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  • Actually, it isn't. Zenox said he won't be getting his computer back until late December, unfortunately.
    No sir it isn't... Zenox never got his computer back, so we are unable to run the server.
    I know I said the server wouldn't be back up until late August, but I lied. The server is back up right now. Same IP, new world.
    Late August, when Beta 1.8 is released. We'll be starting a new world for the Adventure Update with the NPC villages and stuff.
    Couldn't really remember who was there and who wasn't. We haven't told anybody we're back so far. Since it usually dies every now and then, we decided to stop promoting it.
    Thank Zorato, I'm glad you liked it.

    I haven't checked on the votes so far.
    I'm not huge into competitive battling with 5th gen yet, but I do know there was a moth Pokémon, it's Bug/Fire. I forget the name of it.

    And yes, there are quite a few more ranks above Hero of Time.
    The next rank above Zora is Hero of Time at 2500 points. I'm currently at 1900. lol

    And as for your previous question, I make them using a program called PokeGen and then use the AR Code it generates to modify my save file.
    Played both versions. Played one where I did all good, one all bad, and then one where I made decisions that seemed more realistic. The last one was pretty much I did all good except I tried to save Trish and I became Infamous at the end. Good is more fun though because the powers are more interesting. Bad simply gives you more destructive power. Also, the bad missions creep me out. I'd rather be a super hero then some punk with powers.
    Have not gotten the second one yet, but I plan on it. I'm very tempted to buy it now but there is a slim chance that I'll wait for a while until the price goes down (A VERY slim chance). I am a huge Infamous fan. I've always loved superheroes and the ability to play as one is always epic in my eyes. But what really won me over was the complexity and depth of the story. The plot twist at the end had me standing on my feet in awe, and after that I went back and found all the little twists. Paying attention the second time around really made me appreciate it more.
    the software we use for the server is currently not updated. We will get it back online as soon as possible.
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