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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
[5:42:14 PM] A Link In Time: ok
[5:42:19 PM] Violet: mhm
[5:42:25 PM | Edited 5:42:29 PM] A Link In Time: I'm still a bit confused about how this will work.
[5:42:31 PM] Violet: etjaergjaerhae
[5:42:40 PM] A Link In Time: lol

Oct 26, 2012
[4:32:40 PM] Dan: it's a scary mystery
[4:32:46 PM] Dan: and we have to solve it gang
[4:32:52 PM] Dan: let's split up for clues
[4:32:55 PM] Term: So
[4:32:58 PM] Term: DH is Shaggy
[4:33:01 PM] Dan: Eric you can go with our dog loZ
[4:33:13 PM] Dan: I will go with joy, mandi and hollie
[4:33:30 PM] Term: Doiwin
[4:33:34 PM] ManBearPig: term, you can be the blonde guy
[4:33:40 PM] Term: lol
[4:33:44 PM] ManBearPig: hollie is velma
[4:34:05 PM] ManBearPig: i'm... the hot one whose name i always forget
[4:34:15 PM] Term: The rich girl xD
[4:34:28 PM] ManBearPig: and joy is her, too
[4:34:35 PM] ManBearPig: Dan is Scooby
[4:34:37 PM] Term: lol
[4:34:43 PM] Term: Whos Pancake
[4:34:54 PM] ManBearPig: and pancake is scrappy doo
[4:34:59 PM] ManBearPig: (rofl)
[4:35:04 PM] Term: lol
[4:35:09 PM] Term: Bit harsh
[4:35:40 PM] ManBearPig: oh! and LoZ is the bad guy in a mask who would've gotten away with it if it weren't for us meddling kids.
[4:35:50 PM] Term: lol
[4:35:57 PM] Term: Thought he was Scooby
[4:36:05 PM] Term: Lamp can be Scooby then
[4:36:13 PM] ManBearPig: nooo... dan is scooby
[4:36:22 PM] Term: Orite
[4:36:51 PM] ManBearPig: and seth is the guy everyone suspects is the killer but really isn't.
[4:37:17 PM] ManBearPig: and lamp can be the mystery van
[4:37:25 PM] ManBearPig: wait flip that
[4:37:33 PM] Term: ?
[4:38:09 PM] ManBearPig: lamp is the guy everyone thinks is the killer because he's smart and probably knows how to pull off technical **** and has the resources.
[4:38:21 PM] Term: Yeh
[4:38:23 PM] Term: Pretty much
[4:38:31 PM] ManBearPig: and seth is the mystery van because he wants us all inside him.
[4:38:35 PM] ManBearPig: (rofl)
[4:38:37 PM] Term: Lol
[4:38:45 PM] Term: (rofl)
[4:39:13 PM] ManBearPig: but what about ben?
[4:39:19 PM] Term: Uh
[4:39:23 PM] Term: Backup van I dunno
[4:39:37 PM] ManBearPig: he can be the hot girl too.
[4:43:03 PM] ManBearPig: Daphne!
[4:43:08 PM] ManBearPig: that's her name.
[4:43:09 PM] Term: (clap)
[4:43:26 PM] ManBearPig: so we have 3 Daphnes
[4:43:34 PM] ManBearPig: but ben is def the hottest.

This is the fun group.

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
[13-02-16 3:31:21 AM] Pancake: your soul is Kanye West?
[13-02-16 3:31:44 AM] Broose Wain: kanye yes
[13-02-16 3:32:06 AM] Broose Wain: it makes me feel my kanye best
[13-02-16 3:32:21 AM] Pancake: :/
[13-02-16 3:33:45 AM] Pancake: w00t
[13-02-16 3:33:45 AM] Broose Wain: don't be such a kanye pest
[13-02-16 3:33:51 AM] Pancake: gtfo
[13-02-16 3:34:13 AM] Broose Wain: you need to take a kanye rest, son
[13-02-16 3:34:31 AM] Broose Wain: i'm not kanye impressed
[13-02-16 3:34:42 AM] kills himself
[13-02-16 3:34:54 AM] Broose Wain: looks like you were kanye depressed
[13-02-16 3:35:47 AM] Pancake: :/
[13-02-16 3:38:08 AM] Broose Wain: i must kanye confess
[13-02-16 3:38:16 AM] Broose Wain: im disappointed by your lack of reaction
[13-02-16 3:38:21 AM] Pancake: :/

idk i thought it was hilarious
Oct 26, 2012
[3:40:47 AM] Mathias: your jokes are making me cry
[3:41:22 AM] Broose Wain: good
[3:41:28 AM | Edited 3:41:31 AM] Broose Wain: i'm making kanye progress
[3:41:41 AM] Mathias: (headbang)
[3:42:19 AM] Broose Wain: don't be kanye stressed :C
[3:42:43 AM] Broose Wain: i thought i had kanye zest
[3:45:37 AM] Broose Wain: come back D:
[3:45:42 AM] Broose Wain: it was just a kanye jest
[3:46:53 AM] Mathias: fell asleep
[3:47:25 AM] Broose Wain: you took a kanye rest
[3:47:34 AM] ManBearPig: BAHAHAHAHAHA



The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
[6:56:13 PM] Sarah Vondliz: you're a couch
[6:56:29 PM] Sarah Vondliz: you're stealth 0/0
[6:56:43 PM] Axle the Beast: No
[6:56:45 PM] Axle the Beast: You don't get it
[6:56:46 PM] Sarah Vondliz: Yes
[6:56:48 PM] Sarah Vondliz: nou
[6:56:51 PM] Axle the Beast: Couches are MAX STEALTH
[6:56:55 PM] Axle the Beast: Do you ever notice the couch?
[6:56:55 PM] Axle the Beast: No
[6:56:57 PM] Axle the Beast: You sit in it
[6:56:57 PM] Sarah Vondliz: oh excuse me princess
[6:57:00 PM] Axle the Beast: No one ever questions the couch
[6:57:03 PM] Axle the Beast: The couch is just there
[6:57:04 PM] Sarah Vondliz: i am only a recliner
[6:57:05 PM] Axle the Beast: It's always there
[6:57:05 PM] Sarah Vondliz: ;_;
[6:57:05 PM] Axle the Beast: BUT WHAT
[6:57:08 PM] Axle the Beast: IF THE COUCH
[6:57:11 PM] Sarah Vondliz: DIED
[6:57:13 PM] Axle the Beast: WAS GOING TO KILL YOU?
[6:57:15 PM] Sarah Vondliz: OH ****
[6:57:17 PM] Axle the Beast: WHAT COULD YOU DO ABOUT IT?
[6:57:18 PM] Sarah Vondliz: NOT IN MY HOUSE
[6:57:18 PM] Axle the Beast: NOTHING
[6:57:24 PM] Sarah Vondliz: I'D BEAT THAT COUCH UP
[6:57:27 PM] Sarah Vondliz: TEACH IT A LESSON
[6:57:29 PM] Sarah Vondliz: WHIP IT INTO SHAPE
[6:57:49 PM] Sarah Vondliz: COUCHES ARE NOTHING
[6:57:54 PM] Sarah Vondliz: CHAIRS FTW
[6:57:59 PM] Axle the Beast: Couches are everything.
[6:58:09 PM] Sarah Vondliz: your face is everything
[6:58:19 PM] Scribblenaut Dramallama: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH
[6:58:52 PM] Axle the Beast: Thnx
[6:58:56 PM] Sarah Vondliz: yw bby
[6:59:16 PM] Sarah Vondliz: wait a second
[6:59:21 PM] Sarah Vondliz: if you're a couch
[6:59:26 PM] Sarah Vondliz: then who's a jellyfish?
[7:02:10 PM] : [6:59 PM] Sarah Vondliz:

<<< yw bby
wait a second
if you're a couch
then who's a jellyfish?That's the secret
[7:02:16 PM] Axle the Beast: I'm a jellyfish couch
[7:02:18 PM] Axle the Beast: My father was a couch
[7:02:22 PM] Axle the Beast: But my mother
[7:02:24 PM] Axle the Beast: Was a jellyfish
[7:02:40 PM] Axle the Beast: People have a tendency to be most attracted to people who resemble their parent of the opposite sex.
[7:02:46 PM] Axle the Beast: Which is why I have the jellyfish thing
[7:02:53 PM] Axle the Beast: This is also why I'm such a good assassin
[7:02:55 PM] Axle the Beast: I look like a couch
[7:02:57 PM] Axle the Beast: But I sting
[7:02:59 PM] Axle the Beast: Like a jellyfish
[7:03:16 PM] Sarah Vondliz: i think you just broke my mind
[7:03:25 PM] Sarah Vondliz: then where does beast come from?
[7:03:26 PM] Axle the Beast: Then my work here is done.
[7:03:36 PM] Axle the Beast: [7:03 PM] Sarah Vondliz:

<<< i think you just broke my mind
then where does beast come from?Well
[7:03:42 PM] Axle the Beast: I'm a jellyfish coach.
[7:03:46 PM] Axle the Beast: That's pretty monstrous.
[7:03:50 PM] Sarah Vondliz: jellyfish coach
[7:04:01 PM] Sarah Vondliz: are those rare
[7:04:03 PM] Axle the Beast: couch
[7:04:04 PM] Axle the Beast: lol
[7:04:24 PM] Sarah Vondliz: are you part octopus
[7:05:19 PM] Axle the Beast: Sadly I am not.


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[3:15:39 PM] My Girl: i have a chalupa
[3:16:18 PM] My Girl: it's delicious
[3:16:34 PM] Dan: I'm not sure i know what that is :I
[3:17:08 PM] My Girl: it's like the orgasm of tacos.
[3:17:30 PM] Mathias Smith: mexican food :/
[3:17:46 PM] My Girl: taco bell (heart)
[3:17:47 PM] Term: Dafuq I just read :P


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
3:47 PM <Dracomajora> Sounds like a workout thing.
3:47 PM <JuicieJ> wow
3:47 PM <JuicieJ> You must hang out with only them on Live
3:47 PM <Dracomajora> Xbod
3:47 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I see.
3:47 PM <JuicieJ> That's great
3:47 PM <Ventus> XBL= Xbox Live
3:47 PM <Dracomajora> Xbox Live
3:47 PM <JuicieJ> XBOD Live
3:47 PM <octorok74> I have friends that are more mature then you will ever be.
3:47 PM <justac00lguy> Have to agree with JJ on this one
3:47 PM <Hylian_Monolith> What's XBL?


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