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Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

Jul 1, 2023
The Tower of Spirits from ST will probably always be my favorite dungeon. Some of the best puzzles in 2D Zelda, and I loved going through the tower with Zelda by my side. It also did a great job of contributing to ST's fantastic sense of narrative momentum since every set of floors completed expanded the world you could explore. And the Byrne fight? All-time classic.

My least favorite dungeon has to be the City in the Sky from TP. It's such a cool concept, and it wastes it by having 5-10 of the most annoying and slow rooms to navigate in the series. The double clawshots were a neat idea but it didn't really capitalize on the idea until SS.

Stray the Witch

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Oct 9, 2023
Favorite Dungeons in 3D Zelda games:


1.) Shadow Temple, so dark and eerie.
2.) Spirit Temple, I had a dream after beating that dungeon. In my dream you could switch the gravity in it (Foreshadowing much).
3.) Forest Temple, if it's creepy and has ghosts I love it.


1.) Stone Tower Temple, three words "Dream come true."
2.) Woodfall Temple, but after Woodfall they only make you use the transformation Mask you just obtain. Sorry, Snowpeak and Great Bay fall short on expectations.
3.) The Moon, because you have to give up everything before fighting Majora.


1.) Earth Temple, what did I say about ghosts in dungeons.
2.) Tower of the Gods, the boss of that dungeon is such a nostalgia trip.
3.) Forebidden Woods, it taught me an important lesson: never trust giant beautiful flowers.


1.) Arbiter's Grounds, do I need to repeat myself a third time.
2.) City in the Sky, only because of the boss of that dungeon.
3.) Forest Temple, I may have a thing for forest-based dungeons. It's because I'm a flower isn't it.


To be honest, I stopped buying Zelda games after they made Link right-handed. I'm left-handed and that's the only reason I played Zelda games to begin with.
Basically this, except for I changed my stance on the newer games. This is before I changed my name and profile to what it was before I left.

Bowsette Plus-Ultra

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Mar 23, 2013
I wouldn't call it my favorite, but I really like the Great Deku Tree's interior in Ocarina of Time. The atmosphere and the presence of skultula's as the most prominent enemy give it a very spooky vibe.
Feb 2, 2024
1. Forest Temple (Ocarina Of Time)
2. Stone Tower (Majora’s Mask)
3. Earth Temple (Wind Waker)
4. Fire Temple (Ocarina Of Time
5. Wind Temple (The Wind Waker)
6. City In The Sky (Twilight Princess)
7. Shadow Temple (Ocarina Of Time)
8. Temple Of Time (Twilight Princess)
9. Spirit Temple (Ocarina Of Time)
10. Skyview Temple (Skyward Sword)


I have never beaten a Zelda game :(
Jan 30, 2024
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forest temple is cool but I thought the fire temple was better. Phantom Ganon was too easy lol.
Sep 22, 2022
Inside the walls
Favorite: The Earth Temple (WW). It's funny, because it used to scare the heck outta me when I was a kid, but now that I'm older, I really appreciate its creepy atmosphere. The floormasters are annoying at first when you don't know how to deal with them, but after you do? Genuinely a fun experience. I suppose pushing and pulling the mirrors in the mirror room is a little tedious, but solving the room gives me enough of a dopamine hit that I don't really mind it too much.
The Palace of Winds from Minish Cap is a close second, the puzzles and even the platforming are actually pretty fun, and the music is a bop. The boss fight against the Gyorg Pair is also neat.
Snowpeak Ruins from TP gets third-- I like the design and the concept-- an abandoned winter retreat/fortress that's now home to friendly yetis? Yes! I love how it's basically just a house, but a really cool (pun intended) one! And it's overall pretty fun, but the ice physics are why it's third. Also the yetis are adorable and I love them.

On the flip side...Coming in at number three for my least favorites it's... the Forsaken Fortress! Considering how many times I've played Wind Waker, I can safely say that this is my least favorite dungeon in the game-- and it's mostly the second go around that I really dislike, as I dislike replaying dungeons in a single run of a game in general. Still, it has the first Phantom Ganon fight in WW, you get to smash the Helmaroc King with a hammer, and I do like the first go around (stealth segments and all), which is why it's only third.
Second least favorite is every Divine Beast (save the DLC one which feels more like a proper dungeon) because they just aren't really dungeons? They're fun enough for what they are, but they just feel... lacking. (TotK handled dungeons much better, in my opinion-- yeah, they were still kind of short, but they actually felt like dungeons.) I don't play BotW or TotK for the dungeons, though-- I play 'em for the overworld exploration. That's what keeps the Divine Beasts at second.
And my least favorite dungeon is The Temple of the Ocean King. Because, as I stated previously, I really hate having to retread through dungeons in a single playthrough of a game. And hoo boy, is it repetitive. Yes, you can unlock shortcuts. It still doesn't help the tedium. It's why, despite enjoying the rest of Phantom Hourglass immensely, I've never replayed it. (Edit: It's also on a timer. Apparently I hated that part enough that I blocked it from my memory).
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