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    Skyward Sword Zelda and Link need punishments

    Zelda needs punishment and spanking and smacking as corporal punishment for pushing Link off cliffs and jumping into his loftbird without regards for her safety. Zelda is an idiot and a liar for pushing Link off a cliff when she said he can jump. And Link needs a spanking, punishments, and...
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    Are Zelda 3D games getting worse?

    I think since SS, Nintendo seems to have been getting weaker with 3D Zelda games. I haven't played HW yet, but the concept of it seems weak because you're just fighting a bunch of bad guys. SS was a horrible game in regards to its story and Link and Zelda and they seem a bit too sassy this time...
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    Should Link and Zelda be acquaintances?

    I think that they are better off as acquaintances. I don't like Zelda and when I see her being either friends or lovers with Link, that's when my hate for Zelda comes out, the reason why I don't like Zelda anyway is because of her interactions with Link as a friend/lover. In OOT, they seemed to...
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    Should Skyward Sword Link and Zelda break up?

    I think that they should because Link is so clingy of Zelda like in the end, he said he wanted to stay on the surface with her I think. He could've just stayed in Skyloft but he is just so clingy of her that he would move in with her underage. Maybe he just thinks of her as a mother or sister...
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