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Does Link have parents?


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May 17, 2009
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The only time Link has ever had mentioned parents has been in ALttP and OoT.

In OoT, we learn in-game that Link's mother died from injuries and left Link in the care of the Great Deku Tree. Most assume his father was a knight, mainly because the hero is always a descendant of a Knight of Hyrule. So, it's likely that his father was a knight. In any case, only the mother was mentioned in OoT.

In ALttP, Link actually does have parents, but you have to listen to the official prologue, Sound & Drama. Yes, it IS official. Link's Uncle isn't really his blood uncle. Link's father and mother are named Banzetta and Loretta. Banzetta, a knight, dies trying to avenge Loretta and trying to protect the Triforce. After Link's mother had been killed, Link was actually left in the care of Zelda's nanny (not named Impa, for whatever reason) because Banzetta was unable to care for him alone. Then, after Zelda's nanny and Banzetta were killed, Link was left under the care of the nanny's husband who Link refers to as "Uncle". As many know, calling somebody "Uncle" is common with close friends who are like family.

As far as parents go, that's the most we've ever been given. In TP, I suppose you could consider Colin's dad a father figure... probably very close to the "uncle" relationship Link had with his caretaker in ALttP.


Eh, according to the Legend of Zelda 'Four Swords' manga, Link's got a father who's the captain of the guards. But there's nothing written about Link's mother.
But I guess that about his dad is just fiction. I don't know; I have only read that manga. I never played that game.

BTW, I remember something. In Twilight Princess: that guy from Kakariko Village tells something about the bond between the Zora Prince and his mother (wait. I don't know. I think it was something like that) After Link heard this he looks really sad. And then that guy says something like "I see it must be a trauma for you to lose your dearest ones."
OMG! I forgot that whole story! What a shame!

(Oh sorry for my english.)


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Wind Waker- Link does not have parents that shows up in the game- he has Grandma and Aryll, so my theory is that as soon as Link's mother gave birth to Aryll, she died and Link's father either killed himself because he couldn't live in a world without Link's mother or he got lost at sea. Either way, Link's parents are both dead.

Ocarina of Time- Link has two dead parents. His father died in the Great War and his mother has injured in the Great War and died in the Korkiri Forest while trying to protect Link.

Twilight Princess- Link does not has parents that shows up in the story, so I think he was orphaned a few years before the events of Twilight Princess.

It's what I think on WW, OOT, and TP about his parents.


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Mar 13, 2010
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well, he has a grandma. and the deku tree said something alnog the lines of "with your moms last breath, she entrusted you to me"


link and his dad

in tp there is a half dead warrier that can turn in to a wolf like link and he is a good swords man like link i was thinking is that links dad????? i found out the name its Hero's Shade aka golden wolf i am prety cunvined thats links dad i dont know why i was reading the charicter info and it said that Hero's Shade is some what related to link :O:suspicious:>.>
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Feb 1, 2011
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Link and his Parents

And don't forget, in Link to the Past, he did have a father who gave Link his sword after dieing. and I'm making the assumption that in Spirit Tracks, that Niko is his Grandpa or something.

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