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legend of zelda

  1. B0TWR1t0L0v3r

    Spoiler What would a 2D Co-Op 2-Player TLOZ game look like

    Like We've done games with 4 Characters for each player to play as in Four Sword Adventure; We've done games built for 3 Players to play with in Triforce Heroes; why haven't we gotten one of those games; but the Focus is on 2-Player Co-Op; with TWO Links to Control. . . I Mean; the Nintendo...
  2. H

    Great/Dark Skeletons (Minor TotK and BotW Spoilers)

    So, there is one main thing that has been bothering me lately about the Legend of Zelda. And that's the Great Skeletons. In BotW, there a 3, which are in Gerudo, Hebra, and Eldin respectively. In TotK, there are 6, the original three in their original places, and three in the depths, each...
  3. CyborgElfStephanie

    Do Nintendo fans still get bullied in 2023?

    I could've sworn that the bullying Nintendo fans are over and it's more acceptable in today's society, but is it still happening in middle to high school? I know it's not college since it's acceptable there. Are you guys in middle and high school still get bullied for liking Nintendo in 2023...
  4. CyborgElfStephanie

    Hated Zelda game

    What is the most hated Zelda game you actually played? No CDI unless you did play those. For me I hated Triforce Heroes, the story was stupid, the online play sucked, not worth it. I kinda want to burn it now.
  5. CyborgElfStephanie

    Want to have Zelda Dungeon Maker

    Since we have Super Mario Maker already, why not have Zelda Dungeon Maker as well?
  6. H

    Spoiler Gloom vs. Malice???(and related topics discussion)

    Hey guys, it's me again. I know it's been a while, but I've been thinking about some stuff, and I want to discuss this with the wider community. Before going to report me for this being on the wrong forum, I would like to mention that yes, this will include my theories and questions on what I...
  7. CyborgElfStephanie

    Zelda games being anime style

    How would you feel if Nintendo makes the next Zelda game or future Zelda games being an anime style?
  8. H

    Spoiler My thoughts on the LoZ timeline and lore

    The Legend of Zelda has existed as a video game franchise with extensive lore for many, many, many years. And we've figured out most of the timeline and lore. But there are some(correction, so many) things that we still don't understand. Like, sure, many are already in denial that Skyward Sword...
  9. H

    Most Despicable Legend of Zelda Villains(Discussion)(Spoiler Warning?)

    Note: I'm new to Zelda Dungeon, and I don't have a full understanding of this website, so bear with me here guys. Anyway, I was scrolling through TikTok audios I had favorited, and I came upon one that contained some audio from the musical number Cell Block Tango from Chicago(I'm getting to the...
  10. Bowsette Plus-Ultra

    Should the series name change?

    Bear with me for a moment. I can already hear people typing N-O, but give me a moment. I'd like to draw attention to the Assassin's Creed games. For the first six eight or so entries in that series, the games centered on a specific style of character: a hooded edgerunner with a penchant for...
  11. GoronGainz

    Rank the Zelda soundtracks per-game

    Which Zelda game has your favourite OST? What about your least favourite? Entirely personal to your preferences & the games you've played.
  12. GoronGainz

    Underrated Zelda Character?

    Who do you think doesn't get enough appreciation/recognition for there presence? If the game they're from were redone, would you change anything to involve them more?
  13. DynoStretch

    Left Behind - A Twilight Princess Story

    Howdy-do folks, this is DynoStretch with a Twilight Princess story for your pleasure. The story takes place about a year after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and is a bit more of a comedy oriented story. though It does contain plenty of drama, lots of action, and some...
  14. D

    Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Speculation

    Ever since Breath of the Wild we've had exclusive insight on how vast and huge the world of Hyrule (and beyond) can be. Every one-hundred years or so, a hero is chosen and/or born to save the reincarnation of the Hylia-descendant (Princess Zelda) from the reincarnation of the spiteful Demise...
  15. CyborgElfStephanie

    Breath of the Wild Funniest Moment with the 8-Bit Link amiibo

    I was in the mountain's shrine when this happened. I used the 8-Bit Link amiibo, when using that amiibo you get four barrels and a chest, this time one of the barrels was a bomb barrel when the chest landed on it causing an explosion right next to me. I thought I would die but instead the...
  16. S

    Fallout 76-esque Zelda?

    So I was thinking of getting fallout 76, and then I suddenly thought of it being on the switch, and then it got me. What if Zelda switch had the same multiplayer stlle as fallout? Tried force heroes wasn't the greatest, but 4 swords adventures was fun, but not that amazing, so multiplayer will...
  17. Glejs

    Legend of Zelda Main Theme (Deffo Deffo Remix)

    What's up Zelda fans! Just wanted to let you know of my latest videogame music remix. It's a rather straightforward dancey version of the legendary Legend of Zelda Main Theme. Groovy bass line and a nice plot twist halfway through. It is available on Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp and lots of...
  18. SpiritOfTheHero

    What country is The Kingdom of Hyrule based on?

    So, what country does everyone think Hyrule is supposed to be based on? I don't think it's Oriental as Hylians have Christian like characteristics, The Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time and earlier LoZ games have a Christian theme. The Book of Magic in The Legend of Zelda even has a cross on it...
  19. P

    Tribute to Link - One Man Can Change The World

    I made a music video as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite video game characters, Link, from the great Legend of Zelda franchise. It's set to One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean. I made this video back on the first. Here is the video, I hope you enjoy.
  20. Ibrahim

    BOTW Interactive Map Suggestion

    I think that the ability to filter through certain regions should be added. For example if I want to view items only in the Great Plateau or just view the Great Plateau part of the map then everything else would have that "undiscovered black and blue" like they have it in the actual game. This...
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