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5:32 PM <Dracomajora> :wolf:
5:32 PM <Dracomajora> This needs to be fixed.
5:32 PM <Dracomajora>

5:33 PM <Wolf Sage> Are you trying to say I need to get fixed?
lmao tungsten ilu


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[10:30:08 PM] Hollie: caw caw
[10:30:18 PM] The Doctor: Indeed
[10:30:24 PM] The Doctor: What does that mean exactly
[10:30:30 PM] The Doctor: Is it like "Lamigern"
[10:30:31 PM] Killer Cereal: :|
[10:30:34 PM] The Doctor: A junk word
[10:30:40 PM] The Doctor: that only you use?
[10:32:48 PM] Hollie: what, caw caw?
[10:33:01 PM] The Doctor: Yeah
[10:33:28 PM] The Doctor: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f16/picture-thread-627-120.html#post640630
[10:33:56 PM] Hollie: you really do look like matt smith
[10:34:02 PM] Hollie: okay well caw caw is a homestuck thing
[10:34:07 PM] Hollie: full quote is "caw caw mother****ers"
[10:34:08 PM] The Doctor: Awww thanks (heart)(heart)
[10:34:12 PM] Hollie: so i dunno i just kinda say it
[10:34:18 PM] The Doctor: Lolwuts that from
[10:34:40 PM] Zebra Sky: that is owl language
[10:34:44 PM] The Doctor: *Compares pics side by side with avatar
[10:34:50 PM] The Doctor: Holy ****truck
[10:34:52 PM] The Doctor: I do
[10:35:01 PM] The Doctor: And I thought you were alseep Ben:P
[10:35:35 PM] Zebra Sky: oh yes I am just finishing somehting and I'm gone
[10:35:43 PM] The Doctor: Heh
[10:35:48 PM] The Doctor: Well get some rest mate
[10:35:50 PM] The Doctor: '
[10:35:56 PM] The Doctor: Waht was that
[10:35:59 PM] The Doctor: keybaord
[10:36:06 PM] The Doctor: you are not sllowed to be hauntede
[10:36:09 PM] The Doctor: I forbid it

I dont know. Stuff happened. You know. Stuff.


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[5:57:06 PM] Dan: I am supposed to be having a voicechat with him today
[5:57:36 PM] Dan: and now all I'm doing is shaving my face with biscuits
[5:57:45 PM] The Doctor: Shaving?
[5:57:46 PM] The Doctor: Lol
[5:57:49 PM] Dan: ya
[5:57:51 PM] The Doctor: the razor cookies:P

Oh typos. You make Skype SO interesting.


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[9:39:52 PM] Dan: why did you not join when I hosted call
[9:40:10 PM] Ben!: it wouldn't let me but it'll let me now
[9:40:15 PM] Dan: okay
[9:40:18 PM] Ben!: this computer is a bit crappy
[9:40:32 PM] Dan: so is my laptop but gingers crossed
[9:40:34 PM] *** Conference call ***
[9:40:43 PM] The Doctor: GIngers?
[9:40:45 PM] The Doctor: Really?
[9:40:54 PM] The Doctor: Crossed me with rupert grint?
[9:41:05 PM] Dan: ooops
[9:41:09 PM] The Doctor: :P
[9:41:15 PM] Dan: meant fingers :P

Ok Im half-ginger. Whatever.


Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
This happened... (Also, Read each individual paragraph upwards, but read them in order from bottom to top)
7:20 PM <Ganondork> More like Pearl Harbor
7:20 PM <Ganondork> Well that got dark
7:20 PM <odd300> Yay!
7:20 PM * Draymorath explodes
7:20 PM <JuicieJ> 9/11?
7:20 PM <zelda_geek> boom
7:20 PM <odd300> 0!
7:20 PM <Draymorath> ..........:monado:
7:20 PM <JuicieJ> 1?
7:20 PM <odd300> 1
7:20 PM <odd300> 2
7:20 PM <odd300> 3?
7:20 PM <Spirit of Rutela> 4
7:20 PM <Draymorath> 4....?
7:19 PM <JuicieJ> 4?
7:19 PM <zelda_geek> later, Justa
7:19 PM <Draymorath> Night
7:19 PM <Spirit of Rutela> :chief:4:samus:
7:19 PM <Draymorath> Close enuff.
7:19 PM <odd300> That is what I thought. . .
7:19 PM <justac00lguy> I think am gonna get off now guys Night all
7:19 PM <Draymorath> .................
7:19 PM <JuicieJ> :chief: x :samus: 5ever
7:19 PM <JuicieJ> I thought :chief: trolled :samus:
7:19 PM <Spirit of Rutela> 40mins ven
7:18 PM <Draymorath> Because :chief: trolls :triforce:
7:18 PM <JuicyJ> Why :chief: ?
7:17 PM <Draymorath> Screw rock paper scissors! It's :triforce: :chief: :monado:!

6:56 PM <elliotstriforce> haha
6:56 PM <Wolf Sage> You and me both,, Tatl...
6:56 PM <BeastModeMan97> It can't be that bad Tatl.
6:56 PM <Ventus> lololo wolf
6:55 PM <Wolf Sage> Wasn't aware that -2 year olds could reproduce...
6:55 PM <justac00lguy> I don't even know what to say....
6:55 PM <elliotstriforce> not too bad
6:55 PM <justac00lguy> ...
6:55 PM <BeastModeMan97> Makes sense right?
6:55 PM <Wolf Sage> wut
6:55 PM <Draymorath> Whaaaaaaaaaat?
6:55 PM <justac00lguy> ....
6:55 PM <Draymorath> ..........
6:55 PM <BeastModeMan97> I had a kid who is now 17, (i'm 15) when I was -2
6:54 PM <BeastModeMan97> Pretty good. You?
6:54 PM <Ventus> xD
6:54 PM <justac00lguy> ....
6:54 PM <elliotstriforce> hows it going?
6:54 PM <Wolf Sage> o______________________O
6:53 PM <Draymorath> ....Uuuummm..........?
6:53 PM <BeastModeMan97> Sup son?
6:53 PM <elliotstriforce> hey dad

7:11 PM <Draymorath> EVERYTHING!
7:10 PM <BeastModeMan97> What are you trying to post Dray?
7:10 PM <BeastModeMan97> ...

7:13 PM <TatlTails> Wait WAT?
7:13 PM <TatlTails> My feelings exactly.
7:12 PM <Draymorath> YAY!
7:12 PM <TatlTails> At least my cousin's calming down.
7:12 PM * TatlTails bangs head against intangible wall.

7:18 PM <TatlTails> False alarm.
7:18 PM <TatlTails> Y'now how I said my cousin was calming down?

7:43 PM <Draymorath> Shut the Hell up....
7:42 PM <Wolf Sage> Sounds raunchy...
7:42 PM <Wolf Sage> Bionus and Meconis, eh?
7:42 PM <Draymorath> When the group slays *spoiler* for the last time, a light connects the three Monados. After this, a voice can be heard: it is Alvis, who says he is the Monado. He says that Shulk is a god now because he has found his Monado, and that he can decide the fate of all the universe.
7:42 PM <Wolf Sage> Which is why it is phallic in appearance...
7:41 PM <Draymorath> The Monado (English dub:/məˈnɑːˌdəʊ/) is a mythical sword in Xenoblade Chronicles. The reasons of its existence and powers are the core of the story. It is said to be the weapon used by the Bionis in its war with Mechonis.
7:41 PM <Wolf Sage> It symbolizes manliness...
7:41 PM <Draymorath> It symbolizes inner willpower....Or something like that....
7:41 PM <Wolf Sage> Not a fan of pr0n, thanks...
7:41 PM <Dracomajora> http://xenoblade.wikia.com/wiki/Monado
7:41 PM <Wolf Sage> Suuuuure...
7:41 PM <Draymorath> ....No....
7:40 PM <Wolf Sage> Does Monado mean phallus?
7:40 PM <Draymorath> Ummmm......
7:40 PM <Draymorath> RED THING is called the Monado
7:40 PM <Dracomajora> What could possibly be so bad that you heard about a video game that you can't say iy?
7:40 PM <Wolf Sage> Enjoy your ban...
7:40 PM <TatlTails> My cousin should've left TEN MINUTES AGO.
7:40 PM <Wolf Sage> ...reported.
7:40 PM <Wolf Sage> Red thing looks phallic af...
7:39 PM <Draymorath> :monado:
7:38 PM <Draymorath> Because....It's just.....
7:38 PM <Dracomajora> Why not?
7:38 PM <Wolf Sage> Swords.

9:03 PM <JuicieJ> <3


9:03 PM <Draymorath> Oh my Goooood!!!

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9:02 PM <Draymorath> They're still coming!!!

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9:00 PM <JuicieJ> Sweet

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9:00 PM <JuicieJ> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlEipFtHw7o

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8:59 PM <Draymorath> Woah!

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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
4:24 PM <Lord Vain> In OoT an MM magical mushrooms make Blue potions so...yep, drugs.
4:23 PM <Lord Vain> No, Light Spirit's just like to scare the crap out of people...or something.
4:23 PM <Draymorath> So then I saw screwed up nightmares.....
4:23 PM <Terminus> What's IN those potions anyways?
4:23 PM <Ugea> yes he was verry high
4:23 PM <Draymorath> I literally just read an old post of mine about it....
4:22 PM <Terminus> Legitimate questiont
4:22 PM * Draymorath shudders
4:22 PM <Terminus> was Link high
4:22 PM <Terminus> Like
4:22 PM <Terminus> The Illias
4:22 PM <Terminus> Yeah
4:21 PM <Spirit of Rutela> like eraserhead
4:21 PM <Draymorath> Like in that one part of TP?
4:21 PM <Ugea> hello
4:21 PM <Draymorath> Screwed up nightmares?
4:21 PM * Lord Vain sips tea
4:21 PM <Lord Vain> When you're asleep you see blackness...not having screwed up nightmares isn't guaranteed though.
4:20 PM <Lord Vain> So go to sleep then.
4:20 PM <Terminus> not really
Shadsie Answered in thread : Have You Ever Been Trolled or Trolled Someone?
4:20 PM <Terminus> Yeah
4:20 PM <Terminus> Buy an alarm system
4:20 PM <justac00lguy> So is that site active or what
4:20 PM <i-am-link> In my house...
4:20 PM <i-am-link> ****ed up things...
4:20 PM <i-am-link> I keep seeing things...

What are in those potions anyway?

[6:37:42 PM] Lozzy: How do YOU know that Einstein was a real person?
[6:37:43 PM] Lozzy: How?
[6:37:49 PM] Lozzy: Did YOU see him?
[6:37:58 PM] Lozzy: Did YOU talk to him?
[6:37:58 PM] The Doctor: Nou
[6:38:01 PM] Lozzy: I didn't think so.
[6:38:01 PM] The Doctor: Well
[6:38:02 PM] The Doctor: yes
[6:38:04 PM] Lozzy: So...you're wrong.
[6:38:08 PM] The Doctor: I had his fez once
[6:38:14 PM] Hollie: I touched his butt
[6:38:16 PM] The Doctor: Lol
[6:38:21 PM] The Doctor: Focus
[6:38:22 PM] Lozzy: Just a guess.
[6:38:25 PM] The Doctor: LOVE that
[6:38:26 PM | Edited 6:38:31 PM] Lozzy: Einstein's butt is nasty.
[6:38:33 PM] Hollie: nah it was pretty firm
[6:38:38 PM] Hollie: it felt sciencey
[6:38:48 PM] The Doctor: How does a bum feel "sciency"?
[6:38:50 PM] Hollie: wait the **** did i just write
[6:38:57 PM] Hollie: you can feel the atoms
[6:39:02 PM] The Doctor: Oh this is going in that one thread:P
[6:39:05 PM] Hollie: and the molecules and compounds
[6:39:16 PM] Hollie: and the cells and dna and sciencey things
[6:39:25 PM] Lozzy: You can't touch atoms. You can feel the electromagnetic force of electrons pushing each other away.
[6:39:33 PM] Lozzy: But you can't touch atoms.
[6:39:43 PM] Lozzy: Not with your hands anyway.
[6:39:55 PM] Hollie: I just touched a table
[6:40:00 PM] Hollie: a table is made of atoms
[6:40:02 PM] Hollie: fight me

I dont even know how Einsteins rear came up...
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Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
Skype convo with zelda_geek said:
[8:43:08 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: HEY!
[8:43:14 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: HAY
[8:43:24 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: HOW ARE YOU?
[8:43:58 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: I AM GOOD
[8:44:03 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: HOW ARE YOU?
[8:44:54 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: THAT SUCKS
[8:45:03 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: OH WAIT
[8:45:08 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: I MEAN IT'S GOOD THAT YOU'RE GOOD
[8:45:15 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: BUT THE FRESHMEN SUCK
[8:45:47 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: THEY WON'T SHUT UP
[8:46:03 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: HURTS MY HEAD
[8:47:13 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: I'M SORRY
[8:47:14 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: xD
[8:47:47 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: YOU'RE COOL THOUGH
[8:48:34 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: THANK YOU
[8:51:12 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: YOU'RE WELCOME
[8:52:05 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: THIS IS BECOMING RIDICULOUS
[8:53:44 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: YES
[8:53:45 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: YES IT IS
[8:53:56 PM] Twinkle Toe-Bells: BRB POSTING THIS
[8:54:42 PM] Perky Sugar-Socks: OKAY

I don't even...

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
12:52 PM <Violet> mhm xDD
12:52 PM <Raindrop14> Ha, and I'm not the only one...
12:52 PM * Hylian_Monolith sits back adn closes ehr eyes
12:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> HTat is way too pretty.
12:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Oh, Vio...
12:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> knw!
12:51 PM <Violet> oh lol
12:51 PM <Raindrop14> Pfft, dude I have Dyslexia
12:51 PM <Violet> Listen On Repeat
12:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Main Theme (EXTENDED) - Repeat in a loop
12:51 PM <Violet> you need to learn spelling
12:51 PM <Violet> rainy
12:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Guess what I'm lsitenign to right now,.
12:51 PM <Violet> fatc
12:51 PM <Raindrop14> *fact...
12:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> LOL
12:50 PM <Raindrop14> The fatc that I'm FRICKEN' STUCK in WW!
09/02/2013 12:24 <Hylian_Monolith> h7uyt niw i ujst goi *U
09/02/2013 12:24 <DarkLink7> lawlzzz
09/02/2013 12:24 <Hylian_Monolith> O KNW
09/02/2013 12:24 <justac00lguy> o____o
09/02/2013 12:24 <DarkLink7> this is awesome
09/02/2013 12:24 <Hylian_Monolith> #weido\
09/02/2013 12:23 <DarkLink7> whoo! this is do muufh fin
09/02/2013 12:23 <Hylian_Monolith> It's a game of enforcign my superiority
09/02/2013 12:23 <Hylian_Monolith> BECAUS IT IS
09/02/2013 12:23 <justac00lguy> #Sawg
09/02/2013 12:23 <DarkLink7> why is this funs
09/02/2013 12:23 <NESpowerhouse> si
09/02/2013 12:23 <Hylian_Monolith> *I make a lot of typos as is.
09/02/2013 12:23 <DarkLink7> whay are you sayinf
09/02/2013 12:23 <TheRizardon> yes
09/02/2013 12:22 <Hylian_Monolith> km aqjed zabklot of ty0po s cas vs
09/02/2013 12:22 <justac00lguy> Eowwwwwww
09/02/2013 12:22 <DarkLink7> why are we just typinf typos. that ws surptidubgly good
09/02/2013 12:22 <Hylian_Monolith> EOW...
09/02/2013 12:22 <BeastModeMan97> *Um it hard
09/02/2013 12:21 <justac00lguy> *What's Happening in Chinatown?
09/02/2013 12:21 <BeastModeMan97> I don't even know what I was trying to write anymore
09/02/2013 12:21 <TheRizardon> what have you done?
09/02/2013 12:21 <justac00lguy> Whatdh sppinin inb chknsftoen?
09/02/2013 12:21 <DarkLink7> stargate ubisoft sparkle!
09/02/2013 12:21 <BeastModeMan97> Man I failed bad
09/02/2013 12:21 <DarkLink7> *how's it going, all?
09/02/2013 12:20 <BeastModeMan97> u,b i6nbharf
09/02/2013 12:20 <justac00lguy> *How are you?
09/02/2013 12:20 <DarkLink7> FAILURE!
09/02/2013 12:20 <DarkLink7> hows t hpounf all!
09/02/2013 12:20 <justac00lguy> hoev are yiu.
09/02/2013 12:20 <justac00lguy> This is gonna go wrong
09/02/2013 12:20 <mandym287> lawl
09/02/2013 12:19 <Hylian_Monolith> wh6y swh9iukide i:?
09/02/2013 12:19 <TheRizardon> My nos is too soft to type with
09/02/2013 12:19 <justac00lguy> On my tablet?
09/02/2013 12:19 <mandym287> =)
09/02/2013 12:19 <mandym287> Type with your noses, guys
09/02/2013 12:19 <mandym287> Chair, Harlowww
09/02/2013 12:19 <DarkLink7> les see hpwo manr typos couls get on this when im not lookinr a the keyboarrad


Jul 1, 2012
Loooooool Beast fell for the oldest trick! Luckily enough he changed his shout xD
5:30 PM<BeastModeMan97>sigh of relief
5:30 PM*<Ganondork>That was great
5:30 PM*<BeastModeMan97>Changed
5:30 PM*<Ganondork>lolololol
5:29 PM*<justac00lguy>Don't worry like haha
5:29 PM*<justac00lguy>Loooool Beast why?
5:29 PM*<TheRizardon>delt your shout
mandym287*Answered in thread :Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations
Egregious*Answered in thread :"OMG" Moments in Zelda!
5:29 PM*<BeastModeMan97>How do you change that?
5:29 PM*<TheRizardon>Gosh dang
5:29 PM*<justac00lguy>Haxor his account
5:29 PM*<TheRizardon>I was just going to warn
5:28 PM*<Ganondork>I finally got someone
5:28 PM*<justac00lguy>loooooool
5:28 PM*<TheRizardon>Delt that
5:28 PM*<Ganondork>LOLOL
5:28 PM*<BeastModeMan97>*Shoot*(The moment Beast showed his Pword to ZD) :P
5:28 PM*<Hero of Time>my password is *********
5:28 PM*<Ganondork>Change your password. I could crack that*
5:28 PM*<TheRizardon>Wow, It really works!
5:28 PM*<justac00lguy>That's what my ***** said
5:28 PM*<TheRizardon>My password is *************
5:28 PM*<BeastModeMan97>**********
MGC Chatbox Evo*v3.3.0 by MGC © 2008-2012
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
10:00 PM <Terminus> :/
10:00 PM <Wolf Sage> Pteresa...
10:00 PM <PK Flash> PK Erotica
10:00 PM <Hylian_Monolith> THat's almsot better than Supremem
9:59 PM <Wolf Sage> My father, DARK MASTER, discarded me in a dumpster at birth...
9:59 PM <Hero of Time> PK Ethora
9:59 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Pkethora
9:59 PM <PK Flash> that's funny because i'm pk flash
9:59 PM <PK Flash> pkethora
9:59 PM <Terminus> A pkethora of sister commets
9:59 PM <Terminus> And both times
9:59 PM <JuicieJ> Oh
9:59 PM <Dracomajora> You could make it scream instead.
9:59 PM <PK Flash> sully
9:59 PM <JuicieJ> The one at the bottom alive
9:59 PM <Hero of Time> one baby in a hundred dumpsters
9:59 PM <Terminus> Ive SBed with you twice in recent memory
9:59 PM <Hero of Time> what's worse than a hundred babies in a dumpster?
9:59 PM <Terminus> Well

Didn't have the heart to tell him it was a typo... :P


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
4:22 PM <Violet> GERMANY IS MEIN

Lol'd so hard.

[4:35:46 PM] The Doctor: If this falls Im gonna die http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f16/your-typical-computer-workspace-37603-2.html#post645795
[4:36:33 PM] Hollie: ou good luck with that
[4:36:40 PM] The Doctor: Heh
[4:36:45 PM] The Doctor: Read the text?
[4:36:51 PM] The Doctor: Summer home
[4:37:02 PM] The Doctor: Is it bad when you make tyourself laugh?
[4:37:31 PM] The Doctor: Unrelated topic
[4:37:37 PM] The Doctor: I can VC more often now
[4:37:44 PM] The Doctor: I foun a pair of earbuds
[4:37:53 PM] The Doctor: Fixed em with solder and electrical tape
[4:37:57 PM] The Doctor: Work great
[4:37:59 PM] The Doctor: :)
[4:38:21 PM] Hollie: it's about time
[4:38:24 PM] Hollie: jeez
[4:38:29 PM] The Doctor: well
[4:38:36 PM] The Doctor: They keep getting stepped on
[4:38:44 PM] The Doctor: And my soldering iron isnt magic
[4:38:52 PM] The Doctor: Wait...
[4:38:56 PM] The Doctor: Sounded wrong

Brain why do you do this to me?
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