in February. It is now November. That difference of time is a pretty good model to show how rare it is for my family to go out to eat.
Apr 16, 2010
I estimate my family eats out about 2 out of 5 school days and typically at least once every day during the weekend. So about 4 times per school week. As for summer break and other weeks off for vacation, we probably eat out 5-10 times a week, perhaps more. I like it, because I prefer eating out to eating at home.


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Aug 13, 2011
We went out to this cute Cafe this afternoon after Church, actually. We used to have Mcdonald's every other Friday, but then my mom lost her Job...


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
We used to go out more often, but now we generally go out once a month. We'll eat out if friends or family want to as well, otherwise we try to save our money. It wasn't easy to cut back on how frequently we were eating out, but now it is second nature. When we really get a craving for somewhere specific, then we will splurge, but otherwise, we try to eat at home.
May 21, 2012
I usually go out to eat at least one or twice a week because after doing errands/church I am usually hungry right then.
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