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    Is It Just Me?

    I don't want to be negative, but I think that the WiiU is going to be awful, I don't want to buy it, I'm not impressed by it, I just want a normal console from nintendo.
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    Why Buy a 3DS?

    Honestly, I bought the 3DS becasue it seemed like a decent system. And I don't question why to buy a 3ds at all, I question why to buy it now. There are no good non remake games out, only OK ones, I don't want to buy ok ones, I want to buy great ones. 3D Land seems good, and I'm getting it for...
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    Why Buy a 3DS?

    Going down the list: 1 Don't like Kingdom Hearts anymore 2 I already have that game, nintendo isn't scamming me into buying it again for another console. I dont care about anything it adds. Overrated anyway. 3 I have 1 links awakening. Don't care about the rest. 4 Don't like fighters. 5 + 6 I'm...
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    Why Buy a 3DS?

    I dont care about the gyro the street pass or any of that stuff. The virtual console is OK, but barely any of those game I care about. I have Links Awakening. That's about it. I dont think it revolutionizes anything. I don't care about the 3D I don't use it, it hurts my eyes, it drops the...
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    Why Buy a 3DS?

    I have to say, I bought one. Awhile ago. Guess how many games I have for it? Not counting virtual console, 0. I really regret my descision. There is no reason to buy this junk pile. OoT3D? I can get up and go play the game how it was meant to be made, on the N64 in my room. Mario 3D doesn't look...
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    Play 1. If you don't like 1 play 2, if you don't like 2, don't buy a ps3. :D
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    Skyrim Age Appropriateness?

    The only really bad thing I've seen in Skyrim is a decapitation. Which was bad, but otherwise, not THAT bad of a game.
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    Zelda Dungeon Minecraft Server?

    You also said that the server would be back up in August. KY! :/
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    Minecraft Question

    Not even 1! You should have no problem with it! :D
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    What You Think "Game of The Year" Will Be.

    I'm sorry all you guys saying Skyward sword i think Zelda has no chance whatsoever. Batman it just too good. Perfect, there I said it perfect. People who say a perfect game doesnt exist havn't played this game. Skyrim? Please. Batman is amazing in every single way. Nothing is wrong with this...
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    Skyward Sword, Will It Be Game of the Year?

    I dont think Skyrim or Skyward will win, Batman has this one down, or uncharted. Batman is easily a 10/10. 30+ hours of interesting story sidequests riddler stuff, freaking annoying challenge maps, etc. Skyrim may have supposed 500 hours, but I have a feeling the side quests are going to be like...
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    What Are the Top 3 Most Overrated Games of All Time?

    All right people you started another flame war revolving around the CoD series. You people have probably never even played them, yet you still judge them on thier popularity. I have played these games and they are actually fun, Ocarina of time is REALLY overrated, I played the game, and I...
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    Should I Buy a 3DS Now?

    You didnt answer his question.... Anyway, I would wait for the price drop, because even though you will get tons of free content, all that content will not come close to the 70$ price drop, 40 at most. So, yeah, wait. The only reason I would NOT wait is if there is something on the 3ds ware...
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    Some Possibilities for a New Metroid Game

    I HIGHLY disagree on when you said Metroid Other M was EASY! Try playing it on hard, then tell me how easy it was. Second, Precise is the exact opposite when I think of say super metroid and metroid 2 and fusion, missle spam is a powerful thing. I think we need other M combat and finishers, and...
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    A Dilemma

    The ps3 isnt that good, get a 3ds I HAVE a ps3, and I dont like it that much.
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    What Are Your Favorite Capcom Games of All Time?

    Capcom used to be my favorite company.... now they just..... suck. Okami Megaman X Megaman 3
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    I'm Done with Capcom

    They made the new game for the 3ds have only one save file that can never EVER be erased. So now, no buying the game from gamestop. :/
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    I'm Done with Capcom

    Resident Evil Mecenaries 3D was a game with ONE SAVE FILE! To add on to that, you could never delete that save. Megaman Legends 3 no coming out, cancelled. And finally the WORST of all, ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. For those wondering why this is bad, think of it this way, I am a huge mvc fan...
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    What Games Do You Want to Buy That Are Already Released?

    Oh, god, I want Mass Effect! That game looks so good!
  20. Z

    Games You're Looking Forward To

    I guess battlefield 3 seems pretty cool. I like it better than CoD as long as they make an infantry only mode, tanks are cheap.
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    Kinect Kinect Kinect

    I hate the Kinect. I feel it should go burn in a hole. Its a copy of the wii, it's just microsoft trying to get casual gamer to get an xbox. My friends owns one, it sucks, and you look stupid while playing it.
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    Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?

    Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time. Period. KH is NOTHING compared to a series as legendary as the game that started up the love of rpgs.
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    Who Plays Xbox?

    I'm a big ps3 gamer, but I will have to admit that even though I'm not a big xbox fan, live beats the PSN anyday.
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    Super Smash Bros. 4 Personal Character

    People, you need to think realistically, there is no way that Megaman or anyone from that series is going to in it. THEY ARE NOT NINTENDO CHARACTERS! THOSE ARE CAPCOM! Amaterasu has no hope of being in it. Also Travis? There is a better chance of Sonic the Hedgehog 06' of getting a 10 in a...
  25. Z

    Spoiler Banjo Kazooie 64

    Jump and press B to attack and RUN. Also, who says no one likes water levels? At least in the Banjo series, water levels are actually fun. Plus if you wanna pick on a water level in that game, pick on Clankers cavern, treasure trove is actually cool, and fun.
  26. Z

    Favorite Gaming System

    Why would you even put WiiU on there?
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    Best Game Ever?

    This bias-ism is kinda annoying. My favorite game EVER is Final Fantasy X. This game is so good that even the people at gamestop who reviewed it online all gave it a 10 in every category. All except one person who gave it a 1 but those are trolls, you cant stop them from happening. It is just...
  28. Z

    GameCube VS Wii

    Dude, calm down, your acting like the wii has no good games for it. They don't all "suck balls" every play any of them? DKCR, Metroid Other M, Prime 3, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 new smb wii. But.... I still vote gamecube. It's just... way better. Motion controls are cool, but I'd rather just play...
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    Final Fantasy: Which One is the Best for a Newcomer to the Series to Start With?

    I'm justing gonna say this Zenox, do NOT start with 13. Please. Do NOT! It will turn you off the whole series. It's not a bad game, but it is complicated beyond belief. I'd say start with Final Fantasy X. It's very fun, linear, which, trust me, is a good thing in this game. Has easy to...
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    Which Would You Rather See a Zelda Game On, the Xbox or the Playstation?

    Ps3, multiple disks are crap. Plus 60% is the rate of xbox failure.
  31. Z

    Favirote RPG?

    Final fantasy X Therre is so much to do, and some of the bosses are really hard.
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    Which Console is Best in Some Areas

    Thank you! Finally! I have had all three of the next gen consoles. I love games from every single one. I have bias to the wii though, because I used to use that one the most by far. I have to say though, if racing and shooting is your thing, go with xbox. Xbox has some great exclusive, ex: halo...
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    Is Goldeneye Wii Good or is N64 Better?

    The controls for the wii are AWFUL! The game all around is not nearly as fun or as much as an impact. The n64 one is a classic and the wii one is a failed revival.
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    Is Goldeneye Wii Good or is N64 Better?

    N64 is waaaay better man, get that.
  35. Z

    Which Console is Best in Some Areas

    Playstation RPG'S!?! WTH?! Playstation is just like Microsoft with is obsession with shooters. You should add racing to xbox as well.
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    General Art Xinn's Spur-of-the-Moment Speedpaints

    Xin I hate you sooo much, you have all this art talent, and I don't have any! You didn't share it. Anyway, you are so blessed with your skills. I wish i had a quarter as much talent. :(
  37. Z

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Want You Gone. Thats All I have to say.
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    Which Pokémon Did You Choose in Black/White?

    I was tempted to get Snivy, because him and his evo's are cool looking, but then I saw Oshawott's final evo, and I WANTED IT! Samurott makes up for the rest of Oshawott's crappy forms. :/
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    Zelda in Minecraft!

    Ahh yes, Adventure craft. Heard of it, seems cool.
  40. Z

    Minecraft Overrated?

    Complaining that minecraft has no story is like complaining that is has bad graphics. Minecraft is so much fun, and so great. Plus, it's not even getting named greatest game ever or something like that. Having something being popular isn't overrated. There isn't supposed to be a story, because...
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    Classic Games Require Classic Consoles

    You are complaining about an xbox360 problem, not a disk problem in general. Don't blame disks for your xbox problems. Ps3 has one disk for everything. Even FFXIII which has like 5 different disks on xbox.
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    Is twilight princess worth playing?

    The game is excellent, complaining about the wolf is like complaining, about being stuck in deku link form for three days, get through the wolf parts, and get over it. The game is great, and it picks up after the first wolf link phase. It is a game notorious for it's slow start. Trust me, It...
  43. Z

    Favorite VG Song?

    My favorite song in a video game is "To Zanarkand" from Final fantasy X. It is so beutiful, calm and sad, just like the game in which it reins from. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-0G_FI61a8
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    Pokemon B&W: Audino Training Vs. Normal Training

    I tried this, putting stats ACTIVATE! lvl 10 Sandile trained to lvl 40 Same route Normal Training: 25 mins Audino Training 17 mins So... yeah, I don't want to do that math lol, but it is quite a bit faster, and thanks for giving me an excuse to get my Sandile, Bandit up to a Krookodile.
  45. Z

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I just bought infamous 2 and assassins creed brother hood. I have to say, Infamous 2 is a master piece. It is SO much fun. I can't say much about brotherhood, because I have been mainly playing infamous. :P
  46. Z

    Disappointment in Wii Virtual Console

    Umm... They do? You click on it and it says, "Compatible with [ Insert controller here ] in this case it would show a pic of the gamecube controller and the classic controller.
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    Favourite Super Mario Game?

    2d Mario world I beat that while game without grinding lives, and without any game overs. 3d Sunshine Why does everyone hate this game? Answer: It was too hard for them to beat :P.
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    General Art Xinn's Spur-of-the-Moment Speedpaints

    Do you take requests? Because I have several pokemon that i would like to see drawn. These are incredible and fun to look at. Whimsicott was the favorite of mine.
  49. Z

    Disappointment in Wii Virtual Console

    These complaints seem pitiful. Your satisfaction for hooking up old consoles says one thing. DON'T PLAY IT ON THE WII! PLAY IT ON THE ACTUAL CONSOLE! Nintendo didn't think ahead and think, "Hey, one day we are going to make a huge archive of old games, so lets make every single console...
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    Does Anybody Here Play Touhou?

    I only like touhou mother. I cant get into any of the others.
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