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Hardest Boss in OOT



What was your hardest boss in OOT?
Mine would probably have to be shadow link I died like 1000 times and I still haven't got past him! But anyway who is your hardest boss in OOT?


Haha RVBY! I don't know how you thought that Dark Link was the hardest boss! he's quite easy.. you can just use Dins Fire, Megaton Hammer, or even just coordinated Z-Targeting with the Master Sword.

But the hardest boss in OOT in my opinion would have to be Bongo-Bongo.. now let me explain.

I have completed OOT so many times that no bosses are really a challenge to me, but Bongo-Bongo would have to be the most difficult because of the area you fight him in and his attacking abilities with the hands, etc..

Jan 19, 2009
Temple of Time
Ya, same for me. Bongo Bongo was the bomb. I could easily spend over 5 lives just trying to kill it, since he is so fast, and invisible. It was a challenge to shoot the hands every time when the drum was getting hit, cause you would bounce. Than when you do have the hands hit, you have to be completely ready to shoot his head, or your gonna take quite a bit of damage, and it really adds up after a while.
Nov 13, 2009
The UK
I found Shadow Link to be a bit of a pain in the ***. It literally takes me nearly an hour to beat him.

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Jul 9, 2009
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Bongo Bongo and Dark Link were equally hard but here is a hint, get the Bigoron's Sword before you battle them and fight them with it and they should be done right easy.

I say this because since it does double the damage it will make Bongo Bongo die easier and it is longer so you can reach Dark Link and strike him, but since the master sword is shorter he can't hurt you (except if he jumps on it when you do a stab move and he slashes you).

So basically if you have the tool you have the power, and if you don't know how to get the Biggorons Sword pm me and I can pm you back a guide so you can get it.

~Dungeon killer:)


I actually changed my mind now. I Finally beat dark link! Now I'd say bongo bongo is the big pain. Hes just SO fast. And whenever I beat one hand he sends the other lunging at me! After about 5-7 lives and like a whole bunch of frustration I beat him.
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
I's say that Morpha and Twinrova were the hardest for me, and Ganondorf now that I think about it. Morpha was just down right annoying because you had to be close to accurately capture the nucleus, and whenever you get close, it grabs you and takes away a good 2 hearts before slamming you into the spikes for more damage. Twinrova was hard just because it did so much damage and was hard to even hit. Reflecting the beams wasn't all that easy, and you were in for a ton of pain during the second phase if you let the opposite beam hit you. The lack of Navi was enough to make Ganondorf hard for me. That and we had to do that annoying volleyball that made Phantom Ganon challenging at the start. On top of that, my nerves were a wreck after hiking up that tower for so long, so that sure didn't help anything.


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I would have to say Phantom Ganon.

I have a few reasons of why he was to hard and why the other bosses were easy:

When playing volleyball with Phantom Ganon, it is much harder than with Ganondorf. Because of this and a few other things, I lost five lives when fighting with Phantom Ganon.

Let's talk about the other temple bosses, as well as Dark Link:

Volvagia was to easy, I only lost one life with him/her. He just threw you rocks and it was hard to get hit by its fire.

Morpha isn't to hard, you just have to be carefully with his tentacles. It's annoying though.

Bongo Bongo itself is an easy-medium, you just have to hit his hands with arrows, then watch him with the Lens of Truth to hit his eye. The problem is the place where you fight him, it's to small.

Twinrova is the longest, but one of the easiest bosses in my opinion. You just have to reflect one of the sisters's magic to the other one, then absorb three powers with your mirror shield and hit her enough times to kill her.

Dark Link itself isn't to easy, but you can kill it with many weapons.
If you just buy one or two magic potions before oyu fight him, then use Din's Fire all the time you can kill him easily.

Well, that's my opinion!


I've got no troubles with any of the bosses, except the first time I played through OoT, Bongo Bongo really kicked my ***... Like a million times.

About Dark Link (not to brag) but it takes me less than 15 secs, true story bro. All you have to do, is to get teh Biggoron sword before teh Water Temple, and when you then fight Dark Link/Shadow Link you just smash the hell out of the buttons.
Jan 6, 2009
In your face
Dark Link was easy if you had the Biggoron's Sword, because he can't duplicate your moves then. The child dungeon bosses were dead easy. But I'd say all the other bosses were difficult in their own way. These are the ones I can remember being difficult:

Phantom Ganon ~ I had no idea which portrait he was going to come out of until the last second and, of course, by then it was too late. Aiming at him was pretty hard too.

Morpha ~ It was EXTREMELY hard to aim for the nucleus, if you got too close it would attack, and I kept backing into the wall and damaging myself. Although I guess that was just stupidity on my part. :sweat:

Bongo Bongo ~ Good GOD, this was tough. You had to keep an eye on your magic meter, since you had to have the Lens of Truth on, then take it off once you hit him and he becomes visible so you can conserve the magic, and when he charges you have a very small window with which to attack.

Ganondorf ~ Keeping up a volley when fighting Ganondorf caused quite a few resets. You have to be precise with your timing and since you can't target Ganondorf, it's not easy to keep track of him. Ganon was actually a bit easier.


The first time I played it almost ten years ago, none were that hard, I managed to beat each one in like, 2 attempts.

But, when I purchased Ocarina of Time from the Virtual Console a last year, I could not, for the life of me, beat Bongo Bongo, I didn't get, I died about 6 times. :(

So yeah, Bongo Bongo for me.


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Nov 8, 2009
Washington, USA
I thought Volvagia and Bongo-Bongo were the hardest for me especially Volvagia. I thought he was the strongest.

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None of them were really difficult. Maybe Dark Link would be the least easiest.

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