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Favorite MM boss? (excluding Majora's Mask)

Favorite MM boss?

  • Odowla

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  • Goht

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  • Gyorg

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  • Twinmold

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  • Total voters


mine was gyorg because i got to play as zora link, goht... not so much hate him always got in my road while i was trying to kill him
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Walkthrough Man
Oct 16, 2007
Homer, Alaska
Wow. The title really threw me off:
"Favorite MM boss (excluding Majora's Mask)" I was thinking: Favorite boss in Majora's Mask except for the bosses in Majora's Mask...?!

I voted for Odolwa, mainly because he has the most unique strategy and array of attacks. I find him the most fleshed out and interesting to fight out of all of them, as well as being vulnerable to a large range of attacks later on (giving you some reply value as well as interesting strategies). A lot of the other bosses only have one or two ways to fight them, especially Twinmold.


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Feb 19, 2009
Hotel California
I though twinmold was fun because you got to be giant. Actually, I like every boss EXCEPT GYORG! It took me like 6 tries to beat him.

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