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  1. Echolight

    Breath of the Wild BotW Manga?

    Many Zelda titles have been adapted into manga. Twilight Princess is still currently being created, the eighth vol coming out in March this year. But what if they decided to draw a BotW manga series? With the openness of the world, it could go several directions, which is either a good or bad...
  2. GoronGainz

    How does the Zelda manga compare to the games?

    To those who have read them. How do you find the Zelda mangas? Does the story translate well? Does it add missing components that the games needed or pointless things they didn't need? Would you ever recommend a manga over the game?
  3. toonlink

    Favorite Aspects/Genre/Things In Anime?

    Just as the title implies, I wanna know what you like in anime. Perhaps you like slice of lifes? Maybe you enjoy the animation in cool sword battles. Or do you enjoy slow burn romance? Neko Girls? Whatever it is, I wanna know, and know why! As for myself, I quite enjoy big sprawling Sci-Fi...
  4. GameSlash_

    Best Zelda Manga?

    When going to my local 'nerd' store I always see different Zelda books in the manga section. I know it probably depends on what game is my favourite but what manga would you suggest for a newbie? Do they all just go over the events of their respective game? Are there any series that don't focus...
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