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Ghirahim or Pipit? [Replys May Contain Slight Spoilers]


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Sep 17, 2011
Sacred Grove
G>P Pipit wasn't a very major part of the storyline for me. I think that Ghirahim was important to the game and actually had a real impact. Pipit is just too practical and normal to be an outstanding character. He had his own differentiations, but overall I think that Ghirahim was one of the best characters in Skyward Sword.
Jan 23, 2012
uh... i cant decide! i love them both so much! pipits the man, but girahim is also my favoritte villain ever.... im just not sure


The Drifter
Dec 30, 2011
I like Ghirahim better. He's pretty funny and just plain awesome. Pipit is great too, but I feel they didn't really expand much of his character other than that he's a loyal knight and loves Karane.

Spoiler: He also blew up at his mom for hiring a "maid"...and ever since then Link eyes him suspiciously. lol

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