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Spoiler Fi's Reincarnation

Nov 1, 2011
Kokiri Forest
is The Fairy Queen from Wind waker is the reincarnation of Fi of Skyward sword?

In the end of The legend of Zelda Skyward sword Fi told Link she is going to enter on an endless dream on the sword, lets say she is the sword spirit, so years passed and we get to Wind waker, on wind waker we find The fairy queen after pulling the master sword, at this point the sword had lost his power, and we need to find the sages of earth and wind to recover it, so at the point Link pulled the sword from the pedestal, The original Fi died, Reincarnating on the Fairy Queen,
you can also hear Fi´s Voice on the music of the fairy queen meeting



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Sep 7, 2011
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I think they are really two seperate things entirely. Maybe Nintendo based Fi's design off of the WW Fairy Queen, but it's not actually her. And also, Fi wouldn't die if the Master Sword lost power. She wasn't related to that at all. The flames only powered up the sword. Fi was just used in that process.


Jan 10, 2011
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No. One, their designs are much different (Fi is the embodiment of the Master Sword, the Fairy Queen is not). Two, Fi is sleeping inside the Master Sword. She didn't die or vanish or anything. She's just inside the Master Sword forever.


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Feb 8, 2011
Despite the similarities, I doubt they're the same. Both are spirits in their own right. Fi resided in the Master Sword, and at the end of her time she said that, since her duty was complete, she'd never emerge from it again. The Fairy Queen simply presides over all her "servant" fairies of Wind Waker's time. I'll admit, they look very comparable in design, but I think that was the intent, much the same way that Purlo was meant to appear to dress like Tingle in Twilight Princess. More of an indirect comparison, I know, but a comparison it remains, and really nothing more other than that from what I can see.

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