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  • Heheh, well, if you say so...not sure when the other Chapters will be finished, so you may be waiting for awhile. Moving along though, how have you been, quite busy?
    You should check out These guys: Penny Arcade - Extra Credits
    You'll like them. They are all about video games how we can make them better, what they are about, and everything about the video game industry (like jobs)
    They are NOT a video game news segment thing.
    Extra Credits is super awesome and anybody that love video games should check them out and watch all their videos!
    If you need help choosing between PS3 and 360 choose the 360. I'd personally choose it for Halo even though I don't own either system. I'd probably ask for a 360 myself this Christmas but I'm getting the Wii U this Christmas. If I were you, I'd choose that. The PS3 isn't really the best system in my opinion. You may not have to pay for online, but all the features for it don't exactly come completely up to par compared to the 360. Most of those features would be useless for me and I haven't owned a Sony system since the PS2. If you want something completely innovative like nothing you've seen before, then the Wii U is your best bet. It costs only $300 for the basic and $350 for the deluxe; the deluxe is a way better deal though.
    Blu ray, tv (not like I care but i'll put it down), actually I'll leave it at this: "It is more than just a game system" - lots of people...
    Saw you posted something in +Anima fan club... man that was awhile ago... any way, Hi!
    Oh, you can go ahead and read it if you want to, two others here have already began reading that Chapter...as for how many have read my stuff here, I think there's at least 7 people.
    Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, PSN titles are WAY better, Little Big Planet, various single titles (indie titles) are better than Xbox, JPRGs...I'll end it there.
    Indeed it is long...and I'm almost done editing so, expect it soon. How many chapters are left now? Well, I still have to complete Chapter 7, and then after that comes Chapters 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13. So there's still quite a bit to get though, heheh...big story.
    That's pretty cool....mine was alright as well, finished the Naruto based Chapter during summer actually. Currently reading through to edit it....this Chapter ended up being 84 pages long, heheh.
    You need to get a PSP and a PS3, then Valkyria chronicles for PS3 and Valkyria chronicles II for the PSP: beat them. Then I can explain to you my super weird dream that I think is somewhat accurate.
    You know? You can't be that possibly busy. You have to get online SOMETIME.
    Not to be pushy...but I'm just bored...
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