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  1. Zonda

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    Occasionally you just find something that makes you remember your love of gaming, and it does it for me. I've only really been immersed in Online battles/standard Smash, but I just can't get over how much fun it is to play.
  2. Zonda

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    Smash twitter went crazy over Isabelle lmao Like sure guys vote in Bayonetta of all characters and then complain about this.
  3. Zonda

    Dumbest Questions You've Ever Been Asked In A Job Interview

    Most Interviews I've been involved with have had some pretty standard questions thrown my way The website questions to apply online though, I've seen some stupid ones. My personal pet peeve is being asked to submit my Resume and then pretty much resubmit it by answering 45 minutes worth of...
  4. Zonda

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I’d like to start a blog, have somewhere I can just cast my feelings out. I have a bit to say. I just have so much to think about and discussing it with others would ease the burden immensely.
  5. Zonda

    Video game characters that ruined the franchise

    Bayonetta in Smash. Evo 2018 grand finals for reference.
  6. Zonda

    I know the feeling. Good lawd that grind don’t stop

    I know the feeling. Good lawd that grind don’t stop
  7. Zonda

    Your favorite underated video game levels/locations/maps that probably aren't underated but whatever

    Yoshi’s Story is a stage for hella shenanigans, especially in doubles or with a Marth and Ganon getting involved in the mix. Big, early killing hitboxes EVERYWHERE it’s chaos lmao Uhh, definitely a fan of the big loop from Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 2. Last but not least would have to be...
  8. Zonda

    Vacations and Travel

    I’ve never travelled overseas and still rarely within the borders of my country, but places like Hawker and Renmark in South Australia are easily my favourite places that I’ve been. This year I have done a bit of travelling for work, and Sydney proved to be quite hospitable and having a bit of...
  9. Zonda

    Spyro Trilogy remastered

    It might be region dependent; PAL games are notoriously hard to find/overpriced. It isn’t really the case for Spyro but normally there’s only one copy of each game available at any one time.
  10. Zonda

    Hi! Uh not a lot to be honest. My main activity has been sorting out my current financial woes...

    Hi! Uh not a lot to be honest. My main activity has been sorting out my current financial woes. How about yourself?
  11. Zonda

    Movies you've seen recently

    What are your thoughts about something you've watched recently? It could be something you've seen for the first time, or a rewatch for old time's sake. I've been going through older MCU movies that I enjoyed, mainly the first Iron Man. Watching it with the context from having seen the rest of...
  12. Zonda

    Games you're on the fence about buying

    Definitely Smash Bros. Ultimate. I purchased a Wii-U in 2015 for Smash/Mario Kart only, and I didn't even play it as much as I hoped.
  13. Zonda

    Again a damn commercial?!

    Austar were atrocious for it when I used to have it. In 2008-2010 the incentive to get it was to get short 15-20 second ad breaks, and then all of a sudden in 2012 the ads started going for 5 minutes +, and channel 9 (Aus) ruined Top Gear for me by putting more than 30 minutes of ads in their...
  14. Zonda

    Gaming franchises you replaced Zelda with

    I wouldn't say I ever replaced Zelda; even when I don't play it often anymore, I still consider myself to have a place for it.
  15. Zonda

    Do any of you play Halo?

    I'm looking for some people who play it. Any title but I'll mostly be playing 3/Reach, since I don't enjoy PC anymore and I only occasionally have access to MCC/5. I'd love to play some custom games sometime!
  16. Zonda

    Bath or Shower? Or even hose who knows?

    A bath can be more thorough. If you're extra dank then get one of those showers that feel like a back massage from the water pressure.
  17. Zonda

    Tri Force Heroes The most beautiful Zelda song?

    I've always loved the OoT title theme and Fairy's Fountain/Menu theme. They're both just so soothing.
  18. Zonda

    Worst idea for a Zelda game

    Space Zelda with Aliens. Set in a dystopian future. 70% of the game is behind a paywall and you can buy emotes. There's now a PvP multiplayer that's dominated by people who buy heaps of RNG weapon packs. In its sequel 3 years later you get to pay for a monthly subscription to the shop before...
  19. Zonda

    Spyro Trilogy remastered

    I've been looking at PS1s for ages hoping to find one with a copy of OG Spyro. Absolutely chuffed to see a remaster coming.
  20. Zonda

    Urinal or toilet

    Using the toilet is a popular alternative to standing shoulder to shoulder. I'm a urinal type myself unless the second line is ringing too.
  21. Zonda

    The Quest for the Greatest Pizza!

    There's a place in my area that does a mean spaghetti Pizza. Hideously underpays their staff though, so not worth.
  22. Zonda

    Distance peeing (a discussion for the men of ZD)

    Just do it at the urinals like a civilized 3rd grader like the rest of us smh Bonus points if you make it over the top of the Flusher.
  23. Zonda

    Passing people by on the road

    In Australia I make a point of moving to the side, whilst still being half on the road. It's polite to make room, but at the same time I'm not going to let somebody take my side of the road just to let them reach their destination .05 seconds quicker. Sharing the road and respect for other users...
  24. Zonda

    How distracted do you get?

    Normally I make a list of 10+ chores that need doing. A week where I accomplish more than 2 of those is seldom witnessed.
  25. Zonda

    Generation with the most unique/bravest first party Nintendo titles

    Retrospectively it's as standard as buttered bread, but in its time, the N64 was a pretty trailblazing console. The introduction to 3D platforming was a bit of a shot in the dark and could just as easily have gone the way of the 3DO if circumstances were different.
  26. Zonda

    The Great Controller Debate

    The SNES controller is surprisingly intuitive and ergonomic for its time.
  27. Zonda

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    The way the Smash community are acting (Pro players twitter, etc.) the entire Smash 4 scene and maybe some of the Melee crowd are going to migrate to Ultimate overnight. I'll probably dip my toe in the water myself but I don't see myself ditching 64/Melee altogether. If they release Midna as a...
  28. Zonda

    What's Your Favorite Video Game Dialogue/Phrase?

    "Harrrrgh woboba" - Halo CE Elite
  29. Zonda

    What Foods Do You Dislike?

    I'm incapable of eating shrimp; my gag reflex goes into overdrive the moment I taste it.
  30. Zonda

    What if Pokemon Switch was another Red/Blue/Green remake?

    I'm always down for that. Some of my favourite memories involved Gen 1/remakes. If they add in the islands from previous remakes then count me tf in
  31. Zonda

    Happy late birthday!

    Happy late birthday!
  32. Zonda


    I used to be so scared I'd observe every precaution possible, but these days I really don't take as much care as I should. In particular with wearing a mask whilst spraying chemicals on car parts I have to clean, I'll generally just neglect to wear one altogether.
  33. Zonda

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Off-White Limousine by Client Liason. Certified banger.
  34. Zonda

    Anime: Yea or Nae?

    I like it but some of the tropes/weirder aspects of certain shows can really hamper my enjoyment.
  35. Zonda

    The Great Controller Debate

    In terms of intuitiveness, I’ve taken a liking to how easily the N64, GameCube, Xbox 360 and Wii-U pro controllers handle. My history of gaming has been a contributing factor to hand problems surfacing in the last 2 years and I now have Tendinopathy from my ECU and FCU tendons in both hands...
  36. Zonda

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    Also having Lucina as an alt skin of Marth would be an easy way to keep her in the game, but due to differences with the Tipper mechanic I can see that not happening too.
  37. Zonda

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    Misc. -Reinstate Ganon’s broken jab from Melee -Reinstate Sheik’s chain from Melee -Reinstate chaingrabs/tech chase regrabs, but have the reward be low enough to encourage other followups instead -Ganon’s jab -Moonwalking.
  38. Zonda

    Do you like Babies?

    I’m really not fond of them, no. Especially when their parents are obnoxiously clucky, or take them on lengthy plane/train/bus trips when they do nothing but cry the whole way. My favourite recollection is one set of parents who did nothing about a soiled diaper (#2) for an entire duration an 8...
  39. Zonda

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    I've had enough of: -Sword characters -Counter characters -Fire Emblem characters. In terms of additions to the cast, I've wanted Midna or her + Wolf Link as a playable character on the roster ever since I first played TP, but since she's an assist trophy in 4 I don't have particularly high...
  40. Zonda


    Here in Aus the serving sizes are a fair bit less substantial so I can go a large meal and not be sick, but I still try to avoid it where I can because I know how nasty it is for you. I defs still eat way too much junk food though.
  41. Zonda

    The chicken thread

    Catch it yourself and eat it alive like the rest of us you Neanderthal smh
  42. Zonda

    The Shaving Thread

    Shampoo makes a great lubricant to shave body hair with. Comes right off with no cuts.
  43. Zonda

    Guilt and Regret

    I regret getting into online forums. That stuff’s more addictive than ice I swear.
  44. Zonda

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Have you ever binge-ate an entire month's worth of chocolate in one sitting and sat there musing in your gluttony
  45. Zonda

    Smash Bros Rank the Smash trailers/reveals

    64 was the epitome of 90's advertising:
  46. Zonda

    Coolest (and lamest) Name for a Video Game Console

    Bruh Megadrive is a lit name
  47. Zonda

    thank you fren am appreciate

    thank you fren am appreciate
  48. Zonda

    Tattoos and Piercings

    A piercing. It wasn’t done properly either.
  49. Zonda

    What's the dumbest thing you've seen someone eat?

    My peepee Like It’s fun, but Ew
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