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  1. Mike Pothier

    If you wrote a book...........

    Historical fiction. I love fantasy and science fiction, so it would have elements of both, but I tend to ground my stories firmly in reality.
  2. Mike Pothier

    Stephen King

    A very gifted writer who tends to ramble on too much. He's miscast as a horror writer. Nothing he wrote ever scared me, even as a kid. His characterizations, however, are beyond anything I've ever read. Most characters in his books act and sound like someone you'd meet everyday. I've read...
  3. Mike Pothier

    Link Can Talk Its Just Hard to Notice

    Link does talk, he's just a low-talker like that chick from Seinfeld.
  4. Mike Pothier


    They got some good songs, but are a little to angry for my taste. I like my rock about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Leave the violence at the door.
  5. Mike Pothier

    Spirited Away

    I've always been of the opinion that Miyazaki is the only person who can make a Zelda movie that does the series justice. My favorite Miyazaki movie is Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
  6. Mike Pothier

    What the HELL was Nintendo thinking?!

    So don't buy them. People act like this is a new trend. This has gone on since Atari. Part of being a gamer is wading through all the crap to find the good games. If that bothers you, find a new hobby.
  7. Mike Pothier

    Favorite Superhero.

    I'm a DC nut, so obviously I love Superman and Batman, but for my money...
  8. Mike Pothier

    Favorite Comedian

    What exactly has Carlos Mencia stolen? Because if you want a thief, it's a proven fact that Dane Cook steals most of his material, mostly because he is too busy developing his tremendous ego rather then original jokes.
  9. Mike Pothier

    More Than One Ganon?

    The only game where he is confirmed D-E-D dead is the backstory of Adventure of Link (i.e., the end of Legend of Zelda). In every other game, its implied if not outright said that he is sealed. Ergo, there is only one Ganon. And Ganodorf = Ganon.
  10. Mike Pothier

    OoT, MM, and WW Remade for Wii?

    We already have all those games for the Wii. I popped in my Zelda anthology disk into the Wii just the other day and I played it just fine. Same with Wind Waker.
  11. Mike Pothier

    Enemies AI

    Well, Link was always portrayed as several tiers above your average mook. It makes sense he can sleepwalk his way through Hyrule field and not get scratched by moblin/bublins/whatever is currently haunting the landscape. But for enemies like Darknuts, I would certainly embrace a more in...
  12. Mike Pothier

    A Scary Thought

    As others have said, Miyamoto has already taken great strides in handing his franchises to capable people. Zelda is now pretty much Aonuma's baby, and Miyamoto plays the role of the guru/advisor. Once Aonuma chooses to retire, he'll have his own protoge that he trained to take over the...
  13. Mike Pothier

    Do You Think Ganondorf is Naive?

    One could argue that arrogance is a form of naivety. Its standard villain hat that they typically underestimate their opponent, which is why the really good ones try to off the hero while he or she is still weaning on milk. ...doesn't always work.
  14. Mike Pothier

    Super Mario Bros. Movie

    Safely sheltered, would be my guess. Trust me, its nowhere close to being decent.
  15. Mike Pothier

    Was Ganondorf "chosen" or Not

    Do we know the exact moment the timeline split in OoT? I always assumed that it split the moment Ganondorf found the Triforce, but Twilight Princess proved that theory wrong.
  16. Mike Pothier

    Was Ganondorf "chosen" or Not

    ...nothing. He didn't have the MS in MM. He started with the Kokiri Sword, and he could upgrade to the Razor Sword and finally Gilded Sword.
  17. Mike Pothier

    What Could the Gods Actually Be?

    The Gods and Goddesses simply are. That is all that needs to be said.
  18. Mike Pothier

    Was Ganondorf "chosen" or Not

    I also subscribe to the theory that Ganon was "chosen" in the sense that the Triforce chose him, not the Goddesses. And I wouldn't put too much weight on what the sages say. They are speaking from a biased, and decidedly uninformed point of view. They didn't know that Ganon held the ToP...
  19. Mike Pothier

    Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion!

    Great game, made greater by the excellent mod support. My copy is so modded its the gaming equivalent of a cyborg.:P But that's why I prefer PC gaming in general.
  20. Mike Pothier

    Playing Games with Parents?

    My father and I used to play the original SMB together. He was terrible at it, but we enjoyed ourselves. My mother is big on games like Tetris, but any other type of game will make her physically sick. Especially 3D.
  21. Mike Pothier

    South Park

    Which is ironic, since one of their biggest complaints is that people are too willing to act like sheep and not think for themselves. Its no wonder they sometimes make snide remarks toward their fans.
  22. Mike Pothier

    Favorite Books

    I'm currently rereading my Sandman TPBs. I'm a Vertigo nut in general, but my favorite will always be the Sandman graphic novels. I'm planning on starting Hellblazer then Fables.
  23. Mike Pothier

    What Ancient Time Do You Wish You Were in Right Now?

    There are many times and places I would love to visit, but not live. We have so many conveniences today that we take most of them for granted. Hell, most people in first world countries wouldn't last long in less developed places today, let alone centuries ago. But I'd love to visit ancient...
  24. Mike Pothier

    Where Are Your Ancestors From?

    I'm very German, though my last name is French. I'm guessing most of my ancestors came from Germany and my branch of the family picked up the name at one point.
  25. Mike Pothier

    New star trek movie

    Heh, not likely to happen. Even if I could somehow contact them, the last thing they want to do is listen to a guy with no movie experience whatsoever. I'm sure whatever they decide to make will be fine. I just think Khan would be a great choice.
  26. Mike Pothier

    New star trek movie

    I'll bet my left foot the next villain will be none other then Khan. Since its a reboot, we get to see them meeting again and it will end with Khan stranded on Ceti Alpha V.
  27. Mike Pothier

    New star trek movie

    One word: Fantastic. Beyond what I was expecting. This is exactly the pep-shot the Star Trek franchise needed to get back on its feet. I can't wait for the sequel. Leonard Nimoy, you are my god!
  28. Mike Pothier

    New star trek movie

    I'm excited as all get out, and plan on seeing it opening day.
  29. Mike Pothier

    X-Men Origins

    I saw the midnight showing. I enjoyed it, but it was seriously flawed. It was too rushed, and jumped from one scene to the next without developing any characters. Also, Gambit was wasted. I just don't understand the reasoning behind waiting four movies to put in a cool character like him...
  30. Mike Pothier

    Favorite Call of Duty Game

    Definitely CoD4. The only problem I found was the single-player game was way too short. I'm not much of a multi-player guy, so I depend on that aspect. Aside from the length, it was very well done.
  31. Mike Pothier

    Goron Anatomy; Gorons Have Skin!?

    Keep in mind this is a fantasy world. Rock for skin is one of the more believable things.
  32. Mike Pothier

    Goron Anatomy; Gorons Have Skin!?

    Why does it have to be one or the other? Skin is just the term for a person's out layer, whether its human flesh or rock.
  33. Mike Pothier

    Oshus is the Wind Fish?

    There's no hard evidence that they are the same being. The closest rational explanation I can think of is that whales are a popular form for powerful spirit creatures.
  34. Mike Pothier

    Why a Shiekah?

    She needed to hide from Ganon, and her caretaker just happened to be the ultimate Shiekah... Wow, that was easy.
  35. Mike Pothier

    Where the Wild Things Are

    Its live action, and they are using full costumed actors for the broad shots, and using CGI for the faces. Exactly like it should be.
  36. Mike Pothier

    Where the Wild Things Are

    This trailer has been out for a while, but since there's no topic, I thought we'd talk about the upcoming move (and the book too!). The book is one of my all time favorites as a child. It perfectly captured the imagination of a young boy. It was eerie, exhilarating, scary and funny. It was...
  37. Mike Pothier

    Spoiler Is Wind Waker the End of Ganon?

    Look, this isn't rocket science. Yes, Ganon died at the end of WW. No, he won't stay dead. Like Dracula from Castlevania, you just can't keep a good villain dead. Villains come back like the proverbial cat.
  38. Mike Pothier

    Favorite Books

    Right now I'm reading King Rat by China Mievelle. SO recommended if you like dark fantasy set in modern times. China is a brilliant writer, one of my strong influences.
  39. Mike Pothier

    Battle of The Web Browsers

    I've never used anything other then IE. I've never had a need to switch, since all I care about is getting my websites. I'm willing to try others, though.
  40. Mike Pothier

    Link's Uncle

    The Triforce could have brought him back to life. I think its very likely he died. He was seriously wounded in that cellar, and I find it unlikely that he would just be ok with no help.
  41. Mike Pothier


    The closest thing I saw in the games to an evil deity was Majora. Not every God/Goddess has an opposite. Biblically, the Devil is not the opposite of God, just a wayward son. Anyway, why Ganon always ends up with Triforce of Power is probably due to fate. I don't see any indication that Din...
  42. Mike Pothier

    The Last House on the Left (2009)

    I think I should clarify. What I meant was, I don't really enjoy newer horror movies. It seems like there's a competition on who can out gross the last movie, and it makes me sick. I do, however, love suspense movies, and if its horror with emphasis on suspense instead of gore, I'm all...
  43. Mike Pothier

    The Last House on the Left (2009)

    And this is why I, in general, don't watch horror movies. Sick stuff like this, I just don't see any value in it as entertainment. All it does is depress me.
  44. Mike Pothier

    Favorite Quotes

    Dr Manhattan had some great quotes. "A live body and a dead body contain the same number of particles. Structurally, there's no discernible difference. Life and death are unquantifiable abstracts. Why should I be concerned?" "We're all puppets, Laurie. I'm just a puppet who can see the...
  45. Mike Pothier

    Can Sheik See the Future??

    Well, since we know Sheik is Zelda, and Zelda has been known to have visions of the future, so its very possible based on her visions, she knew where to direct Link.
  46. Mike Pothier

    Happiest Songs

    Float On, by Modest Mouse I backed my car into a cop car, the other day. Well he just drove off, sometimes life's ok. I ran my mouth off a bit too much, oh what did I say. Well you just laughed it off, it was all ok. And we'll all float on, ok. And we'll all float on, ok. And we'll...
  47. Mike Pothier


    I would shrug and ignore him like I do with all his timeline comments. The man is a brilliant developer, and its obvious it couldn't care less what order the games come in.
  48. Mike Pothier

    Link's Earrings

    It really would make no difference to me. If they did make a point of including earrings, they should go a step further and they should give a benefit, kind of like the rings in the original Zelda? Extra defense? Attack power? Breakdancing? Isn't it obvious? Rauru is a dirty old man.
  49. Mike Pothier

    Do you let others borrow your games?

    I know from experience writing your name on the back of carts doesn't work.
  50. Mike Pothier

    Were do kokiri come from?

    I have no problem debating Zelda mysteries, even theories like these. Thats fine. I'm just disturbed that a few people here are acting like these theories have massive amounts of evidence in the games, like they are almost fact. Neither is the case.
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