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How does the Zelda manga compare to the games?

Aug 31, 2019
To those who have read them.

How do you find the Zelda mangas?

Does the story translate well? Does it add missing components that the games needed or pointless things they didn't need?

Would you ever recommend a manga over the game?

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Don't read them if you want a translation of the events of the games. They're not very similar at all.

They're not horrible but they're not very good indicators of what the games are like or their stories.

For example, Volvagia in the OoT manga used to be Link's pet and Link speaks all the time.


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I’ve only read the LttP, MM, and the first half of the OoT mangas. They’re interesting reads for hardcore fans, but nothing I’d overly recommend. They take a bunch of liberties with the story in them, for instance the LttP manga adds an entirely new thief character that’s never seen in game, and the MM one has a completely different take on the time travel aspect of the game. The MM manga also has a cool epilogue that’s a writers interpretation of the events prior to the game. IMO that’s the highlight of the entire thing.

Also the selection of games that get the manga treatment are weird. We’ve got a four swords and phantom hourglass manga but no windwaker?

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I've looked into the premise of some. While there are some aspects that seem interesting, they are non-canon, so I've never taken the time to read them. Even if they expanded on anything from the games in a meaningful way adopting the events of the manga amd trying to apply them to the games is essientially creating fan-fiction.

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Feb 5, 2016
I've read a few, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, the mini Skyward Sword one and the begining of Twilight Princess. They're certainly fun spins on the original stories and I actually like that Link talks in them cause he feels like a character in the world. The stories are usually sped up versions of the games with OoT only having two volumes but still enjoyable nonetheless.
The Twilight Princess one looks like porn is about to happen at times.


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