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Dec 17, 2012
4:37 PM <Fig> What does hnnnnnnng even mean? :eek:
4:39 PM <Wolf Sage> "Hnnnng" means that you're excited to the point of constipation...
4:40 PM <Fig> Does that mean Az is always almost constipated all the time?
4:40 PM <Wolf Sage> Yes.
4:40 PM <Wolf Sage> Yes it does,.



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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Mandy's epical poem :D
[3:44:17] mandym287: "And if I had the answers I'd have written them out
So I can tell you what to do and what this thing is about
But all I've ever learned comes second-hand
And I dare not preach what I don't understand"
[3:44:24] mandym287: Basically sums it up
[3:44:49] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: brillians quote mandy
[3:44:54] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: brilliant
[3:44:57] Vanessa ۩͇̿DOCTOR۩: typo
[3:44:57] mandym287: For me, anyways... I mostly only hear things
[3:45:05] mandym287: ONE RING TO RULE THE MALL


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Locke knows what's up! ^^

15/02/2014 22:35 <Locke> 6. Receive donations from these members
15/02/2014 22:34 <Locke> 5. Affectionately name it and several other items after other members
15/02/2014 22:34 <A Link In Time> :P
15/02/2014 22:34 <A Link In Time> Are you accusing Fig of being falsely charitable?
15/02/2014 22:34 <A Link In Time> :brow:
15/02/2014 22:34 <Locke> 4. Wait for a new exclusive item to be put on the market and buy it out
15/02/2014 22:33 <Locke> 3. Continue giving gifts until he receives a large amount of donations, making him extremely rich
15/02/2014 22:33 <Locke> 2. Receive donations
15/02/2014 22:33 <Locke> 1. Give lots of gifts
15/02/2014 22:33 <Locke> Fig's plan:
15/02/2014 22:32 <Fig> ^^
15/02/2014 22:32 <Fig> I can sense more donations on my way if I keep being the way I am plus more!
15/02/2014 22:32 <Fig> Now if only I had an infinite amount of gold so I can keep giving gifts. ^^


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Submit 7:38 PM <Raindrop14> X3
Submit 7:38 PM <Raindrop14> You guys............................................
Submit 7:38 PM <Draco626> Term, ikr
Submit 7:38 PM <Raindrop14> Ojay Term!
Submit 7:38 PM <Raindrop14> lol M1 XD
Submit 7:38 PM <Terminus> I COMPLETELY misread that
Submit 7:37 PM <Terminus> [:tardis: noise]
Submit 7:37 PM * Fig kisses Rainy's booboos.

Might want to hyphenate that, bud ;)

The Joker

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Nov 24, 2011
At Amusement Mile
An interesting entrance conversation.

12:04 AM <Draco626> Don't tell me that it was your mother, please let it not have been your mother
12:04 AM <lazarusryu> lol
12:03 AM <Fig> Hers
12:03 AM <lazarusryu> Yours or his?
12:03 AM <PancakeSamurai> Oh
12:03 AM <M107> Don't take that sh*t Fig
12:03 AM <lazarusryu> Ouch
12:03 AM <Fig> Let's just say one's anger couldn't be contained.
12:03 AM <lazarusryu> Fight?
12:02 AM <Curmudgeon> ... how?
12:02 AM <Fig> Can't feel anything on my lower jaw
12:02 AM <Fig> My lip got busted.
12:02 AM <PancakeSamurai> You alright?
12:02 AM <Fig> How are you...
12:01 AM <Thareous> Sangoku Musou.
12:01 AM <PancakeSamurai> Hi
12:01 AM <Fig> Hey...
12:01 AM <lazarusryu> Noticed that you didn't turn into a pumpkin during this witching hour lol
12:00 AM <lazarusryu> wb
12:00 AM <Fig> I'm back

Blue Canary

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Feb 11, 2012
Right Behind You
Trash Can
This is from a while ago, but I just now thought to put it here:

<Atticus> why is phineas a dorito
<Atticus> what flavor of dorito is he

Blue Canary

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Feb 11, 2012
Right Behind You
Trash Can
TheBlueReptile said:
<TheBlueReptile> Then to show your dedication to your education you should arrive on your own horse. If you don't have one, then question yourself as to why not and heartily weep into the nearest pillow when your thoughts turn to the finite nature of your own existence.



Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Read from bottom up. :senpaipls:

<JuicieJ> Azure was so goddamn close XD
<Azure Sage> WHAT
<PancakeSamurai> Jebus
<JuicieJ> Sharp Tooth
<Azure Sage> chomper
<JuicieJ> No
<JuicieJ> :/
<Azure Sage> sir snuffles
<Azure Sage> rawr
<PancakeSamurai> Buttbuttyawn
<Azure Sage> mr mcrawrsy
<JuicieJ> Hey, guys, guess what I named my Tyrantrum in my Dragon monotype team on Showdown
I'm crying.
[9:53:08 PM] Cor: Linguistics
[9:53:38 PM] Cor: I love languages
[9:54:36 PM] mandym287: Like how the German name for Twinrova translates to "Sexy Thermo Hexy"
[9:55:31 PM] Cor: Do you know what your name means? It's actually one of my favourite names ever c:
[9:55:43 PM] mandym287: Latin for Loveable
[9:56:00 PM] Cor: Not exactly
[9:56:49 PM | Edited 9:56:55 PM] Cor: It means "worthy to be loved"
[9:57:10 PM] mandym287: potassium
[9:57:26 PM] mandym287: well, i know it's spanish counterpart "Amanda or Amandia" means "loveable"
[9:57:33 PM] mandym287: and... OH
[9:57:35 PM] mandym287: brb
[9:57:36 PM] Cor: Like agenda means "things worthy to be done"
[9:58:14 PM] mandym287: wait did i show you the gannon name thing before
[9:58:20 PM] mandym287: or was that kaz
[9:58:22 PM] Cor: On 02/22/2014, at 9:57 PM, mandym287 wrote:
> well, i know it's spanish counterpart "Amanda or Amandia" means "loveable"​
[9:58:35 PM] Cor: That's the English word
[9:58:44 PM] Cor: On 02/22/2014, at 9:58 PM, mandym287 wrote:
> wait did i show you the gannon name thing before​
I dunno
[9:58:47 PM] mandym287: aye
[9:59:27 PM] Cor: Aimable is French :P
[9:59:50 PM] mandym287: http://puu.sh/76YyS.png
[9:59:58 PM] mandym287: my favorite thing
[10:00:11 PM] mandym287: i used to flip through this baby name book all the time
[10:00:25 PM] Cor: xD
[10:00:33 PM] mandym287: "light skinned"
[10:00:35 PM] mandym287: "white"
[10:00:39 PM] mandym287: HMM
[10:01:00 PM] mandym287: "dorf" is a german suffix meaning "village," right?
[10:01:13 PM] mandym287: VILLAGE OF WHITE PEOPLE
[10:01:19 PM] mandym287: what am i typing hepl
[10:01:22 PM] Cor: Ja
[10:01:25 PM] Cor: White power
[10:01:28 PM] Cor: Wait
[10:01:37 PM] mandym287: whitey unitey
[10:01:45 PM] mandym287: there was a social group on ZD for like 3 days
[10:01:45 PM] Cor: Nazis might have lived in ganondorfs
[10:01:49 PM] mandym287: called whitey united
[10:01:55 PM] mandym287: "in ganondorfs"
[10:01:57 PM] mandym287: i'm crying
[10:03:00 PM] Cor: The funny part is that Ganondorf looks like an Arab and Nazis were anti-Semitic
[10:03:28 PM] mandym287: lol
[10:03:43 PM] mandym287: also they did that nose-measuring test thing
[10:04:02 PM | Edited 10:04:14 PM] Cor: I'm moving into my own Ganondorf when I'm older.
[10:04:07 PM] mandym287: 14 cm means INTO THE CONCENTRATION CAMP
[10:04:13 PM] mandym287: your what
[10:04:14 PM] mandym287: hepl
[10:04:39 PM] Cor: On 02/22/2014, at 10:04 PM, mandym287 wrote:
That'll help you focus
[10:04:53 PM] Cor: On something other than your nose
[10:05:10 PM] mandym287: wat wat
[10:05:11 PM] mandym287: wat wat wat
[10:05:13 PM] mandym287: wat wat
[10:05:15 PM] mandym287: wat wat wat
[10:05:19 PM] mandym287: HEY MACKLEMORE
[10:05:23 PM] mandym287: CAN WE GO THRIFT SHOPPING
[10:05:30 PM] Cor: I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying
[10:05:33 PM] Cor: ;___;
[10:05:37 PM] Cor: Hepl
[10:05:53 PM] Cor: lpeh
[10:05:59 PM] Cor: I
[10:06:25 PM] Cor: On 02/22/2014, at 10:04 PM, Leland wrote:
> On 02/22/2014, at 10:04 PM, mandym287 wrote:​
That'll help you focus

On 02/22/2014, at 10:04 PM, Leland wrote:
> On something other than your nose​
[10:06:41 PM] mandym287: NOSE = BLOWN ?
[10:06:45 PM] mandym287: im confused
[10:06:56 PM] Cor: Which part?
[10:07:05 PM] mandym287: I don't even know xD
[10:07:10 PM] mandym287: [10:06 PM] Cor:

<<< On 02/22/2014, at 10:04 PM, Leland wrote:
> On something other than your nose
[10:07:14 PM] mandym287: that part i think
[10:08:26 PM] Cor: You said that 14 cm means into the Concentration Camp.

Concentration is another word for focus.

I said "That'll help you focus ... on something other than your nose" because their noses are so huge and we're talking about noses omg
[10:08:37 PM] mandym287: OOH
[10:09:00 PM] mandym287: I was reading the 14 cm thing
[10:09:05 PM] mandym287: not the concentration camp part
[10:09:07 PM] mandym287: xD
[10:09:48 PM | Edited 10:09:58 PM] Cor: You mean, you did Nazi it? ;)
[10:10:06 PM] mandym287: lmfao
[10:10:20 PM] mandym287: you're killing me
[10:10:27 PM] mandym287: inb4 genocide joke
[10:13:24 PM] Cor: This is when I find out that you're Jewish

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
21:55 <43ForceGems> I think I'm literally in shock
21:55 <Fig>
21:55 <PancakeSamurai> I quit
21:54 <43ForceGems> You are a timing god Mez
21:54 <PancakeSamurai> o_________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________________________O
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> wow!
21:54 <Sadia> Great timing
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> much coincidence
21:54 <43ForceGems> Just fricking wow Speak of the devil and he shall arrive
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> Such timing
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> Wow
21:54 <PrincessNiki> nice timing
21:54 <PancakeSamurai> O_________________________________________________ ____o
21:54 <43ForceGems> Wow.........
21:54 <Sadia> Agh
21:54 <Fig> lolwut
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> Hi
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> Oh, wait...
21:54 <Sadia> PM someone you trust
21:54 <Mellow Ezlo> inb4 Mezlo walks in
21:54 <43ForceGems> Speaking of, where is Mez? I haven't seen him around in a couple days
21:54 <PancakeSamurai> Inb4 Sadia murders me
21:54 <Sadia> I -- what --
21:53 <PancakeSamurai> You want Mezlo though :3
21:53 <Sadia> Nobody has me

Epic timing is epic!!

Blue Canary

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Feb 11, 2012
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Trash Can
24/02/2014 16:00 <JuicieJ> YOU'LL NEVER TAKE HIM

24/02/2014 16:00 * JuicieJ holds tightly to his teddy bear

24/02/2014 16:00 <Chimera> Don't make me take away your Teddy Bear...

24/02/2014 16:00 <JuicieJ> Nah

24/02/2014 16:00 <Chimera> JJ, I said, go sit in the corner and think about what you are saying. Come back once you are ready to say sorry to music.


<Locke> just realized that "say sorry to music" is referring to a person, not the art form

The Joker

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Nov 24, 2011
At Amusement Mile
Kinda funny when you know all the details

11:36 PM <Draco626> But what I linked to was the trailer to Final Wars, the last Godzilla film done in japan
11:36 PM <Ghost> No one likes me
11:36 PM <lazarusryu> God, now that's irony
PancakeSamurai Answered in thread : What Annoyed You Today?
11:35 PM <Thareous> I did it for him...and his friend.
11:35 PM <Draco626> I'm trying to, it keeps on messing up
11:35 PM <sailormars109> I like it Fig :3
11:35 PM <JuicieJ> Also, WHAT OTHER THING
11:35 PM <JuicieJ>
11:35 PM <JuicieJ> How about you just... link the video normally, Draco?
11:35 PM <JuicieJ> Um
11:34 PM <Ghost> And it actually looks REALLY good!
11:34 PM <Thareous> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo
11:34 PM <Draco626> gdi
11:34 PM <Ghost> Hi guys. I just watched the new Godzilla trailer and OMG BRYAN CRANSTON IS IN IT
11:34 PM <Draco626> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo[/url]
11:34 PM <Fig> Here's the AMV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDnkZOn_Am8
11:34 PM <Fig>
11:33 PM <lazarusryu> Thank you anyways
11:33 PM <Draco626> I don't even know how to fix it now
11:33 PM <lazarusryu> lol
11:33 PM <Draco626> Shut up JJ, I tried my best
11:33 PM <sailormars109> OMG YES FIG!
Fig Answered in thread : Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?
11:33 PM <JuicieJ> Also, fail link
11:32 PM <JuicieJ> DX
11:32 PM <Draco626> A friend told me to show you this JJ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo[/url]

25/02/2014 23:32 <sailormars109> It's pretty funny
25/02/2014 23:32 <Fig> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzkV8Zt8o6o
25/02/2014 23:31 <Fig> lawlz Imouto
25/02/2014 23:30 <lazarusryu> I think he's got me on ignore
25/02/2014 23:30 <lazarusryu> Link him Final Wars, that's a better Godzilla movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo
25/02/2014 23:30 <Draco626> JJ, you shouldn't
25/02/2014 23:30 <lazarusryu> It is when mocked
25/02/2014 23:29 <JuicieJ> I really have no idea what you mean, Draco
25/02/2014 23:29 <Draco626> Laz, its name is not to be spoken aloud
25/02/2014 23:29 <sailormars109> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQA7gVFtic0
25/02/2014 23:29 <JuicieJ> What other thing?
25/02/2014 23:29 <Draco626> I thought Cloverfield was pretty good for what it was
25/02/2014 23:29 <lazarusryu> Hold on, you mean Godzilla 1998?
25/02/2014 23:28 <Draco626> And by other thing I mean that thing that the voice of Simba was in about some weird tuna eating thing
25/02/2014 23:28 <lazarusryu> You mean Cloverfield?
25/02/2014 23:28 <Fig> lolwut
25/02/2014 23:28 <Draco626> I thought it was pretty good, it looks more like a Godzilla movie than that other thing
25/02/2014 23:27 <JuicieJ> X3
25/02/2014 23:27 <JuicieJ> Apparently Heisenberg is in it
25/02/2014 23:26 <LittleGumball> Can't let you tap that, Star Fox
25/02/2014 23:25 <JuicieJ> I DID
25/02/2014 23:25 <lazarusryu> Godzilla: Final Wars (2004): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptlVkrtR9Vo
25/02/2014 23:24 <lazarusryu> It's not Final Wars
25/02/2014 23:24 <Draco626> So who here saw the new Godzilla trailer?

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
This is from about a week ago.
22/02/2014 02:01 <Cassandra> Legend of Tingle: A Fart to the Gas.
22/02/2014 02:01 <Sadia> I don't think anybody knows what to say to that
22/02/2014 02:01 <Sir Quaffler> I'm still waiting for the Legend of Groose: The Last Groosinator in Grooseland to become an actual spinoff game.
22/02/2014 02:02 <Kitsu> You dare bring stability into my database? YOU MUST DIE!
22/02/2014 02:02 <Cassandra> The Legend of Shiek: The Movie: The Game
22/02/2014 02:04 <Kitsu> Remember when Fig was saying good bye to someone and was like
22/02/2014 02:04 <Kitsu> "have a nice die"
22/02/2014 02:04 <Mellow Ezlo> Ghirahomo and Queerahim are redundant
22/02/2014 02:04 <Cassandra> What if Ghirahim had a Tingle costume?
22/02/2014 02:04 <mandym287> If Groose had a Tingle costume, his pompadour would fit nicely inside the hood
22/02/2014 02:04 <Mellow Ezlo> What if Ghirahim was Tingle?
22/02/2014 02:04 <Mellow Ezlo> Mind = Blown
22/02/2014 02:05 <Sadia> Mezlo's one liners
22/02/2014 02:05 <Sir Quaffler> Agreed Mandy
22/02/2014 02:05 <mandym287> brb drawing ghirahim dressed as a slutty tingle
22/02/2014 02:05 <Cassandra> Gropse isn't tingle?
22/02/2014 02:05 <Kitsu> Gropse
22/02/2014 02:05 <mandym287> GROPSE
22/02/2014 02:05 <JuicieJ> .-.
22/02/2014 02:05 <Sir Quaffler> ;-;
22/02/2014 02:06 <Cassandra> Gropsinator of Gropseland.
22/02/2014 02:06 <mandym287> groose
22/02/2014 02:06 <mandym287> sometimes i wonder how im not high
22/02/2014 02:06 <Kitsu> Canada Gropse Jackets
22/02/2014 02:06 <Sir Quaffler> Are you sure you aren't high... on LIFE?
22/02/2014 02:06 <Cassandra> Groose wears a midriff.
22/02/2014 02:06 <mandym287> nah
22/02/2014 02:06 <Cassandra> The movie the game
22/02/2014 02:07 <Mellow Ezlo> What's LIFE?
22/02/2014 02:07 <Mellow Ezlo> Sounds good
22/02/2014 02:07 <Mellow Ezlo> I want some
22/02/2014 02:07 <Cassandra> Life is a crappy board game.
22/02/2014 02:08 <Cassandra> Groose is just a Mega Evolution of Mayor Bo.
22/02/2014 02:08 <Sir Quaffler> LIFE can be found in the sweet aroma of success and in the fragrance of contentment
22/02/2014 02:09 <mandym287> i thought that was urine
22/02/2014 02:09 <Cassandra> Mmm urine
22/02/2014 02:09 <Sir Quaffler> Whoever said LIFE didn't have a bad aftertaste?
22/02/2014 02:10 <Sadia> Life is a cereal
22/02/2014 02:10 <JuicieJ> Awwwwwwwwww
22/02/2014 02:10 <Mellow Ezlo> Urine is yummy
22/02/2014 02:11 <Cassandra> Urine is a fetish
22/02/2014 02:11 <JuicieJ> o_0
22/02/2014 02:11 <Sadia> A urish?
22/02/2014 02:11 <Sir Quaffler> lol wut
22/02/2014 02:11 <Kitsu> Logistical Internationalization Feeds Estonia
22/02/2014 02:11 <Mellow Ezlo> I have a urine fetish
22/02/2014 02:11 <Cassandra> Groose.
22/02/2014 02:12 <Sadia> Mezlo how do you have friends
22/02/2014 02:12 * Cassandra judges Mezlo harshly
22/02/2014 02:12 <Mellow Ezlo> Sometimes I wonder
22/02/2014 02:12 <Sadia> XDDD
22/02/2014 02:12 <Mellow Ezlo> I'm a sloth obsessed Miley Cyrus fan
22/02/2014 02:12 <Mellow Ezlo> I shouldn't have friends XD
22/02/2014 02:12 <Sadia> Bazinga
22/02/2014 02:13 <Kitsu> "XDD" = face exposed to radioactive waste
22/02/2014 02:13 <Cassandra> Sp Mezlo, do yoi just walk up to randpm people and say, "pee on me"
22/02/2014 02:13 <Sadia> CRYING
22/02/2014 02:13 <Mellow Ezlo> yes I do
22/02/2014 02:13 <Mellow Ezlo> Everyday
22/02/2014 02:13 <Cassandra> I'm dying...
22/02/2014 02:14 <Mellow Ezlo> Cassy, will you pls pee on me?
22/02/2014 02:14 <M107> ":B" = butt with eyes
22/02/2014 02:14 <Sadia> You'll meet your soulmate like that one day
22/02/2014 02:14 <Mellow Ezlo> Actually, I hardly ever ask people to pee on me
22/02/2014 02:14 <JuicieJ> STAHP
22/02/2014 02:14 <Cassandra> Yes
22/02/2014 02:14 <Mellow Ezlo> It's like marriage proposal
22/02/2014 02:14 <Cassandra> I mean
22/02/2014 02:14 <Mellow Ezlo> Only asked to the right people
22/02/2014 02:14 <Sadia> Or a mating ritual
22/02/2014 02:15 <Cassandra> I can't feel my tummy oh god it hurts
22/02/2014 02:15 <Mellow Ezlo> Come on Cass
22/02/2014 02:15 <Mellow Ezlo> Just push that thing out!!
22/02/2014 02:15 <Cassandra> OMG
22/02/2014 02:15 <Mellow Ezlo> It'll be over soon
22/02/2014 02:15 <Cassandra> I cnt brethe
22/02/2014 02:15 <M107> "Just push that thing out!!"
22/02/2014 02:15 <Sadia> OMG WTH
22/02/2014 02:15 <Ghost> Hi people. I'm back.
22/02/2014 02:16 <M107> "that thing"
22/02/2014 02:16 <Sir Quaffler> Suuuup Ghost
22/02/2014 02:16 <M107> "out"
22/02/2014 02:16 <Cassandra> THERES PEE EVERYWHERE
22/02/2014 02:16 <Sadia> You shouldn't be here right now xD
22/02/2014 02:16 <Sadia> Really
22/02/2014 02:16 <Sadia> Get out
22/02/2014 02:16 <43ForceGems> So... what's going on?
22/02/2014 02:16 <Ghost> Chillin like a villan
22/02/2014 02:16 <Mellow Ezlo> Hello Ghost
22/02/2014 02:16 <Ghost> Oh why not?
22/02/2014 02:16 <Sadia> You'll be traumatized
22/02/2014 02:17 <Mellow Ezlo> No such thing as traumatized
22/02/2014 02:17 <Cassandra> Mezlo, is you pickup line, "dayumn gurl, nice bladder"?
22/02/2014 02:17 <Mellow Ezlo> Ghost, will you pee on me?
22/02/2014 02:17 <Mellow Ezlo> Yes Cass
22/02/2014 02:17 <Ghost> Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
22/02/2014 02:17 <Mellow Ezlo> Works every time!
22/02/2014 02:17 <Mellow Ezlo> XD
22/02/2014 02:17 <Sadia> And after that... 'Nice aim qurl'
22/02/2014 02:17 <M107> Don't think Ghost is R.Kelly
22/02/2014 02:17 <Cassandra> Omg I am going to die
22/02/2014 02:17 <Mellow Ezlo> Don't worry, this is normal late night SB weirdness
22/02/2014 02:18 <Mellow Ezlo> OMG Sadia XD
22/02/2014 02:18 <Ghost> I'm far from R. Kelly
22/02/2014 02:18 <Cassandra> Girls can aim?
22/02/2014 02:18 <Sadia> Frick I am so done right now what even goodbye xDD
22/02/2014 02:19 <Sadia> Can someone say something sweet before I fall asleep
22/02/2014 02:19 <Mellow Ezlo> Guys, look what you did
22/02/2014 02:19 <Sadia> So I don't have THIS on my mind
22/02/2014 02:19 <Cassandra> Sadia, nice bladder
22/02/2014 02:19 <Mellow Ezlo> You scared Sadia away
22/02/2014 02:19 <Sir Quaffler> something sweet
22/02/2014 02:19 <Mellow Ezlo> Cassy XD
22/02/2014 02:19 <Sadia> I hate all of you
22/02/2014 02:19 <Ghost> You're very nice, Sadia. I hope I get to know you more and I hope we become great friends!
22/02/2014 02:20 <M107> @Mellow You...pissed her off
22/02/2014 02:20 <Cassandra> Sadia pee on Mezlo hurry
22/02/2014 02:20 <Mellow Ezlo> lol no I didn't
22/02/2014 02:20 <M107> ...or on
22/02/2014 02:20 <Mellow Ezlo> Sadia's used to my weirdness
22/02/2014 02:20 <Sadia> @Mellow You...pissed her off ... OH MY GOD. GENIUS PUN
22/02/2014 02:20 <Sadia> LMAO
22/02/2014 02:20 <Mellow Ezlo> I just caught that
22/02/2014 02:21 <Mellow Ezlo> XD
22/02/2014 02:21 <Cassandra> So, Mezlo, do you find Rosalina attractive?
22/02/2014 02:22 <Ghost> Rosalina's hair is cute.
22/02/2014 02:22 <Mellow Ezlo> Maybe a little bit
22/02/2014 02:22 <Ghost> The bangs.
22/02/2014 02:22 <Ghost> I like bangs.
22/02/2014 02:22 <Sadia> Anyways G'Night Ghost, since there is no one else worth acknowledging here
22/02/2014 02:22 <Cassandra> So if Rozalina peed everywhere
22/02/2014 02:22 <Ghost> Good night, Sadia!
22/02/2014 02:22 <Sadia> I have bangs
22/02/2014 02:22 <Mellow Ezlo> But there's far more valuable metals on the Periodic Nintendo Table
22/02/2014 02:22 <Cassandra> Pie Saudi Ah
22/02/2014 02:22 <Mellow Ezlo> Goodnight Sadia
22/02/2014 02:22 <Ghost> Then I probably love your hair, Sadia!
22/02/2014 02:23 <Cassandra> Brb gotta post this chat
22/02/2014 02:24 <Kitsu> I just realized that the wave emote is a water molecule...
22/02/2014 02:24 <43ForceGems> Good Lord Cass
22/02/2014 02:24 <Mellow Ezlo> omg it is
22/02/2014 02:24 <Cassandra> Can't post the chat. No copy/paste.
22/02/2014 02:25 <M107> @Cass why not?
22/02/2014 02:25 <Cassandra> Mobile
22/02/2014 02:25 <Mellow Ezlo> Get somebody with Archives access to do it
22/02/2014 02:26 <Cassandra> Idk anybody.
22/02/2014 02:26 <Cassandra> It'd probably piss 'em off if I asked anyways.
22/02/2014 02:26 <M107> I don't have access
22/02/2014 02:27 <M107> and yea you probably did
22/02/2014 02:28 <Cassandra> Mezlo, this will haunt you forever.
22/02/2014 02:28 <Mellow Ezlo> Probably
22/02/2014 02:33 <M107> Mezlo, this will haunt you forever. >> Legend of Mellow Ezlo: A Link To The Pissed
22/02/2014 02:33 <Cassandra> XD
22/02/2014 02:34 <Cassandra> When life gives you lemons, pee on them.
22/02/2014 02:34 <Sir Quaffler> I make life take the lemons back.
22/02/2014 02:34 <Cassandra> After peeing on them.
22/02/2014 02:34 <Ghost> When life gives you lemons, just say "F the lemons!"
22/02/2014 02:34 <Sir Quaffler> But of course
22/02/2014 02:35 <mandym287> http://puu.sh/75GJZ.png
22/02/2014 02:35 <mandym287> im sorry
22/02/2014 02:36 <Cassandra> Mandy you missed it
22/02/2014 02:36 <mandym287> what
22/02/2014 02:36 <mandym287> did i miss
22/02/2014 02:37 <Cassandra> Mezlo peed everywhere
22/02/2014 02:37 <M107> Digging the dunce hat
22/02/2014 02:37 <43ForceGems> I kinda was here
22/02/2014 02:37 <mandym287> oh my
22/02/2014 02:37 <mandym287> are you sure it was pee
22/02/2014 02:37 <Mellow Ezlo> I hope so
22/02/2014 02:37 <mandym287> =O
22/02/2014 02:38 <43ForceGems> I'm out
22/02/2014 02:38 <M107> We need someone to go through the archive and post it
22/02/2014 02:38 <43ForceGems> Goodnight guys
22/02/2014 02:38 <mandym287> I mean... what else could it be? :shiftyeyes:
22/02/2014 02:38 * 43ForceGems pees on Mezlo
22/02/2014 02:38 <Mellow Ezlo> Later Gemster
22/02/2014 02:38 <mandym287> chair gems

mandy actually had the patience to fish this out...

I swear we're not on drugs. Or we might be... I dunno.

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