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Feb 23, 2011
Ya know, I've never had a crush :/. I've never liked anyone in particular either. I have a kind of robotic personality in real life that doesn't seem to permit these feelings. :dry:

Hylian Knight

Green Armored Menace
Sep 28, 2010
I'm actually in a relationship her name Sarah Harris she's blind in one eye and almost blind in the other because she suffered a brain hemorrhage.

She can't see very far in the other eye but has vision which is good because she can still see how I look but see likes me for me which I really like.

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
I'm crushing on a boy.
LOL JK But for some reason I tounged a boy in Reception just to try it out XDDDD

I dated a girl for 3 months. Dumped her, she keeps coming back

Wolf Sage: Same. it wasn't even dating. She was dating me, so in the end, I said, we're breaking up.

*M i d n a*

Æsir Scribe
Aug 18, 2009
Yeah I had my share of sweeties and crushes. Atm no, not in love, I'm single but I do have a crush on a this cute girl, she works at the store, I've seen her several times now and I wouldn't say she is interested in me but she's very amiable and kind. Oh, and she goes to the park as well but since it's been very hot lately no one hardly goes there atm. :P


I've only ever dated online. (That WILL change eventually) My first bf didn't go so well, he never loved me. :-( Thankfully it only lasted like 4 months.

Then a little under 3 months later, I met my current bf, Jacob. =3 lol I've been with him for over 2 years, 9½ months. :D We truly love each other. Online relationships are pretty hard. But we will be together one day. =3 He's in Connecticut, so at least we're in the same timezone.


Who needs a shield?
Jul 27, 2011
I've had my share of crushes. But, being the super-nerd I am and how girls care so much about their image in middle-school, I don't expect to get a GF for a while. Besides, if I get a GF it will not be fore the sake of having a GF, but because we botch actually like each other.


Feb 25, 2010
Yes, rather recently, but I never really told her, I moved before I had the chance.


Who started saying Big Mood
Jul 27, 2010
Chicago, IL
I've had my fair share of crushes. This past school year I told two girls I liked them. Not at the same of course but pretty close together. Both of whom I had been friends with for quite a while. They both said no but its okay i guess.

Honey Pie

I guess I could go around school and point out a few handsome guys for say they have a nice butt (but not to their FACE!!!) but no one I would want to date.

I think my standards might be to high.


Call Me Robbi :D
May 31, 2010
Some where familiar
Ahem, well mine is rather weird...

In elementary school(like in 3rd grade) I was kidna confused and all that.. so i tried(FORCED) to like another girl. Well she was italian, pretty, we where in the same class till 5th grade when she moved back to italy, but even then i was confused and gazed to wards guys. In 5th grade I started to "Get interested" In guys completly and the girls where more of a friend. Shoot I had more girlfriends(friend wise) than Boy friends(friends wiswe) then in 7th grade, there wernt that many good looking people xD

But I was a pervereted hormonic perv.
I had a crush on another Italian :P for like 2 years(Maybe 3?) idk, it was till the end of 8th grade and a lil towards 9th

Funny story about him. Well one of my friends, well he was down, and I know he hated Him, so I made a rumor, I said to my friend that we where dating, and he took it seriously, I then told another friend via text the same thing, but i left out its false, and by the time I sent another text saying it was false, she sent it out to like 4 people then it spread like fire xD It was kinda humorous.
I have a thing for italians.

Now in highschool (last year) there as this other guy, named Fabian, we was cute, sweet, and I flirted around with him(AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW I WAS! D:) and I dont think he minded, well he did, but he didnt say much xD But that went away.

So basically I only had 2 crushes :/

But just being a perverted whore and by looks, shesh, I like(physically and looks) alot of people xD

I know about 2 other gays, one is EXTREMLY cute, but its easier to be friends first and know each other more.

Meh kidna boring

Before I came out, girls did have crushes on me :P
Aug 2, 2011
Pretty heavy topic

I recently ended my relationship with my gf (well ex now), we were together for 4 years, The interesting thing about love or relationships, is how the idea and meaning of each change as you get older, what I thought love was at 18 is very different then what I think it is now, almost 10 years alter


I'm currently in love right now. Girl's Brickelle. We're going on 8 months and i couldn't ask to be with anyone else. She's an amazing girlfriend and i love her with all my hear and soul

Dark Princess

Weeaboo :D
Jun 11, 2009
Horrid, Ohio
I just know Durion and Ky are gonna attack me for this...haha. xD

I am happily in love with my boyfriend Lucas. He's my first real official boyfriend (I don't count the time when my friend Matt and I said we were gonna date but broke up like..a week after we decided to date, and I also don't count the people I've been with online...yeah). We probably wouldn't have gotten together if it wasn't for our friend Tyler, who told Lucas I liked him (even though he promised he wouldn't tell). Lucas ended up asking me out at the fair on top of the Ferris Wheel. It was sweet. :3

And I'm glad to say that tomorrow, August 13th, is our one year anniversary. <3 :)

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