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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
[00:15:03] Dan: welcome to tuesday... for anyone that lives in Britain
[00:15:22] Vanitas: Welcome Tuesday! How are you?
[00:15:37] Julia: Shouldn't it be Saturday in Britain?
[00:15:40] Matt: Matt sings "Friday" song.
[00:15:53] Julia: Since it's Friday here in the US
[00:15:53] PancakeSamurai: wtf are friends?
[00:17:23] PancakeSamurai: "This is a serious match between ***** and HIV+"
[00:17:39 | Edited 00:17:56] PhantomTriforce: HOLY **** WHAT IS GOING ON HERE
[00:17:43] Vanitas: o_O
[00:19:10] Julia: :^)
[00:20:03] PancakeSamurai: "If you could see the look on my nipples..."
[00:23:16] PancakeSamurai: "Hey there! Do you like me? Probably not. That's ok!"
[00:27:59] Dan: [00:16] Julia:

<<< Shouldn't it be Saturday in Britain?okay... I fail ;p i read today as tuesday
[00:28:32] Julia: Way to go, Dan.
[00:30:20] Ludar: xD Lol
[01:03:13] PancakeSamurai: ohnomyspacebarfellout!
[01:05:10] Matt: Duct tape = fixes everything.
[01:05:16] Matt: EVERYTHING
[01:06:59] PancakeSamurai: oh thank god i fixed it
[01:08:09] Matt: God is in this chat. Look at the list. ;)
[01:08:22] Dan: congrats pancake
[01:09:03] PancakeSamurai: it's kinda sticking though
[01:09:03] Matt: For anything that moves but shouldn't: Duct Tape.
For anything that doesn't move but should: WD-40.
[01:11:59] PancakeSamurai: i don't think i put it in right

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
4:31 PM <Violet> Oh. :I
4:30 PM <Krazy4Krash> yes
4:30 PM <Violet> Am I alone?
4:30 PM <Violet> Um...
4:30 PM <Violet> Wait.
4:29 PM <Violet> So...aloone..
4:29 PM <Violet> I know...
4:27 PM <Krazy4Krash> this is a sad sight
4:27 PM <Violet> So...alone..
4:27 PM * Violet sits on a corner of the SB
4:22 PM <Violet> So bored.
4:22 PM * Violet sighs

Derp. So alone. :I
I know that's a fake K4K, trying to troll me >;D


A Wild Wolf Sage appeared, what will you do?
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Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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2:38 PM <mandym287> LOL Arsenic
2:38 PM <Azure Sage> That has to be the most random thing I've ever walked in on in the shoutbox.
2:37 PM <Big Octo> :/
2:37 PM <Azure Sage> oh god wat
2:37 PM <Wolf Sage> WOW. XD
2:37 PM <Azure Sage> :mellow:
2:37 PM <mandym287> and one of them is "do I lose my virginity if I use a tampon?"
2:36 PM <mandym287> Apparently, there is a FAQ on the back of tampon packages.
... :mellow:


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
TBR is giving me GREY hair

11:46 PM <Wolf Sage> Yeah, rough night...
11:46 PM <TheBlueReptile> Dirty wolf!
11:45 PM <TheBlueReptile> Wolf, you still have some cocaine left on your nose in that pic
11:45 PM <Wolf Sage> I can also go half-wolf and full-human (the form I'm using right now)...
11:45 PM <Vanessa28> LOL TBR
11:45 PM <TheBlueReptile> I beg to differ Thar, that hat looks really nice with that Vee
11:45 PM <Linkdude74> thats all i can tyoe right now. back to work
11:45 PM <Vanessa28> Thank you Thar It's my lucky hat
11:45 PM <Wolf Sage> Here's a picture of me in full wolf form :http://www.barewalls.com/i/c/466458_Grey-Wolf.jpg
11:44 PM <Linkdude74> dont you hate it when a girl has a really pretty face, but then she gets lip piercings and she doesnt look so good anymore?
11:44 PM <Thareous> Vee, you look gorgeous with that hat.
11:43 PM <Vanessa28> We were on a holiday
11:43 PM <Vanessa28> yes that's us
11:43 PM <Vanessa28> You got a big family
11:43 PM <TheBlueReptile> There I am
11:43 PM <TheBlueReptile> http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8462/8...987033fe52.jpg
11:43 PM <Vanessa28> No that was your brother
11:43 PM <TheBlueReptile> Not blue enough
11:42 PM <Vanessa28> You asked a ridiculous amount of money and denied me paying a 24 months membership!!
11:42 PM <TheBlueReptile> coughbecauseshelikesbeingclosetomecough
11:42 PM <Vanessa28> http://s3.hubimg.com/u/6010914_f260.jpg
11:42 PM <TheBlueReptile> You paid me to sit on your head!
11:42 PM <Wolf Sage> lol
11:41 PM <Vanessa28> I have to carry scrooge around

So Thar gave us the answer to all questions :P And TBR will dye my hair :xd:

11:55 PM <Thareous> Call 1-847-375-7284 to reach the President!
11:55 PM <Wolf Sage>
11:55 PM <Vanessa28> AH! It's the wolf!!
11:55 PM <Wolf Sage>
11:54 PM <Vanessa28> Well someone used the phone
11:54 PM <TheBlueReptile> I think this is a prank order, I don't even like pizza
11:53 PM <Vanessa28> You are not going to eat Pizza!
11:53 PM <Vanessa28> Damn TBR your diet!
11:53 PM <TheBlueReptile> I didn't order no pizza!
11:53 PM <Wolf Sage> XD
11:53 PM * TheBlueReptile starts dancing to hip-hop music and using eyes as drums
11:53 PM <Wolf Sage> Pizza delivery man: "Pizza delivery to Vee's head..."
11:52 PM <Vanessa28> Okay and don't move around or stick your paws in my face
11:51 PM <TheBlueReptile> Just puts some dye on my feet in the mornings and my daily antics should do the rest
11:50 PM <Vanessa28> Maybe you can dye it a bit
11:50 PM <Vanessa28> Are you sure?
11:49 PM <TheBlueReptile> Nah, you're not grey yet
11:49 PM * TheBlueReptile inspects Vee's roots
Vanessa28 Answered in thread : Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.
11:46 PM <Wolf Sage> Yeah, rough night...
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Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
A good Ol fashion chat.
[22:59:06] Dan: indeed that can
[22:59:15] Dan: do you enjoy washing your hair
[22:59:28] wolf.sage...: lolwut
[22:59:40] wolf.sage...: Yes, I do enjoy washing my hair... lol
[23:00:27] Dan: me too, I like my hair feeling good :)
[23:01:05 | Edited 23:01:24] wolf.sage...: Yeah, you should invite me to wash it sometime...
[23:01:12] wolf.sage...: ...I've got gentle hands.
[23:01:13] wolf.sage...: ;)
[23:01:57] Dan: Oh yes I have never had someone wash my hair before, hehe I imagine it will feel strange at first :)
[23:04:14] wolf.sage...: Yeah, but you'll get used to it; as I've said before, I'll be quite "gentle"... ;)
[23:08:13] Dan: that sounds really nice. :) I also like to shave in the shower...
[23:08:17] Dan: is that weird :I
[23:09:06] wolf.sage...: Haha... Nah, that is not weird at all... Unless you're shaving... ..you know?
[23:09:06] wolf.sage...: lol
[23:09:29] Dan: well nope, I'm just shaving my face :P
[23:10:00] wolf.sage...: Ah. lol


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
I don't think he has been mentioned for a while o_O
1:22 AM <Turo602> Me giving it to you.
1:21 AM <Vanessa28> Admitting to what?
1:21 AM <Turo602> Admitting to the truth behind my words.
theoathtoorder Answered in thread : Favorite Vocalists
1:21 AM <Turo602> Nope, it sounded like if you were admitting to something...
1:21 AM <Vanessa28> really that is never hard to guess with you around
1:20 AM <Azure Sage> Yay I did it
1:20 AM * Azure Sage Hmmm....
1:20 AM <Vanessa28> That is not hard to guess Turo
1:20 AM <Turo602> I am the Dark Knight.
jimmy.f27 Answered in thread : Violet's Hall of Arts.
1:20 AM <Turo602> NO!
1:20 AM * Azure Sage is curious
1:20 AM <Violet> Turo IS the dark night!
1:20 AM <Turo602> Funny thing is, I never mentioned your name... but yet, you knew who I was talking about. I wonder why?...
Feb 23, 2011
The Misadventures of JJ and Joy...

[10:47:11 PM] Joy Jonsson: Jay you're so juiiiiiiicyyyyyyyy
[10:49:21 PM] Joy Jonsson: So damn juicyyyyyyyy
[10:49:24 PM] wolf.sage...: Secs.
[10:49:37 PM] Joy Jonsson: I could make fruit juice out of you
[10:49:59 PM] JuicieJ: :|
[10:50:14 PM] Joy Jonsson: It would taste like chilly powder and lentils
[10:50:27 PM] wolf.sage...: JuicieJ luh da way u talk to him...
[10:50:44 PM] Joy Jonsson: I would take JJ juice on a picnic and drink it all
[10:50:53 PM] JuicieJ: Okay, it's getting old
[10:51:03 PM] Joy Jonsson: But I don't like lentils :(
[10:51:10 PM] wolf.sage...: I bet JJ tastes like V8...
[10:51:47 PM] JuicieJ: "I hate it when I fall asleep on my keyboard and I end up typing the next Twilight book."
[10:51:52 PM] JuicieJ: (rofl)
[10:51:58 PM] wolf.sage...: xd
[10:52:08 PM] Joy Jonsson: Lolilol
Joy Jonsson jumps on JJ's back
[10:52:34 PM] Joy Jonsson: Take me horse back riding
[10:52:38 PM] JuicieJ: WHOA, GEDDOFF
[10:52:44 PM] Joy Jonsson: You're my horse
[10:52:50 PM] JuicieJ: GEDDOFF
[10:52:53 PM] Joy Jonsson: Giddyup
[10:52:56 PM] JuicieJ: JuicieJ bucks Joy off
[10:53:16 PM] Joy Jonsson: No oats for you you naughty boy
[10:53:22 PM] JuicieJ: :P
[10:53:55 PM] Joy Jonsson: Joy Jonsson has magical powers of magic
[10:54:11 PM] Joy Jonsson: Joy Jonsson turns JJ into a dolphin

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
ss (2012-10-21 at 03.56.37).png


6:08 PM <Violet> WOO, STUFF!
6:08 PM <Krazy4Krash> WOO, TWO SENTENCE POST!
6:08 PM <Krazy4Krash> my post fails in comparison to the others
Axle the Beast Answered in thread : Do You Dread the Reveal of Future Zelda Games?
6:06 PM <Cfrock> Whoo, 11AM
Cfrock Answered in thread : Do You Dread the Reveal of Future Zelda Games?
6:05 PM <Krazy4Krash> Whoo, 9PM!
6:03 PM <Violet> Whoo, 6PM!
6:03 PM <GaroXicon> Whoo, 6AM!

Behold, the WHOO chain.
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
11:15 AM <Vanessa28> http://e.asset.soup.io/asset/1957/0926_0fc9.jpeg
11:15 AM <Zorth> brb taking a duckface photo in the bathroom to upload here
11:14 AM <Lambda> Okay, I have to admit, that was a cute picture.
11:14 AM <Vanessa28>
11:14 AM <Terminus> Yups
11:14 AM <Vanessa28> I posted the link
11:14 AM * Terminus plots Grand Theft Tardis
11:14 AM <Azure Sage> zorth!
11:14 AM <Vanessa28> You saw the pic?
11:14 AM <Terminus> ME GUSTA
11:14 AM <Zorth> azure!
11:14 AM <Azure Sage> Thanks
11:14 AM <Azure Sage> It sounds like it would be
11:14 AM <Terminus> Time And Relative Dimension In Space
11:14 AM <Azure Sage> I kinda figured Tardis was an acronym
11:13 AM <Lambda> That's what TARDIS stands for, Azure.
11:13 AM <Azure Sage> Ah.
11:13 AM <Vanessa28> http://technabob.com/blog/wp-content...s_delorean.jpg

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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3:29 PM <Azure Sage> I LIKE TURTLES~
3:29 PM <Azure Sage> My favorite kind of pasta is Rotini.
3:29 PM <Azure Sage> I think Romney and Obama are awful candidates.
3:28 PM <PancakeSamurai> no
3:28 PM <Azure Sage> What about the rest of you?
3:28 PM <Azure Sage> I like locomotives.
3:28 PM <Azure Sage> Because trains.
3:28 PM <PancakeSamurai> V@AZ
3:28 PM <A Link In Time> How did this become a pop culture discussion?
3:28 PM <Wolf Sage> I know nothing either...
3:28 PM <Wolf Sage> v
3:28 PM <A Link In Time> Huh?
3:27 PM <Azure Sage> No, seriously. I know next to nothing about pop culture.
3:27 PM <Azure Sage> Psh, I might as well live under a rock
3:27 PM <A Link In Time> ;)
3:27 PM <A Link In Time> Get with the times.
3:27 PM <A Link In Time> You need to catch up, Azure.
3:27 PM <A Link In Time> Wow.
This discussion happened to confuse A Link In Time because pop tarts are delicious.


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Ehm right....

10:16 PM <Vanessa28> Sure you would
10:16 PM <Turo602> Actually, I was thinking that you'd enjoy my potatoes.
10:15 PM <Vanessa28> My potatoes smell yummie
10:14 PM <Vanessa28> Do I really want to taste that?
MiniMouseofPyru Answered in thread : What Video Games Do You Want Most but Don't Have Yet?
10:14 PM <PhantomTriforce> pizza and ice cream were heaven
10:14 PM <Turo602> I prepared you a sausage.
10:14 PM <PhantomTriforce> I lived in Italy for 3 years
Azure Sage Answered in thread : Adult Nursing Relationships
10:14 PM <TheBlueReptile> Vee, if you are at any point gonna step into his office, I'd appreciate you take me off your head first.
10:14 PM <Derpy Mage> never been to Italy
10:14 PM <Turo602> Oh, you'll be eating...
10:13 PM <Derpy Mage> pizza from pizzaria by my house=best
10:13 PM <Wolf Sage> 4:13 PM <PhantomTriforce> pizza from Italy = best omg yes
10:13 PM <Vanessa28> No thanks I got to eat first
10:13 PM <Ventus> lmfao Turo
10:13 PM <Turo602> Step into my office (bed) and I'll explain Vanesssa.
10:13 PM <Vanessa28> Nah fried potatoes

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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5:01 PM <Nicole> I know
5:01 PM <Ganondork> You're an idiot lol
5:01 PM <Azure Sage> LOL
5:01 PM <Nicole> so I was trying to make fun of it
5:01 PM <Azure Sage> :xd:
5:01 PM <Nicole> I thought 7* was Keith's failed attempt at making a face
5:01 PM <Nicole> holy ****
5:00 PM <Ganondork> Logs between me and Julia :right:
5:00 PM <Nicole> oh omg
5:00 PM <Nicole> 7*
5:00 PM <Azure Sage> And examples? :right:
5:00 PM <Ganondork> With pictures ;D
4:59 PM <Ganondork> 7*
4:59 PM <Nicole> lolllll
4:59 PM <Azure Sage> Can't wait to see your 5 paragraph response to a cybersex thread :right:
4:58 PM <Ganondork> When I get back
4:57 PM <Ganondork> I might comment in that thread
D'awwwww, it's okay Nicole your intelligence lies in... other areas.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Oh that DM. :rolleyes:
[07:25:46] DARK MASTER: I found someone that I think would be rather fun to troll, but I honestly don’t think most of you have what it takes to get the dirty job done. :/
[07:27:44] Jay'Quan Sharifa Jackson: Nice try.

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