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Twilight Princess Errors and Silly Character Design Choices

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
No Zelda game is without its own little errors, but it takes a very keen eye to notice these little things. Today I found a hilarious typo in the description for the Ancient Sky Book: "An vital part of reaching the sky". I constantly notice typos and mistakes in magazines and the like, but have never found these in a video game.

Secondly, I question some of Twilight Princess' character designs. I have found that TP yields the greatest number of questionable-looking characters and enemies. Sometimes more realistic visuals can make certain individuals look like nightmares that we'd all like to forget.

Ooccoo and the Oocca are usually what come to mind when we think of TP's eyesores. Maybe you didn't notice before, but Ooccoo actually has four sets of blue nipples that reach up her neck. Isn't that just fantastic? Not only do the Oocca have uni-brows and strange red rings around the back of their irregularly shaped heads, but they also have multiple pairs of breasts. And yes, they're part chicken. As peculiar characters goes, the Oocca are at the top of the list and should probably have been designed to look a bit more palatable.


I'm sure that everybody likes mild nudity, but not when it's in the form of the Great Fairy of Twilight Princess. Maybe it's her large forehead or her unusually long locks? Her ears are also very pointy and elf-like, much like Link himself. And it almost looks as if she's wearing clown makeup. The Great Fairy (much like the one from Ocarina of Time) wears a look of discontent or sadness on her face. Nintendo could have at least tried to make a sexier, more pleasing Great Fairy instead of whatever monstrosity it is that they cranked out in TP. Sad clown, anybody?


Agitha is actually adorable if you imagine her in more normal clothes. Her strange obsession with insects and bugs doesn't really help make her appear more "normal", and those painted teardrops beneath her eyes are just a little disturbing. It's still difficult not to love Agitha and her droopy eyes, though. Something tells me that the character design team didn't have their heads screwed on the right way when thinking up the insect queen's apparel.


Babies are supposed to look cute. Malo is still essentially a toddler, but his businessman attitude isn't so lovable. Maybe he can redeem himself with those clothes he's wearing - oh wait, nevermind. Who in the right mind dresses a baby with a bow tie-looking hat and a miniature version of Link's miniskirt at the beginning of the game? Oh, and his eyebrows are hideous. This baby could use a makeover, even if it's by those vicious men and women that work down at "Toddlers & Tiaras" on TLC.


Most of the townsfolk in Twilight Princess are ugly, but none can compare to Jaggle. Whether it's his over-sized forehead, his pig snout, tiny eyebrows, hair body or squinty eyes that turns us off, Jaggle is one disgusting fellow. I'll leave it at that, as this picture will do most of the talking for me:


After seeing these characters, you might want to take a nice hot showers. Please do. It's easy to appreciate Twilight Princess for how beautiful and artistic it is, but it's also just as easy to poke fun at. The environments are breath-taking, but the townsfolk definitely need face lifts. Finding a typo that includes the word "an" instead of "a" is so hysterical that it distracts us from what really matters in the game.

What other bad character design choices do you think Nintendo has made with Twilight Princess? (And if possible, if you find any more typos and mistakes in-game, feel free to post here).


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
i never noticed the typo so woudn't say it distracted me from what really matters.

i do agree with the characters, some of them do look a tad strange, Malo looks as though he has something stuffed in him cheeks.


Link's Alter Ego
Dec 27, 2011
Lost Woods
I loved Agitha I thought she was amazing, however the Ooccoo were the weirdest of all. And they actually have 8 pairs of breasts, with another 4 on their back.
Dec 19, 2011
"Hylians, who, as we all know, are the closest race to the gods. But also according to legend, long ago there was a race even closer to the gods, and some say these creatures made the Hylians." If Oocca are closer related to the Gods,those are some ugly Gods...

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