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Favorite Item?

What is your favorite Zelda Item?

  • Clawshots (TP)

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  • Bow (Many)

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  • Boomerang (Many)

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  • Bombs (Many)

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  • Beetle (SS)

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  • Roc's Feather (LA)

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  • Whip (ST+SS)

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  • Slingshot (Many)

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  • Other

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  • Total voters


Not A Wizard
Nov 30, 2012
Los Angeles
My favorite item is the Whip in Spirit Tracks (yes, it's in Skyward Sword too, but I like the Spirit Tracks Whip better!). It was a new and unique item in the franchise. It had limited combat ability, but it introduced some never-before-seen puzzles/puzzle elements, and it was fun to swing around!


I would say the Clawshot or the Dominion Rod.
The Clawshot was extremely useful, and was just awesome overall.
BUT I loved the Dominion Rod, mostly because it's unique and different from the other items that Link had. Plus, who doesn't love using statues to kill a giant spider?

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