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Complete Symphony of the Goddess Concert CD

Does anyone know if a complete recording of the Symphony of the Goddess concert will be made available after the tour? I personally don't see why there wouldn't be - they could make a lot of money off that. Has anyone heard?

And I'm not referring to the anniversary CD here, but all the songs from the concert.


Don Gero's Apprentice
Apr 5, 2012
Mountain Village
As of the moment there are no "official" plans for an "official" disc but that may change. I doubt they would go to the trouble though. That disc from Nintendo was very generous of them. I think, however, that with such a positive feedback as this, there will most likely be more songs and soundtracks to come from Nintendo themselves in the near future.


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Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
I don't think there's any plans at the moment, but hey you never know. That would be cool especially for the ones who didn't get to go to any of the concerts, they can atleast hear the music that was there being played.
Apr 11, 2012
Seattle, WA
I'm with the others in that I surely hope so. If not a disk, I wouldn't be surprised if a DVD of the performance was released: they set up cameras at every performance to display closeups of the performers. It wouldn't be too hard to just record it as well.

I'm mostly hoping so because I was able to attend the symphony prior to the introduction of the Majora's Mask movement. They played a small medley of boss music and the Clock Town theme (which I was stoked about), but I'm saddened that I'm going to miss out on an entire movement.
Oct 2, 2010
Faron Woods
I really hope they bring this CD out. This music is absolutely gorgeous to listen and I believe it is fair to make it available to all fans to enjoy. Keeping it in the Concerts won't do it justice. All fans deserve to listen to this amazing orquestrations. i am sure no one can disagree on this.
Apr 4, 2012
I hope they do come out with one. I absolutely LOVE the Zelda soundtracks. It would be amazing to hear the music live. :D

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