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  1. Goro-Link

    Eyeball Bosses

    Eyeball weak points are overused because they are just easy to understand. Everyone just goes for the eyes in games like these. Its only natural. In Shooters, you aim for the head. In fantasy/RPGs you aim for the big yellow eye screaming "Stick a sword in me!" But yes, the Idea of replacing...
  2. Goro-Link

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ one on another forum far away.......... < ..........which i probably should update soon........ V needs to do something, but is putting it off?
  3. Goro-Link

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ not really......... <still not very experienced. V considers themself a zelda fan?
  4. Goro-Link

    General Art Donahue's Signatures

    Sorry. Text: I Am All of Me Coloration: Umm............ Character: Shadow the hedgehog. Type: Dunno....... like your but with shadow-like paterns? Other: can you throw a goron in there somewhere? there. not a perfect form, but oh well. i tried.
  5. Goro-Link

    Josie's Signature and Avatar Graphics

    thank you that is ace! better than the avvy even.
  6. Goro-Link

    Josie's Signature and Avatar Graphics

    thanks i will recomend everyone to you if you want.
  7. Goro-Link

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ so far i guess. < liking the above sig V like my avvy? (Josie made it)
  8. Goro-Link

    Double Swords

    maybe two deku sticks, but never two swords.
  9. Goro-Link

    Josie's Signature and Avatar Graphics

    Tis ok. now i'm requesting a sig as well. can i have link on one side, a goron on the other, and a twilight pattern in the back? like on the twilight walls in the first part of the game?
  10. Goro-Link

    Whats Your Mask???

    Hahaha what a legend! and the idea would be to control where you use mask.
  11. Goro-Link

    Josie's Signature and Avatar Graphics

    Ok, but could you throw a random goron in somewhere? if you can't thats cool to.
  12. Goro-Link

    Josie's Signature and Avatar Graphics

    K thank you. really is good to talk to u again.
  13. Goro-Link

    Hero Of...

    Maybe "Hero of the Sword"? since he (might) help create the master sword (out of the skyward sword)
  14. Goro-Link

    Josie's Signature and Avatar Graphics

    Hi JosiE! long time no see! i like your work. Could you make me an avvy that you think suits me? thanks. i want it to be sort of rainbow-patterned, but like with the colors you'd see in the twilight realm (TP)
  15. Goro-Link

    General Art Donahue's Signatures

    hello. can i get a sig? please? one that you think suits me? tnx.
  16. Goro-Link

    What Zelda Game Do You Think Tingle Was The Most Annoying?

    Hmm............ He was annoying in all the games, but he was actually a threat in FSA, so i guess thats my choice.
  17. Goro-Link

    Whats Your Mask???

    Darkwolf Mask Obtained by defeating a pack of wolfos, and then using the song of healing on a man that they almost killed. he is healed, and you get the mask. it can only be used at night time, and cannot be taken off until morning. it transforms you into a half wolf (claws, tail, fast...
  18. Goro-Link

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ never played it but want it. < second time posting here. V a more experienced member?
  19. Goro-Link

    Zelda Masks

    i hope/wish so, but doubt it really.
  20. Goro-Link

    Shiekah Questions

    Maybe Aginam learned/stole the kind of magic the shikas use.
  21. Goro-Link

    Least Favorite Sword Technique

    Great spin from TP. don't see a difference from normal. and as the final skill, kind of a letdown.
  22. Goro-Link

    Zelda And Link

    Maybe like mouth to mouth, but not full on.
  23. Goro-Link

    Skyward Sword: Majora Before the Mask?

    well, for all you know i could be crazy.
  24. Goro-Link

    Zelda And Link

    lol! good anyway, i think they could do it, but only on a 12+ game (T) like TP. and they should.
  25. Goro-Link

    Skyward Sword: Majora Before the Mask?

    No i agree with whatshisnamethreadposteer. (oh, mastersword. hey, my best friend on another forum's name is mastersword) Majore could well be a person. and i hope we fight majoras wrath. i think that the whips and lazers could work with the new cortrol scheme. plus fierce dietity brought back...
  26. Goro-Link

    Who Do You Think Would Win Toon Link Or Regular Link?

    i think Link would win. dang, the joke was ruined when people started calling adult link just 'link' Yeah, adult link would win.
  27. Goro-Link

    Sheikah Very Important?

    Yeah, i know. i just thought this was the time to mention my want for her/him/it.
  28. Goro-Link

    Favorite iPhone Zelda Apps

    I didn't know they had zelda apps. will post opinion soon, after checking out zelda apps.
  29. Goro-Link

    Sheikah Very Important?

    I hope they do. and i hope Shiek makes an appearance.
  30. Goro-Link

    General Classic Frustration Inducing Moments.

    OK, don't get me wrong. i love Zelda and i think that the classics are the best of them. But, well, they're really hard. i'm not talking about OoT really, but all the others. Like LOZ 1 is super hard, and LTTP can be frustrating, and even MM can be a little maddening at times. Not to say i...
  31. Goro-Link

    Majora Vs. Zant

    Majora. the first five rounds of Zants fight were crap.
  32. Goro-Link

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    I like the snowpeak mansion. great house. however, i don't think yeto and i see eye to eye on interior design, if you know what i mean.
  33. Goro-Link

    Link's "armor"

    Yeah, well in all of the earlier games, he had magic power. and keep in mind, he gets more hearts all the time. if you didn't get any heart containers, it would be like having one heart when a darknut hit him.
  34. Goro-Link

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask Character

    SEE username. seriously, i named myself after him.
  35. Goro-Link

    What Was the Creepiest Moment in Any Zelda Game?

    When the Zora girl from OoT starts hitting on link. i'm sorry, but that's my opinion.
  36. Goro-Link

    Should Skyward Sword Have a Take Em All on Challenge?

    I think if they do it, they should make harder versions of the bosses.
  37. Goro-Link

    General Modern How Impractical Are Ruppes?

    Wait, what? ruppies not spendable? well, maybe thats just my spend-aholic self talking, but i buy things all the time!
  38. Goro-Link

    What Item is the Most Useless to You?

    I guess for me its the powder keg. great item, but why do you only get 1? i mean, i know they're big and all, but would it kill nintendo have a little un-realism when it counts the most?
  39. Goro-Link

    Difficulty Settings?

    No. zelda should always start easy and get stupidly hard at the end.
  40. Goro-Link

    Are the Carpenters in OoT Gay?

    What? you? gay? made thread? oh snap? Awkward.
  41. Goro-Link

    Favorite Boss

    Not Phytops. i guess Byrne. he was a cool character, and a satisfying boss.
  42. Goro-Link


    You probably find the sword pretty soon. then immediately fall to hyrule. you will get back to skyloft after you beat the first temple maybe?
  43. Goro-Link

    What Kind of Zelda Player Are You

    I'd call myself a reckless player. i don't bother with shields unless i'm gonna need it, like if i'm way over my head. i'll give you this example. Ok, in MM i was fighting an iron knuckle. i had full health, but soon (first 20 seconds?) was down to one heart. i just ran up to him, slashed, and...
  44. Goro-Link

    Dark Link in SS??

    He also appeared in ST i want him to have the same kind of appearance in SS. He also appeared in ST i want him to have the same kind of appearance in SS.
  45. Goro-Link

    Ganondorf Is, Fat?

    Yeah, he already tried that one. face it, he's cheating on his diet.
  46. Goro-Link

    After Skyward Sword?, Parents of Ganondorf

    The twinovra sisters are a lesbian couple. they couldn't have kids, so they adopted. or maybe Ganondorf was created by them, and is made up of only fire and ice? ^ theory, not fact.
  47. Goro-Link

    Will You Be Getting the PH Manga when It Comes Out?

    I want them all! but how much money are we talking? i want the LTTP one.
  48. Goro-Link

    Legendary, Unique, The Best And The Coolest Zelda Games

    Most unique: Zelda 2 Coolest: MM Best: TP Legend: OoT sorry about the lack of paragraphs and words.
  49. Goro-Link

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword- Possibly Hyrule?

    It would really work in SS. or maybe it would break it? i dunno. it depends how Nintendo go about it. although they probably won't.
  50. Goro-Link

    Favorite Zelda Songs

    THe song playing in TP when you fight the GReat Phantom (desert temple) So Epic!
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