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  • Well we should play sometime. I could help you and laugh because your new! What level are you, and who is currently your favorite champion? (don't you dare say ashe)...
    Not really. Been busy... being busy. :P Also watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and such! you?
    OH CRAPYou still exist? Wow...but no I've been playing League of legends though in terms of games I've been playing.
    Oh, I may just use the chat feature myself a few times, we'll see. Hmmm, the controls are pretty easy actually, whether you're using the gamepad or normal Wii remotes. It's just easier to die and run out of time in some of the levels is all.
    Oh, yes, it's quite the neat little piece of tech...even has a video chat system called Wii U Chat, I've never used it yet myself, but it certainly seems interesting. So far I've only really played the Mario game for Wii U, and overall it's fun, noticeably more difficult when compared to previous titles though.
    Story is going alright, Chapters 7 and 8 are still in the works. As for work, maybe I have, gonna wait and see. Cool, and yes, there's a complex here in my town as well...it's nice. It's truly nice to see you again though, my friend, been awhile. I'm here on Wii U at the moment...you thinking about getting one yourself? Oh, and I've been just fine, thanks :)
    That's great, but if your brother has one, what's the point of you getting one (unless your brother has his own place)? :) Do you ever plan to get a Wii U or are you gonna wait a few years?
    Well, alright then, Pearl. Ah, school, I'm done with it...but am seeking out work now, because that's life. Swimming's quite fun though, you been doing it at a Complex or something, because it's Fall now...not swimming season anymore, heheh. Well, that's cool, I've been playing Pokemon a lot myself--and helping other members around here with their Pokemon related needs.
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