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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]


King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018
ok so Freddeh's role PM is kinda public
iirc it said it was able to make a lot of different types of goblin potions, which I'd assume transforms the players they're used on

earlier in D1 (?) Rag did some flavor solving and it seems like a couple of the goblins are superheroes, so there might be a chance we can convert Storm into one of those instead

No no no.

How can you stare the Green Goblin in the face and still think it's a good idea to drink those potions?


Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
Weird how i said i would not attack anyone, and the first idea in everyones head is " hes a Threat! With his hands tied there and the truce he made with the Bugle and the Immediately stopping the hostile power Outage if it landed on a Legit Business. I'd love to know what people are up to at night, but i have no idea. All i know is " people are dying, if anyone is mundane and dumb enough to attack me, they die retroactively. If The Human Torch just wants to get it over with and just Burn me to death like the Martyr i am....

The Green Goblin

Mafia Account
Mafia Account
Jun 24, 2020
I mean do what you want. I dont care anymore. Let the elite players always win and beat up the little guy because its east and fun and they love the feel of the raw flesh in their teeth.

Can we go after people that actually want to harm town and are not here because this is the only social interaction they get where people dont ask him for **** or throw money in his face for that **** or demand tasks be done for them or else?

If you vote me, youre part of the Problem. Cant we all just get along?

Hey Storm, maybe stop TRYING to get the approval of people who so clearly don't want to give it. You're barking up the wrong tree!

I like you. You can be friends with ME. :P

These losers want to watch the world burn. You and I, we can burn it together.

Don't measure your worth by the opinions of driveling worms that form the little people of this game. You don't need their approval. It is THEM who needs YOURS. If they won't be your allies, then they can be your ENEMIES!!

Let's team up, hey? Go all-in on the open wolf meta with me. If they arrest you, I'll just bail you out nbd my guy.
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The Green Goblin

Mafia Account
Mafia Account
Jun 24, 2020
So that's either freddeh or Exlight drank the sauce

I ain't either. Guess again.

Is Freddeh even in this game? Hey big dog. @Freddeh where you at? Come in here so they can see us both in one place at the same time. And then eat some of my razor bats because I can't have a town player with as much money as you running around making my life difficult.

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