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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010






Pretty fun.


Vocare Ad Pugnam
Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
9:17 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> lol I will die laughing.
9:17 PM <VanitasXII> agreed Turo
9:17 PM <VanitasXII> agreed koosholts
9:17 PM <Turo602> He's still a hogan.
9:16 PM <Turo602> Just because he's not like a certain type of hogan doesn't make him anyless of a hogan.
9:16 PM <Koosholts> He posted a pretty fantastic comment in the circumcision thread
9:16 PM <Turo602> He still sucks.
9:16 PM <VanitasXII> yA
9:14 PM <Koosholts> Are you refering to This Guy Vanitas?
9:13 PM <VanitasXII> This Guy can get better, believers me. Just need to apply himself more. At least he isn't following great posters and acting as if he's cool because he can post like them.
9:13 PM <Turo602> HEY! That was all original material!
9:12 PM <Koosholts> i love the Family Guy reference x[)
9:12 PM <Koosholts> loooooooooololol
9:12 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> What the hell?
9:11 PM <VanitasXII> oooh burn, you need some fire for that burn?
9:11 PM <Turo602> How about that novel you been working on for 3 years?
9:11 PM <Turo602> Turo602 stealing your thunder?
9:10 PM <Turo602> How does it feel to know that I beat you to a New Super Mario Bros 2 thread?
9:10 PM <Turo602> So ALIT.
9:09 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Yeah. Hopeless poster is hopeless.
9:08 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> lol
9:08 PM <Turo602> Like I always say, Life Alert before hoes.
9:08 PM <Turo602> I mean Life Alert.
9:07 PM <Turo602> *COUGH*
9:07 PM <Turo602> It's a good thing I have Mario Allstate.
9:07 PM <Turo602> YOU FOUND ME!
9:07 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Green turd creepin' in the night.

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Note to self: Don't piss off Skype conversation administrator.

[10:56:47 PM] ALIT-sama: My additions are always hawt.
[10:56:49 PM] ALIT-sama: :>
[10:57:27 PM] DARK MASTER: In all seriousness, how hot someone looks should be mostly irrelevant, unless you're an ignorant moron. If you are an ignorant moron, in my opinion, you should kill yourself and do us all a favor. We have enough stupid ****s. You should be gavin’ what you deserve, a painful death with crimson red blood everywhere. Maybe you should also be whipped? Nothing like some good old fashion torture. Right! My little weak children? I’d prefer if you’re crying in agony, because your tears would make the blood sting. I just better be able to watch your death with my dark bothers. Most governments today are pathetic! I mean waterboarding…? Come on! Can’t you assholes do better? When I turn on the TV, I wanna see a real person get their head cut off, not this stupid ***** ****. It’s so hard to find real entertainment these days……>_>
[10:57:48 PM] DARK MASTER: Governments today suck.....
[10:57:56 PM] ALIT-sama: ALIT-sama trembles.
Feb 23, 2011
I dunno, I guess I thought someone might find this funny (bottom to top):

4:10 PM <Wolf Sage> Ecks dee.
4:09 PM <lazarusryu> Like I smurfin' know. Who the smurf do you smurfing think I am? A smurfin' smurf!
4:09 PM <Wolf Sage> In which case, how do they decide if it should be censored?
4:08 PM <lazarusryu> Smurf you
4:08 PM <Wolf Sage> ...including something naughty.
4:08 PM <Wolf Sage> That could mean anything...
4:08 PM <Wolf Sage> They're like, "Oh my gosh, I totally want to smurf it!"
4:08 PM <lazarusryu> You know, I took smurfette out and before the date, she was totally smurfing me
4:08 PM <Wolf Sage> I mean in general...
4:07 PM <Turo602> smurf
4:07 PM <Wolf Sage> Anyway, I wonder if the word "smurf" is ever censored...
The rare but amazing moment of unity when almost all of ZD is on the SB.
7:56 PM <Kybyrian> Awww yeah
7:56 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Red for the blood you shed.
7:56 PM <Azure Sage> I'm staying out of this.
7:56 PM <Kybyrian> Troll so hard got a red color
7:38 PM <ZeldaFan11> lol.
7:38 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Right on it, Vanitas.
7:38 PM <TheRationalDove> What? Why>
7:38 PM <Dan>
7:38 PM <Vanessa28> Mwuahahaha oh oh
7:38 PM <VanitasXII> is this able to be duped for the memorable shoutbox thread? Because it has me tripping balls when laughing
7:38 PM <Trio the Punch> TRD!
7:38 PM <Big Octo> Who will we kill?
7:38 PM <Big Octo> let's take a vote.
7:37 PM * Vanessa28 falls asleep
7:37 PM <Big Octo> Someone in here is going to die.
7:37 PM <TheRationalDove> Don't ask me.
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> MC just walk out
7:37 PM <Seth> She has nice breasts and she sucks/blows. Yeah I'll take that.
7:37 PM <Majora's Cat> wtf did I just walk in on
7:37 PM <Trio the Punch> They were a bit blocky on the N64 ALIT.
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> We use the term "harlot" or something like that in old England
7:37 PM <Vanessa28> Guys we got a serious troll
7:37 PM <Majora's Cat> what
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> everything is offensive.
7:37 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Very well rounded.
7:37 PM <ZeldaFan11> :<
7:37 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Zelda has nice breasts.
7:37 PM <TheRationalDove> what's so offensive about sucking something?
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> ZF11, that's enough
7:37 PM <Trio the Punch> Yeah she does.
7:37 PM <ZeldaFan11> She just blows
7:36 PM <TheRationalDove> I mean...think about it.
7:36 PM <Big Octo> Yeah, he has such a girly name.
7:35 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> TRD, yes.
7:35 PM <Trio the Punch> New Zealand is okay but Australia is not.
7:35 PM <Seth> I want to emigrate there
Swift500 Answered in thread : What is Your Favorite Nintendo System.
7:34 PM <TheRationalDove> Everything just sucks, huh ALIT?
7:34 PM <LegendOfZelda> *tastes
7:34 PM <Big Octo> ALIT, why do you like Vegimite?
7:34 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> New Zealand. What we got? Kiwis! Take the damn whole lot!
7:34 PM <LegendOfZelda> I was just wondering what Vegimite tasted like
7:34 PM <ZeldaFan11> Pinhead101 is
7:34 PM <VanitasXII> but I wonder what Australia is like
7:34 PM <VanitasXII> no
7:34 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> LoZ, those countries succcccccccccccccccccccck.
7:34 PM <Trio the Punch> Nope (proudly)
7:34 PM <LegendofZelda> Anyone from Australia or New Zealand?
7:21 PM <ZeldaFan11> Lol, i read BO and thought body oder
7:21 PM <Trio the Punch> La tierra della trasero
7:21 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Penos glides on Big Octo's back. Vanitas realizes his ignorance and flees to mandy for psychological refuge. ZeldaFan11 smirks.
7:21 PM <Big Octo> Mars.
7:21 PM <mandym287> BO where do you live?
7:14 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Dan smirks at the stupidity. Norm jumps on TheRationalDove's back and they fly off.
7:14 PM <VanitasXII> V
7:14 PM <Trio the Punch> A_LINK_IN_TIME you should compilate a book of all of these comments you are making so I can buy it. They are making me laugh.
7:14 PM <TwilightDeku> Hey, no mods have complained about my beautiful singing voice
7:14 PM <TheRationalDove> I think my opinions are more correct, but they are certainly not facts.
7:14 PM <TwilightDeku> I can't speak german that well. am only in german 1...
7:14 PM <Dan> die
7:14 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> mandym287 prpeares the ban key for TwilightDeku. Big Octo gapes incredulous.
7:13 PM <VanitasXII> Dove don't lie
7:13 PM <TheRationalDove> I don't.
7:13 PM <TwilightDeku> ....maybe?
7:13 PM <LegendOfZelda> don't we all
7:13 PM <Big Octo> TD, you just ran that through Google Translate, didn't you?
7:13 PM <TwilightDeku> Aber am ersten Tag in der Schule die Lehrerin fragte nach seinem Namen Alles, was er tat, war, Lächeln, als er sagte: I Like Trains
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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
7:38 PM <VanitasXII> is this able to be duped for the memorable shoutbox thread? Because it has me tripping balls when laughing
7:38 PM <Trio the Punch> TRD!
7:38 PM <Big Octo> He will we kill?
7:38 PM <Big Octo> let's take a vote.
7:37 PM * Vanessa28 falls asleep
7:37 PM <Big Octo> Someone in here is going to die.
7:37 PM <TheRationalDove> Don't ask me.
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> MC just walk out
7:37 PM <Seth> She has nice breasts and she sucks/blows. Yeah I'll take that.
7:37 PM <Majora's Cat> wtf did I just walk in on
7:37 PM <Trio the Punch> They were a bit blocky on the N64 ALIT.
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> We use the term "harlot" or something like that in old England
7:37 PM <Vanessa28> Guys we got a serious troll
7:37 PM <Majora's Cat> what
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> everything is offensive.
7:37 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Very well rounded.
7:37 PM <ZeldaFan11> :<
7:37 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Zelda has nice breasts.
7:37 PM <TheRationalDove> what's so offensive about sucking something?
7:37 PM <VanitasXII> ZF11, that's enough
7:37 PM <Trio the Punch> Yeah she does.
7:37 PM <ZeldaFan11> She just blows
7:36 PM <TheRationalDove> I mean...think about it.
7:36 PM <Big Octo> Yeah, he has such a girly name.
7:36 PM <Trio the Punch> Hat was intentional both times...
7:36 PM <Azure Sage> She's too hot for that
7:36 PM <LegendOfZelda> Zelda rocks
7:36 PM <TheRationalDove> ...Suck is such a weak insult.
7:36 PM <Azure Sage> Zelda can't suck

This isn't regular in my experience, but it is just amazing.

Here is another!
9:31 PM <Trio the Punch> This conversation is getting too weird to read...
9:31 PM <VanitasXII> ALIT I'm in school
9:31 PM <TheRationalDove> true dat, Dan.
9:31 PM <Majora's Cat> gotta make them mustaches touch
9:31 PM <VanitasXII> what the hell?
9:31 PM <Dan> peach*
9:31 PM <TheRationalDove> We should seriously call ourselves the Nintendork
9:31 PM <Dan> i dunno i've seen more action between him and luigi than with peech
9:31 PM <Seth> Peach is a tease
9:31 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Mario is gay obviously. Vanitas, go to school!
9:30 PM <ZeldaFan11> VV
9:30 PM <VanitasXII> Mario isn't gay, and even if he is (he isn't), I still love him
9:30 PM <TheRationalDove> You know what?
9:30 PM <TheRationalDove> Double ouch.
9:30 PM <VanitasXII> i have a hemorrhoid though
9:29 PM <TheRationalDove> Ouch.
AwesomeTingle Answered in thread : Stop Complaining About the Tadstones
9:29 PM <Majora's Cat> yes you do
9:29 PM <surferguy7> (This is all joking of course tee hee)
9:29 PM <Dan> yeah !!!
9:29 PM <Seth> lol
9:29 PM <VanitasXII> i don't have any sticks in my butt
9:29 PM <A_LINK_IN_TIME> Let's hop in the Monti Mobile, Dan!
9:29 PM <Seth> Kids are a giant money hole
9:29 PM <surferguy7> Playing life is more fun than living it
9:29 PM <Destiny> I was making a Kanyae West joke get the stick outta your butt
9:29 PM <TheRationalDove> It's okay, suferguy. You will find a women some day.
9:29 PM <surferguy7> Sims 3
9:29 PM <Majora's Cat> /thinkingaboutfuture
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This is what happens when you add everyone involved with ZD into one chat. :rolleyes:

[7:33:07 PM] Big Octo: This is not appropriate!
[7:33:23 PM] Big Octo: Thareous is unambiguously camp.
[7:33:37 PM] Thareous: \kickban Big Octo
[7:33:42 PM] Ω: lolol
[7:33:47 PM] Big Octo: False.
[7:33:55 PM] Thareous: Intentional.
[7:34:06 PM] Ω: If only Teh Xbox was here...
[7:34:28 PM] Big Octo: Zelda is for naked men.
[7:35:02 PM] Ω: Who created this sucky chat, anyhow?
[7:35:23 PM] Big Octo: Your other father.
[7:35:36 PM] Big Octo: /
[7:35:39 PM] Nelson: [7:35 PM] sys:

<<< creator=wolfsage...
[7:35:41 PM] Nelson: Wolfy did
[7:36:06 PM] Ω: So I assume he is competing to topple DM's?
[7:36:28 PM] Nelson: he's probbly just trying to piss people off more
[7:37:09 PM] Ω: Wolf es admin! Woot! Woot!
[7:37:13 PM] *** Ω has been promoted to conversation host. ***
[7:37:21 PM] Nelson: wolf
[7:37:23 PM] Ω: Hell yeah!
[7:37:25 PM] Nelson: are you trying to get us killed
[7:37:43 PM] *** Evangeline added a.jenkins89, adamhoward1992, akira_zxe, anarchistbigred, asian-spice69, cooldogs_1, dancinfoo1914, darksamus101, darman4242, diablohaze, falcool25, flowersareyum, fly_boy42, freddycribbs, generalkimchi, glasspirate, hit.the.lights, immortalluna1, Stefan (DuckNoises), jedizora, k4king11, kargaroc, Kazumi, korptastic, korunua, kramus9, linksonick, lordkorloros, lovelessx3, melatonin_, mhq.dragon, mhve1301, msdavis13, mubblegum, nathaniel.tabit, negarzeldafan22, northern_apple, oblivionphantom, pocketasian94, potassiumiodide, raiizn, retrospect119, shadowserris, shawn.stickle, skalamandar, skermefaten, smilindeth, spaghettiweegee, stairwaytoheaven1969, taboxman, time.jon, toefisch, Trevor Magnani, vswolf, xinnamin, xxpjdepxx ***
[7:37:44 PM] Nelson: Clitoris is going to kill us all
[7:37:46 PM | Edited by Thareous, 7:38:33 PM] Evangeline: Hepl me.
[7:37:49 PM] Thareous: ALIT, promote me to Helper, please.
[7:37:49 PM] Ω: lololol
[7:37:53 PM] Evangeline: Gentlemen.
[7:37:54 PM] *** Thareous has been promoted to conversation host. ***
[7:37:55 PM] Ω: Who is Evangeline?
[7:37:56 PM] *** Big Octo has changed the conversation topic to "Benis" ***
[7:38:01 PM] Wolfram: Erebea
[7:38:06 PM] Ω: oh wow
[7:38:11 PM] *** cooldogs_1 has left ***
[7:38:12 PM] *** Kiwi S. has left ***
[7:38:18 PM] Nelson: **** you ***s
[7:38:19 PM] *** retrospect119 has left ***
[7:38:22 PM] *** Evangeline has changed the conversation topic to "Wenus" ***
[7:38:22 PM] *** Trevor Magnani has left ***
[7:38:22 PM] Ω: Trevor, you suck!
[7:38:27 PM] Evangeline: umad dong
[7:38:37 PM] skalamandar: Eeeeeeeeed, you gotta stop doing thiiiiiiiis.
[7:38:39 PM] Nelson: not you, Erebea
[7:38:39 PM] *** Big Octo has changed the conversation topic to "NINTENDO BENIS" ***
[7:38:42 PM] *** xinnamin has left ***
[7:38:44 PM] *** Big Octo has been promoted to conversation host. ***
[7:38:49 PM] *** shawn.stickle has left ***
[7:38:55 PM] *** smilindeth has left ***
[7:38:58 PM] *** Thareous has changed the conversation topic to "I RUL3Z" ***
[7:39:03 PM] Rupee: HI FD
[7:39:04 PM] Ω: Oh wow, these ex ZD people be Skypin' like there's no tomorrow.
[7:39:10 PM] *** Rupee has left ***
[7:39:12 PM] *** xxpjdepxx has left ***
[7:39:16 PM] *** Big Octo has changed the conversation topic to "Sexland" ***
[7:39:19 PM] Wolfram: Austin!
[7:39:19 PM] *** falcool25 has left ***
[7:39:26 PM] Nelson: ...
[7:39:28 PM] Evangeline: NO ONE LEAVE
[7:39:30 PM] Evangeline: DO NOT LEAVE
[7:39:30 PM] Wolfram: falcool!
[7:39:36 PM] Evangeline: NO ONE LEAVE
[7:39:36 PM] Athenian200: Looks like Austin beat me to it this time...
[7:39:37 PM] Evangeline: JUST DONT
[7:39:37 PM] Thareous: So much JUH-RAMA.
[7:39:38 PM] Athenian200: LOL.
[7:39:46 PM] Thareous: \leaves
[7:39:48 PM | Removed by Thareous, 7:39:57 PM] shadowserris: This message has been removed.
[7:39:51 PM] *** shadowserris has left ***
[7:39:55 PM] Evangeline: UMAD
[7:39:58 PM] Evangeline: STOP BEING MAD
[7:39:59 PM] *** Big Octo has changed the conversation topic to "The Great Orgy" ***
[7:40:00 PM] Evangeline: STOP LEAVING
[7:40:06 PM] *** akira_zxe has left ***
[7:40:09 PM] Athenian200: I'm mildly amused.
[7:40:12 PM] Evangeline: GOD DAMNIT
[7:40:14 PM] Evangeline: STOOOOP
[7:40:14 PM] Wolfram: No changy the namey.
[7:40:17 PM] Evangeline: I WANT TO HAVE FUN
[7:40:17 PM] *** Thareous has changed the conversation topic to "ERRYBODY GET OUT" ***
[7:40:19 PM] Evangeline: </3
[7:40:25 PM] *** nathaniel.tabit can't be added until they accept your contact request. ***
[7:40:30 PM] *** Evangeline has changed the conversation topic to "PL0X DNT LEAVE" ***
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Apr 11, 2012
Well I don't have the exact IM, but my friend and I discussed how the ceramics room was a perfect place for a murder to take place. XD Very awkward for me.


Jul 27, 2011
The foribbiden relm
I loved it when me and skullkid sang "Hey bulldog" together
<magiclink> sheep dog standing in the rain
<Skullkid> Bull frog doing it a gain
Lol (Its not quoted exzactly)
Feb 23, 2011
Bottom to top:

2:32 PM <Wolf Sage> Ecks dee.
2:32 PM <TheBlueReptile> That's how Wartortle happened
2:31 PM <Wolf Sage> A reptile and a squirrel, eh?
2:31 PM <TheBlueReptile> got it right in the end
2:30 PM <Wolf Sage> :O
2:30 PM <TheBlueReptile> Nope, she's my daughter
2:29 PM <Wolf Sage> ...but the kid is not my son.
2:29 PM <Wolf Sage> She's just a squirrel who thinks that I am the one,
2:28 PM <TheBlueReptile> But Billy Jean is not my lover
If you don't get the reference, I'll be really sad. =( Read from bottom to top.

7:04 PM <mandym287> *starts bawling*
7:04 PM <mandym287> Without ZD, I'm... I'm...
7:04 PM <mandym287> You didn't tell me I'd get fired...
7:04 PM <mandym287> Noooooo, Octo
7:04 PM * mandym287 gets fired
7:03 PM * Big Octo fires you
7:03 PM <mandym287> Yea, yea!
7:03 PM <Big Octo> "You mean you're gonna make pikct signs and protests?"
7:03 PM <mandym287> Yea!
7:03 PM <Big Octo> "A strike?"
7:03 PM <mandym287> We're going on a strike!
7:02 PM <mandym287> *bumps into Mases* Hey, Mases, guess what?
7:02 PM <mandym287> We're goin' on a strike, we're goin' on a strike, we're goin' on a strike,
7:02 PM <Big Octo> "Forum contests funfair Unfair!"
7:02 PM <mandym287> Squid Octo on Strike
7:01 PM <Big Octo> Let's go on strike.
7:01 PM <TwilightDeku> I <3 spamming!
7:01 PM <TwilightDeku> spam?
7:01 PM <TwilightDeku> or hack?
7:01 PM <TwilightDeku> should we strike?
7:01 PM <Big Octo> Let's shoot the contests.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
I wasn't even around for this, but it looks funny.

[12:29:36 AM] Destiny: The Asian Business Man and the Guy that Looks Like Jesus

In a Tim Hortons you can find all different types of people. You could find an Asian Business man perhaps. Who would have thought such a successful man could come to a Tim Hortons for coffee? I mean, don’t business men usually go to fancy places like Starbucks? Well, maybe his check bounced or something and he couldn’t afford it, but we will probably never know. This shall bring me to a person that would pretty much contrast against anyone; this man looked exactly like Jesus. Now, I’m not sure which Jesus exactly, it could have been Mormon Jesus, or maybe just regular Christian Jesus, all I know is that he had a Jesus beard and was wearing white. In addition to these many startling Jesus-like characteristics, he was quite skinny and didn’t seem to talk to anyone. What are the contrasts between and Asian Business man and a man that looks like Jesus? Well in almost every single aspect of their entirety do they contrast. You would have to be very observant to find any similarity at all.

[12:30:22 AM] Destiny: Let us start with physical appearance, the thing most people notice first. The Asian man looked very put together and successful. He looked like the kind of guy I would ask to help me with my homework. He sat their in a suit, which was very unfitting for a Tim Hortons, and sipped what I’m guessing to be as tea. Don’t get me wrong, it could have just as easily been coffee, but I’m going to assume he prefers tea better. Anyways, his suit was very spotless as was the rest of him. It almost hurt to look at him against the grime of a public Tim Hortons. Now, let us take a look at our friends Jesus-man. I’m going to take a leap here and suggest that maybe he actually was Jesus. Do you think maybe he could get bored up there and maybe just come down every once and awhile to hang out? Maybe he really had a craving for Tim Hortons, or maybe he just felt like some good old fashioned coffee. Jesus-man was pretty clean as well, maybe a little bit grimy, certainly not spotless like our Asian friend, but decent none the less. If you went back into the time Jesus actually was around he would probably be a little dirty, so I’m not going to judge.

[12:30:55 AM] Destiny: The Jesus-man could have the potential to be successful, he could play Jesus in a play or a movie maybe. There has to be a job like that somewhere, or he could even walk down the street and people could give him money just for looking like Jesus. I would give a random Jesus man money if he was walking down the street. The business man looks like he has it all sorted out. Jesus guy just needs to get in touch with he potential. Unless he actually is Jesus, in that case he has everything sorted out for him. Asian business man seemed a little insensitive though. Perhaps insensitivity comes with success, how many people did he have to step on to become so successful? Maybe it’s better to be happy than successful. It is very hard to read Jesus’s emotions, he seems happy, but also deep in thought.

These two fascinating specimens contrast in a very large number of ways as you can see. What it all comes down too is that they are both people worth of such close observation. Who knows where they will go in life or if we shall ever meet again. Asian man and Jesus, shall be forever complete opposites.
[12:32:38 AM] Destiny: Dovahkiin Girl

“[…]But... there is one they fear. In their tongue... she is 'Dovahkiin' - Dragonborn!"

In the province of Skyrim, there lived a chubby girl with a raincoat. Everyone thought she was strange because she wore a bright yellow rain coat all the time, and her face was permanently stuck with an equally strange expression. She lived in a shack in a swamp and her only friend was a beetle named Jerrard. However, Jerrard was eaten by a mud crab and then the chubby girl was alone. No one knew her name, not even herself, so she decided to name herself Paulina. Paulina did not know any other names, so that was pretty much her only choice.

One day, Paulina had to make a trip into town, because she was tired of having to eat mud crabs and dead rats. She decided that she would purchase a small shack in town, and settled down for a long while. Then, the day came when she heard the news that dragons had suddenly started appearing all over Skyrim. Paulina was a little short of cash and decided to join the army. While she was at her post, there was a sudden roar and a dragon swooped down. All the guards grasped their weapons and with a battle cry began to fire arrows at the dragon. The dragon screeched and crashed into the ground and began breathing fire at the guards. Paulina fearlessly rushed in and severed one of its legs, as the rest of the guards scrambled to take it down. Then, with a girly scream she severed it’s head! Paulina fell to the ground with exhaustion and as she was about to walk away, there was a suddenly light and she absorbed the soul of the dragon.

The guards surrounded Paulina and said, “My god, the legends are true! You are dragonborn!” Paulina was very confused so she ran away. Unfortunately, the dragon was not evil at all and all it wanted was to get its scales clean. Dragonborn meant you magically turned attractive to all dragons, but this had been distorted and now everyone believed Paulina had to kill dragons. Everywhere poor Paulina went, dragons tried to become her friend, but she had to run away. With this, dragons were very frustrated and they took to burning down villages to get out their frustration, as well ate countless people. The whole of Skyrim was in turmoil, all because dragons wanted to be her friends, but all she did was run away.

When the dragons found out that Paulina had killed one of their own, they went in a rage and chased her wherever she went. Even over the frosty mountains did she have to run. Eventually she settled down in a cave, found a new bug and named it Jerrard the second. Dragons continued to search for her, but they never found her and probably never will. Eventually, they all got so sad, they flew over the giant ocean and started a new home in an abandoned continent. Paulina came out of her cave and was hailed as a hero for getting rid of the man-eating dragons. Everyone liked her and she made lots of new friends and even Jerrard the second found a bug-girlfriend. Now her story has passed into legend of the girl with the strange face who ran from dragons. The story is called this because it had a terrible writer who did not know what else to write.

[12:34:43 AM] Spartan300: The candle-lit reflection in the mirror showed a tired figure... a zero. Thus, the zero used rabid cats in an attempt to increment themselves to a higher plane of existence, but only succeeded in making themselves sick, contracting tridecaphobia. The doctor was a thirteen, unfortunately, and upon the sight of the doctor, the zero was frightened out of existence. The unfortunate result of this was that all empty space in the universe was suddenly filled, and everything came to a halt. Thus came the end of the universe.

[12:35:42 AM] Djinn: In the before time there was not but chaos and waste, for eons the internet was but mindless ramblings and pointless blogs. The might pillars of the universe had not formed, and the great powers that were had Then out from the great void came a creature of great magesty, he took the name of Mases and for thousands of years sat alone within the great divide. He looked to the desolate plains of the Zelda Universe and saw there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Truly it was a realm of sorrow

Then one night the mortals looked to the sky and saw that there were two new stars, but they were not ordinary stars. All could hear the chatter across the land. They spoke much and asked of many trivia questions to all those in the lands below. The mortals at once rejoiced and gleefully answered these many trivia questions. For many hours they would speak and the members listened, they listened to tales of all things Zelda. Soon the questions became hard to answer, they pertained to games that the mortals had not yet played and many were confused and without answers. The stars that the mortals of the world below who had once been a wellspring of information and trivia had questions that were unanswerable to all but the most obsessed of members. In their confusion and search for answers they looked up to the heavens and cried out to the gods, so that they might one day know and be capable of answering the trivia that had eluded them for so long. Mases looked down upon the land below and took pity on their plight, he plucked the stars from the heavens and and commanded them in a thunderous voice "Be Silent! Mortalkind cannot possibly answer so much trivia and learn of news and opinoins in such a way. They are but weak creatures and must sleep resting their minds and spirits. Henceforth, thou shall only speak out to the ears of mortalkind and ask trivia of them once a month, giving them a respite for their minds and ears to recover." He then cast them into a far cave known to all as the pod and sealed it shut. Within one month's time the guardians shall release the pod which they were cast and the twin stars that have come to be known in the language of the common folk as Din and Rish, would return to speak of many things and ask trivia of those chosen among all the peoples.

[12:36:18 AM] Djinn: Then in time fangirls obsessed much over the character and concept of Ganondorf. Over the years that obsession coupled with much fanart and fanfiction soon began to take on a mind of it's very own. This spirit of ganondorf fandom was still in it's infancy and very weak. It took to deviantart where it bled into the hearts and minds of many mortals there slowly growing in strength and influence. Soon it took form and could stand upon the world of men. This presence made flesh took a name, so that it might be known as more than the condensed ofsession of the fangirls of deviantart, it would forever be known as mandym287. Eventually this creature knew that it had a purpose upon the landscape of ZD, that it might find the userpage of the one nmamed I'mGanondorfsBigNose and spam the page so that it might have the greatest of pageviews. So much that all who see would be in awe that this user of lesser renown would somehow be among the most popular of members and there was much confusion. Mandym too great delight upon the hitting of F5 keys and reloading of pages, but all things do not last. Eventually Masses looked down upon the world and saw the misuse of F5s upon the lowly memberpage and in a red wrath struck down the page in riteous fury. Where the page once stood there was naught but ash and smoke, the member page was no more.

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