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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
9:05 AM <justac00lguy> But i just want a sandwich
9:05 AM <Ghirahimiscool> I'm bored again.
9:05 AM <octorok74> I know Zorth. That is why I only get CoD for the achievements. Then it could burn for all I care.
9:05 AM <Terminus> *
9:05 AM <Terminus> Nou kitchen jokes
9:05 AM <justac00lguy> Nuuuu
9:04 AM <Zorth> they haven't added anything new since mw2
9:04 AM * Terminus permas cool
9:04 AM <octorok74> Multiplayer is okay except they keep taking out the good game modes and adding in crap.
9:04 AM <justac00lguy> looool
9:04 AM <Thareous> Yes.
9:04 AM <Thareous> v
9:04 AM <Terminus> Joy Johns = Joy's Pajamas
9:04 AM <justac00lguy> Make me a sandwich Joy
9:04 AM * JuicieJ makes Joy a cupcake
9:04 AM <Curmudgeon> Just... one? Most pans hold eight
9:04 AM <octorok74> I love how everything looks and the new Forge is great.
Scoby Answered in thread : Useing Our MII As the Main Charictor
9:04 AM <Thareous> JJ = Joy Johns...
9:04 AM <JuicieJ> 'k
9:04 AM <Ghirahimiscool> I did it twice.
9:03 AM <Joy> And bake me a cupcake
9:03 AM <Joy> JJ get back in the kitchen


Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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5:01 PM <Azure Sage> kay
5:01 PM <Atticus> the mordor
5:00 PM <Atticus> march
5:00 PM <Azure Sage> What the hell did I just walk into
5:00 PM <GirlWithAFairy> XD
5:00 PM <Atticus> more like hard as marchmallowsa
5:00 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Doesnt get much better than that
5:00 PM <Azure Sage> what the fuq
5:00 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Hard as rocks
5:00 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Ya
5:00 PM <Atticus> hawt
5:00 PM * Atticus touches rilplfnng pecturlas
5:00 PM <Atticus> hail ya
4:59 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Do you wanna touch my rippling pectorals
4:59 PM <GirlWithAFairy> ILU2
4:59 PM <Curmudgeon> that is pretty awesome
4:59 PM <Atticus> lmfao jenn ilu
4:58 PM <GirlWithAFairy> Im awesome
4:58 PM <GirlWithAFairy> https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/65125_10200232286352811_153797235_n.jpg


default setting: sarcastic prick
Dec 17, 2012
♫Strangers in the Night♫

1:51 AM <A Link In Time> I missed Jenn.
1:51 AM <A Link In Time> Damn it!
1:35 AM <GirlWithAFairy> #FML
1:35 AM <GirlWithAFairy> #late
1:35 AM <GirlWithAFairy> ALIT :love:

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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6:20 AM <Azure Sage> xDDD This is hilarious
6:20 AM <Fierce.Deity> I don't like searching for stuff I don't know, you never know what you'll find.
6:20 AM <Fierce.Deity> Why are we screaming?
6:20 AM <Fierce.Deity> Who's Bohemian?
6:20 AM <jimmy.f27> Who doesn't know it?
6:20 AM <Keeseman> who are you?!?!
6:20 AM <mandym287> Keeseman is singing Bohemian Rhapsody, Fierce
6:19 AM <Keeseman> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
6:19 AM <Fierce.Deity> What song?
6:19 AM <Keeseman> I know all the lyrics to this song. It is the best
Fierce.Diety broke Keeseman. xD

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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7:28 PM <Shadsie> Last thing I need is a crunchy snack telling me what it thinks about the capital gains tax.
7:27 PM <Shadsie> Sour Cream and Opinion potato chips... hmm. You pull one out of the bag and it starts screaming about politics at you.
Short and sweet, but still hilarious. xD
Oct 26, 2012
[11:11:39 PM] Mathias Smith: Holy crap it's already 9
[11:12:31 PM] linkerbelle: you go to bed so early
[11:12:36 PM] linkerbelle: and you call me old :P
[11:13:16 PM] Mathias Smith: I don't
[11:13:25 PM] Mathias Smith: you just never sleep
[11:13:58 PM] linkerbelle: i do. it's just... during the day.
[11:14:00 PM] linkerbelle: lol
[11:15:32 PM] Mathias Smith: VAMPIRE!
[11:15:33 PM] Mathias Smith: jk
[11:16:20 PM] Mathias Smith: but if you are, please be a badass vampire and not one of those stupid sparkly vampires from Twilight
[11:16:38 PM] linkerbelle: hahaha
[11:16:44 PM] linkerbelle: (heart)


Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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3:57 PM <Azure Sage> LMFAO
3:57 PM <Zorth> Brazzers, master of.. nvm
3:57 PM <Azure Sage> Master of Icy Fire
3:57 PM <Azure Sage> Fraaz
3:56 PM <Azure Sage> Master of Fire
3:56 PM <Azure Sage> Blaaz
3:56 PM <Zorth> blaah


Jun 19, 2010
11/01/2013 19:11 <BeastModeMan97> WTFREAK
11/01/2013 19:10 <Atticus> like that
11/01/2013 19:10 <Atticus>
Dracomajora: I like poop
11/01/2013 19:10 <BeastModeMan97> Alright it's getting old
11/01/2013 19:10 <justac00lguy> Yes farfuq
11/01/2013 19:10 <BeastModeMan97> WHat?
11/01/2013 19:10 <Atticus> yes
11/01/2013 19:10 <Dracomajora> lol fafuq
11/01/2013 19:10 <justac00lguy> What fafuq
11/01/2013 19:10 <Dracomajora> Would you just copy/paste this and put it in quote tags?
11/01/2013 19:09 <BeastModeMan97> Hmm? Er, WHAT?
11/01/2013 19:09 <Draymorath> Wish we could go back to the beginning of this conversation....
11/01/2013 19:09 * BeastModeMan97 asks WHAT?
11/01/2013 19:08 <Atticus> what
11/01/2013 19:08 <BeastModeMan97>
11/01/2013 19:08 <BeastModeMan97> What?
11/01/2013 19:08 <Vanessa28> You can do this yourself by copying and pasting it in that thread
11/01/2013 19:08 <Dracomajora> Someone should post this in the funny/memorable SB conversations thread.
11/01/2013 19:08 <BeastModeMan97> I yield
11/01/2013 19:08 <Draymorath> WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????????????
11/01/2013 19:07 <BeastModeMan97> = I yield
11/01/2013 19:07 <BeastModeMan97> Huh?
11/01/2013 19:07 <Dracomajora> WHAT IS THIS
11/01/2013 19:07 <Dracomajora> WHAT
11/01/2013 19:07 <BeastModeMan97> WHAT?
11/01/2013 19:07 <Draymorath> WHAT????
11/01/2013 19:06 <BeastModeMan97> WHAT?
11/01/2013 19:06 <Draymorath> WHAT?
11/01/2013 19:05 <BeastModeMan97> What?
11/01/2013 19:05 <Spirit of Rutela> lots of love in that ghibli thread that i didnt expect
11/01/2013 19:05 <Dracomajora> What?
11/01/2013 19:05 <Draymorath> Favorite genre of what?
11/01/2013 19:04 <Draymorath> What?
11/01/2013 19:04 <BeastModeMan97> ?
11/01/2013 19:04 <BeastModeMan97> What

Oct 26, 2012
[9:41:39 PM] linkerbelle: how come dan's never on at night anymore?
[9:43:31 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : he hasn't been on in like 3 days
[9:43:33 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : it's odd
[9:43:57 PM] linkerbelle: maybe he has a girlfriend
[9:44:02 PM] linkerbelle: that would be cute.
[9:44:16 PM] linkerbelle: wait
[9:44:30 PM] linkerbelle: it's 3am there. That can't be it.
[9:44:47 PM] linkerbelle: he's a spy.
[9:44:54 PM] linkerbelle: only other explanation.
[9:47:00 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : hm
[9:47:04 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : seems legit
[9:47:23 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : but that's most definitely the answer
[9:50:46 PM] linkerbelle: (y)
[9:51:17 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : what's he a spy for, though
[9:51:22 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : and why is he spying
[9:51:30 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : there must be a criminal in our midst!
[9:51:39 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : what's the name of the british police again scotland yard right
[9:51:48 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : yeah he must be working for scotland yard
[9:57:15 PM] linkerbelle: YES!
[9:57:24 PM] linkerbelle: or he's a superhero
[9:57:37 PM] linkerbelle: vigilante justice
[9:57:53 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : dan-man
[9:57:57 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : it has a nice ring to it
[9:58:06 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : what do british superheroes do though
[9:58:21 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : evil guys never attack london
[9:58:25 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : it's always new york
[9:59:03 PM] linkerbelle: that's why it's the perfect crime.
[9:59:33 PM] We are all Africans: Sup
[10:00:11 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : lozzzzzz
[10:00:15 PM] linkerbelle: we're speculating as to why dan hasn't been online much recently
[10:00:28 PM] linkerbelle: so far, we've come up with spy and superhero
[10:00:34 PM | Edited 10:00:43 PM] linkerbelle: any conjectures?
[10:00:55 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : omg what if he's the criminal
[10:01:04 PM] linkerbelle: NOOO!
[10:01:20 PM] We are all Africans: Dan is kind of mysterious. He keeps a lot of secrets and does a lot of things that don't make a lot of sense sometimes. And he disappears for a long time only to return to say mysterious things about his absence. He's kind of like a wizard.
[10:01:37 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : AND HES BRITISH
[10:01:41 PM] linkerbelle: unless he's robbing a bank to buy us all a huge mansion with bouncy castles to play in
[10:01:43 PM] linkerbelle: with butlers
[10:01:45 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : THEREFORE HE IS A WIZARD
[10:01:48 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : oh thatd be nice
[10:01:53 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : bouncy castles
[10:01:57 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : hell ****ing yes
[10:02:05 PM] linkerbelle: (y)
[10:02:28 PM] We are all Africans: Bouncy castles. Oh hell yes.
[10:03:02 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : when he comes back i expect some bouncy castles or i'm going to be very disappointed.
[10:03:08 PM] We are all Africans: Me too.
[10:03:34 PM] linkerbelle: maybe he's designing and fabricating the world's largest bouncy castle
[10:04:00 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST ON A CRACKER
[10:04:03 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : I WANT IT
[10:04:13 PM | Edited 10:04:21 PM] linkerbelle: (chuckle)
[10:04:20 PM] We are all Africans: I just pictured Jesus tap dancing.
[10:04:26 PM] linkerbelle: oh
[10:04:28 PM] linkerbelle: oh yeah!
[10:04:34 PM] linkerbelle: i just remembered something
[10:04:48 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6i810tckI1qdd7kjo1_400.gif
[10:04:49 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : here
[10:05:03 PM] We are all Africans: Hollie, I love you. xD
[10:05:14 PM] linkerbelle: (y)
[10:05:14 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : it's my favorite thing
[10:05:19 PM] linkerbelle: but watch this:
[10:05:20 PM] linkerbelle: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=477590322280126
[10:05:25 PM] linkerbelle: it's my new favorite song.
[10:05:56 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : omfg
[10:05:58 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : this is my jam
[10:06:04 PM] We are all Africans: Lol, I've seen that.
[10:06:08 PM] linkerbelle: you've heard it?
[10:06:15 PM] We are all Africans: Yeah, it's kinda old.
[10:06:30 PM | Edited 10:07:00 PM] linkerbelle: well, i live in the past.
[10:06:34 PM] We are all Africans: Probably from 2011.
[10:06:43 PM] linkerbelle: sooo, maybe you shouldn't make fun of my disability.
[10:07:17 PM] We are all Africans: Wasn't making fun. Was just demonstrating the fact that I don't have that disability.
[10:07:19 PM] We are all Africans: (chuckle)
[10:07:33 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : ouch
[10:07:40 PM] We are all Africans: Like walking past someone in a wheelchair.
[10:07:50 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : know what annoys me
[10:08:02 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : when people take other people's glasses and put them on and say like "wow you're blind"
[10:08:16 PM] We are all Africans: lol
[10:08:19 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : that's equivalent to someone taking someones wheelchair and saying "wow you have ****** legs"
[10:08:26 PM] linkerbelle: HAHAHAHA
[10:08:27 PM] We are all Africans: lmao
[10:08:37 PM] We are all Africans: Again...I love you Hollie.
[10:08:54 PM] Jigglypuff's Homegurl : oh stoppit youuu

Everyone loves Hollie.


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
3:36 PM <Erebea> yo
3:35 PM <justac00lguy> allo there
3:35 PM <blue-eyes> Hey VIo
3:35 PM <Erebea> hi
3:35 PM <Deeds> Yo
3:35 PM <Erebea> how do you do
3:35 PM <Violet> nuttin much
3:35 PM <justac00lguy> Hai
3:35 PM <Atticus> hallo
3:35 PM <amtcle95> Hello.
3:35 PM <Erebea> hey
3:35 PM <Thareous> Yo, what's up people?
3:35 PM <Erebea> hi
3:35 PM <justac00lguy> Sup.
3:35 PM <amtcle95> Yo.
3:35 PM <justac00lguy> Howdy people
3:34 PM <Deeds> ey
3:34 PM <Erebea> hello there
3:34 PM <Violet> i like trains
3:34 PM <amtcle95> Ello, everybody.
3:34 PM <justac00lguy> Ellllo
3:34 PM <Violet> ullo
3:34 PM <Atticus> nyehhh
3:34 PM <Erebea> hi
3:34 PM <justac00lguy> Hawwo
3:34 PM <Violet> rainbows
3:33 PM <Erebea> hi
3:33 PM <Violet> Ey
3:33 PM <Erebea> 12,300/27000!
3:33 PM <amtcle95> Ello.
3:33 PM <blue-eyes> hello

We never even got past the "hello".

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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7:48 PM <Azure Sage> More canon than Hyrule Historia
7:48 PM <Atticus> nyeh
7:48 PM <TheBlueReptile> And Marilyn Monroe is the gatekeeper
7:47 PM <Terminus> Whatd their equivalent of heaven thewn?
7:47 PM <TheRizardon> Hylians believe in Yevan
7:47 PM <justac00lguy> Hmm maybe just maybe!
7:47 PM <Azure Sage> Then the afterlife is Hollywood
7:47 PM <Azure Sage> If the goddesses are oscars
7:47 PM <Azure Sage> oh
7:47 PM <Terminus> i meant after death
7:47 PM <TheRizardon> yes
7:46 PM <Azure Sage> Hylians believe in golden oscar awards leaving a magical geometric shape behind that grants every wish
7:46 PM * TheRizardon Created thread: Do you think Demeye's true intentions were to give everyone icecream?
7:46 PM * justac00lguy created thread: Did Demise just want to give Hyrule free ice cream?
7:45 PM <Terminus> Or whatever Hylians believe in
7:45 PM <justac00lguy> New theory!
7:45 PM <Terminus> In the afterlife!
7:45 PM <justac00lguy> Maybe he did hmmm
7:44 PM <TheRizardon> Demeyes just wanted to give everyone icecream forever
TheBlueReptile Answered in thread : What Were Demise's True Intentions?
Theorizing in the shoutbox.


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
4:53 PM <Terminus> Smith is an elf
4:53 PM <Terminus> Then Matt Smith is the Alfheim Doctor
4:53 PM <Terminus> Thought so
4:53 PM <Azure Sage> I'm sure
4:53 PM <Azure Sage> ... yes, it is
4:53 PM <Azure Sage> I think
4:53 PM <Azure Sage> Alfheim is German
4:53 PM <Terminus> Or something similar
4:52 PM <Terminus> Isnt 11 in german Elf?

One for the Whovians not presently in the SB.

5:45 PM <JuicieJ>
5:45 PM <Atticus> LOL TERMY
5:45 PM <Ganondork> Celtics
5:45 PM <Terminus> Lol my dad:"Pro Sports is just men playing with their balls"
5:45 PM <BeastModeMan97> CELTICS!
5:44 PM <Atticus> *****es be ballin
5:44 PM <octorok74> Nah, where it is at is in Grifball.
5:44 PM <Atticus> ravens suck
5:44 PM <BeastModeMan97> WTF
5:44 PM <Dracomajora> http://images4.fanpop.com/image/phot...6-1280-800.jpg
5:44 PM <BeastModeMan97> out
5:44 PM <BeastModeMan97> The ravens let the clock ran at
5:44 PM <Ganondork> Basketball is where it's at
5:44 PM <BeastModeMan97> OMG
5:44 PM <Terminus> More of a baseball man myself
5:43 PM <BeastModeMan97> field goal coming
5:43 PM <Atticus> omg really
5:43 PM <Terminus> Meh football

Somehow Sports came up.
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Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
7:33 PM <Kazumi> I should go make pizza
7:33 PM <amtcle95> Typo, isn't it?
7:33 PM <Atticus> i'm stuct on ur luv
7:33 PM <mandym287> SIRIT TRACTS
7:33 PM <mandym287> stuct
7:33 PM <Atticus> stuct
7:33 PM <amtcle95> Leave now, or you'll get stuct in here!
7:32 PM <amtcle95> You don't want to know.
7:32 PM <mandym287> uh wut
7:32 PM <Atticus> i like a dash of booger puke over my gerudo nose
7:32 PM <PancakeSamurai> What did I just walk in on?
7:32 PM <mandym287> like bacon
7:32 PM <mandym287> it's very crispy
7:32 PM <mandym287> if you heat it up and let the moisture go away
7:32 PM <mandym287> booger puke has a nice texture
7:32 PM <Atticus> all the time
7:32 PM * PancakeSamurai explodes
7:31 PM <mandym287> do they grow back when you sever them?
7:31 PM <Atticus> sometimes they ooze booger puke and im not okay with that
7:31 PM <amtcle95> I'd say brusel sprouts.
7:31 PM <Atticus> yes
7:31 PM <mandym287> interesting...
7:31 PM <mandym287> obama earas are your least favorite food?
7:31 PM <BeastModeMan97> Eww
Erebea Answered in thread : What's Your Favorite Linux /BSD Distro?
7:31 PM <mandym287> ONION BOX
7:31 PM <Atticus> OBAMA EARAS
This is the weirdest conversation I have walked into.

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