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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[5:48:51 PM] *** Mathias Smith has left ***
[5:49:14 PM] A Link In Time: Ugh.
[5:49:18 PM] A Link In Time: |-(
[5:49:26 PM] *** Term added Mathias Smith ***
[5:49:28 PM] *** A Link In Time added Mathias Smith ***
[5:49:32 PM] ケンジ: I'll let it die.
[5:49:35 PM] ケンジ: Simple
[5:49:39 PM] A Link In Time: We both added him at the same time?
[5:49:41 PM] ケンジ: I don't have knowledge for it.
[5:49:42 PM] A Link In Time: lmao
[5:49:44 PM] Term: I guess


Jun 19, 2010
8:49 PM <Curmudgeon> I feel this is not a judicious use of bacon
8:49 PM <videogamenerd10> oh god here they come!
8:49 PM <Dracomajora> http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maawowLBhT1qfn9k1.png
8:49 PM <A Link In Time> Well, this is hilariously amusing.
8:48 PM <Atheistbigred> v
8:48 PM <Ugea> lol
8:48 PM <Azure Sage> That must be the most powerful warship ever to sail the frying pan
8:48 PM <Dracomajora> Yes Az.
8:48 PM <mandym287> xDDD
8:48 PM <Ugea> thank you
8:48 PM <Azure Sage> Your warship of bacon?
8:48 PM <Atheistbigred> warship
8:48 PM <Dracomajora> I warship bacon.


A Link In Time

To Overcome Harder Challenges
ZD Legend
Everyone's been typing messages for 15 minutes. It creeps me out.



Feb 24, 2010
11:49 PM <Zenox> OH MY GOD
11:49 PM <Zenox> OH GOD THAT'S GREAT
11:49 PM <Xinnamin> lololololololololololol
11:49 PM <Austin> NOOOOO
Josh Answered in thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)
11:49 PM <Austin> NO STOP
11:49 PM <Austin> stupid emoticons
Kazumi Answered in thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)
11:49 PM <Austin> aww man
Zenox Answered in thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)
Xinnamin Answered in thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)
Austin Created thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords (sign-up Thread)


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
All right, might as well ask here. What are shoutboxes and where can I find them?

The Shoutbox is a chatbox that will appear once you have attained a total count of 100 posts.

To remain on topic...

11:15 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Lol Theo
11:15 PM <JuicieJ> XD
Austin Answered in thread : Mafia The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)
11:00 PM <Thareous> Genius.
11:00 PM <Thareous> Another Mafia D:...
Thareous Answered in thread : Mafia The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)
10:59 PM <Zenox> we are not lettered mafia, we are smilie mafia
10:54 PM <Austin> The game is now known as Mafia D:
10:54 PM <Kazumi> !
13/01/2013 22:54 <Kazumi> oh no
13/01/2013 22:54 <Kazumi> Mafia D:
13/01/2013 22:51 <Xinnamin> you're catching on
13/01/2013 22:51 <Erebea> genius
13/01/2013 22:51 <Zenox> idk why that dawned on me now
13/01/2013 22:51 <Zenox> kiss *** like crazy
13/01/2013 22:51 <Zenox> Austin I think I figured out the way to not get banned
13/01/2013 22:50 <Austin> thank you though =D
13/01/2013 22:50 <Zenox> It's a marketing strategy
13/01/2013 22:50 <Austin> It's actually growing on me.
13/01/2013 22:50 <Xinnamin> hellz no
13/01/2013 22:50 <Austin> nah
13/01/2013 22:50 <Zenox> NO
13/01/2013 22:50 <Zenox> every time we post, it'll have a smilie
13/01/2013 22:50 <GaroXicon> Want me to change the title of the thread to something less emoticon-inducing?
13/01/2013 22:50 <Zenox> well at least this game will get publicity, whether we like it or not
13/01/2013 22:49 <Zenox> OH MY GOD
13/01/2013 22:49 <Zenox> OH GOD THAT'S GREAT
13/01/2013 22:49 <Xinnamin> lololololololololololol
13/01/2013 22:49 <Austin> NOOOOO
13/01/2013 22:49 <Austin> NO STOP
Raindrop14 Answered in thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords
13/01/2013 22:49 <Austin> stupid emoticons
13/01/2013 22:49 <Austin> aww man
Erebea Answered in thread : Mafia D: The Sith Lords
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Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
We think we may have scarred Big Red for life, heheh :rolleyes:

1:10 AM <Lord Vain> Awww, didn't even get to show you what the mask he gave me looks like =P
1:09 AM * Atheistbigred runs away crying like a little girl
1:09 AM <Atheistbigred> Awesome
1:09 AM <Lord Vain> He's a fun guy, real sharp sense of humor though, and his tea often has screaming souls in it that shout bloody murder...
1:08 AM <Atheistbigred> Doesn't look too bad.
1:08 AM <Lord Vain> Looks kind of like this: http://oi45.tinypic.com/34fdwti.jpg
1:07 AM <Lord Vain> The demon who lives inside my head.
1:07 AM * Atheistbigred trembles in fear
1:07 AM <Lord Vain> Demonic eyes, nah, that's Blood Shadow.
1:07 AM <GirlWithAFairy> He will eat your soul
1:07 AM <GirlWithAFairy> My homie
1:07 AM <GirlWithAFairy> Yep
1:07 AM <Atheistbigred> Oh glob it's the guy with the demonic eyes that sips toxic crap.
1:06 AM <Lord Vain> The End.
1:06 AM * Lord Vain sips tea
1:06 AM <Lord Vain> Miss Jenn is awesmazing, Lord Vain approves, Absolute Judgement dealt :3
1:06 AM <Atheistbigred> uhhh...i need an adult?
1:05 AM <GirlWithAFairy> **** you Red
1:05 AM <Atheistbigred> yes dcrew
1:05 AM <Lord Vain> Not a wise kid...
1:05 AM <GirlWithAFairy> Getting pierced is painful in general
1:05 AM <Atheistbigred> dcrew you Jenn


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Decide on a language to use right now so I can find you a forum that can give you mroe help than me.
[11:35:13 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: ...
[11:35:24 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: >:T
[11:35:58 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: i can look it up you know
[11:36:02 AM] Lamphobic: Yes.
[11:36:10 AM] Lamphobic: But you were averse to it before.
[11:36:11 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: but i don't understand vectors
[11:36:22 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: which is what i came for advice anyhow
[11:36:30 AM] Lamphobic: Someone who works with them on a regular basis can explain it to you.
[11:36:36 AM] Term: Circular, this iOS
[11:36:40 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: >-> eric
[11:36:50 AM] Term: combination of inadvertant caps and bad typing
[11:37:05 AM] Term: supposed to be is
[11:37:12 AM] (Chemii) HABBOT: you are not allowed to throw other people into situations in which they have no experience
[11:37:21 AM] Lamphobic: You threw yourself.
[11:37:31 AM] Lamphobic: I'm just guiding your fall.

Me, lamp, and an outside friend on vectoring. Goddonut keyboard.

Azure Sage

Join your hands...
Staff member
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7:52 PM <Wolf Sage> i leave for one minute
7:52 PM <mandym287> if desert is sand, does that mean Ganinarf peed all over it
7:51 PM <Wolf Sage> o god wut
7:51 PM <Azure Sage> xDDD
7:51 PM <Dragoncat> V
7:51 PM <Azure Sage> what did i just walk into
7:51 PM <Atheistbigred> HOW?
7:51 PM <Azure Sage> LMFAO WAT
7:51 PM <Dragoncat> wtf
7:51 PM <Atheistbigred> EWWWW
7:51 PM <mandym287> oops, my bad
7:51 PM * mandym287 pees on Chlorine's belly button
7:50 PM * Atheistbigred has a belly button
I always seem to walk in on the strangest things...

A Link In Time

To Overcome Harder Challenges
ZD Legend
5:36 PM <Azure Sage> You don't even bother to get a room?!
5:36 PM <odd300> loler
5:36 PM <mandym287> lolll
5:36 PM <mandym287> you love thirty seconds away
5:36 PM <Azure Sage> you love 30 seconds away?
5:36 PM <Wolf Sage> lolwut
K4KING Answered in thread : What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?
5:35 PM <A Link In Time> I love thirty seconds away from a Domino's.
5:35 PM <Wolf Sage> XD
5:35 PM <A Link In Time> Sounds interesting.
5:35 PM <odd300> WE don't live near a Domino's.


Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
9:04 PM <odd300> I never ate play-do before. . .
9:04 PM <Atheistbigred> I ate the playdough anyway because it looked like it was strawberry flavored
9:04 PM <odd300> It is just a bunch of goo that copies abilities. Who doesn't love that?
9:04 PM <Trio the Punch> I have eaten play-do. A lot.
9:04 PM <Atheistbigred> I was about to eat playdough, until i saw that commercial.
9:03 PM <GirlWithAFairy> XD
9:03 PM <odd300> I love Ditto. . .
9:03 PM <Atheistbigred> xD IKR?
9:03 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Atleast Ditto is non toxic
9:03 PM <Djinn> I love that the commercials have to add that in
9:03 PM <Atheistbigred> It's fun to play with, not to eat!
9:02 PM <Djinn> most kids eat ditto
9:02 PM <GirlWithAFairy> I love Playdough
9:02 PM <Atticus> ditto is useless unless you want eggs
9:02 PM <Atheistbigred> Nah, Pokemon rott in Lavender Town
9:02 PM <GirlWithAFairy> LOL
9:02 PM <Night Owl> Wait you're saying that ditto isn't a glob of playdough? I've been using mine all wrong

Successfully turned a ditto discussion into a playdough discussion xD

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