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Spoiler What would a 2D Co-Op 2-Player TLOZ game look like

How would you guys like a New Original 2D Co-op Zelda game for 2 Players?

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Mar 8, 2017
Like We've done games with 4 Characters for each player to play as in Four Sword Adventure; We've done games built for 3 Players to play with in Triforce Heroes;

why haven't we gotten one of those games; but the Focus is on 2-Player Co-Op; with TWO Links to Control. . . I Mean; the Nintendo Switch has 2 Joycons; One for each Player; why not make an Original 2D Zelda where we do Co-Op with 2 Players as the main selling point; Or If you're all by yourself; you could have a Doppel that you can switch to; for those puzzles that require 2 characters to solve; Like you do for Triforce heroes. . .

The Only Questions would be;

1. What would the game be called

2. What would the game's plot be; for having 2 Links trying to succeed in their latest quest; Like Maybe A version of Link is split into 2 individuals[or One Link can switch Conscienceness with a Doppel like for Single players in Triforce heroes]

A Link In Time

To Overcome Harder Challenges
ZD Legend
I always thought a 2 player Zelda game made a lot of sense with the Switch's Joycons. It makes a lot of sense still if the next Nintendo system uses Joycons.

I imagine a doppelganger would be used again for playing in single player that players could switch places with.

The Legend of Zelda: The Duality of [Insert Key Item Here] would be a potentially cool name.

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