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  • Well, you are still young......from what I could gather........so I’m sure in the many years to come you’ll get everything you want and then some ^::^
    Ah, a Kingdom Hearts fan you be......I iz really looking forward to Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS ^::^
    hey you joined my roleplay group. much appreciated(: if you want, please go into one of the forums and let us know who you will be rping! (:
    Well, I changed Sprinting Highway to High-Speed Highway.....but now I'm permanently changing it to High-Speed Interway, which is a combination of “Speed Highway” and “High-Speed Internet” :bleh: So anyways, I bought the game for the 360.........and it’s fun, but I already knew it would be :right: So, yay for me :3
    Gosh that was super funny, it fits Ghirahim, I still think the song Bodies by drowning pool would work with Ghirahim, I request, can you do one with the song I want to use and the cut scenes I listed in the thread?
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