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  1. Mugen

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    So many good games, such a small amount of slots. This will be in no particular order. 5. Final Fantasy 9 4. A link to the Past 3. Wild Arms 2. Diablo 2 1. Majoras mask I am probobly forgeting some really good ones and i will kick myself later when they come to mind, oh well =P
  2. Mugen

    What's Your Favorite Cartoon?

    If this is just cartoons from childhood and not anime, then it would HAVE to be Batman: The Animated Series and Hey Arnold. I mean....batman was just so epic in every sort of way, and Hey Arnold was just very well writen and i can still watch it too this day and enjoy it. I cant say that for...
  3. Mugen

    Hunger Games a Disappointment????

    I never did read the books, but the movie was just......not that great. The whole idea has been done a lot before. With an arena where people are forced to kill each other they should not have toned it down to a childrens movie, was ridiculous. So much of the movie made absolutely no sense at...
  4. Mugen

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    To this day the SNES is my favorite system and is what i think the best system ever made. The library of games is just legendary. If i had to pick one it would probobly beeeeeeee, super mario world......but thats like picken a game thats a 10/10 from 100 other games that are 10/10...... forgive...
  5. Mugen

    Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine?

    I absolutely love the vibe sunshine gives off, the whole theme and soundtrack are great. I can just sit there in town and injoy the music forever. I get so frustrated at certain levels like the sandbird ( HATE THAT DARN SANDBIRD!!!). Galaxy was pretty cool but i never finished it, my cousins...
  6. Mugen

    Darkness of MM and TP

    The darkness in MM was done so well, with the music and peoples reactions as doomsday comes sooner. Yet it still has a happy childish feel too it, absolutely perfect.
  7. Mugen

    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    I think iv always put my real name in there, not on the old handhelds though i dont think
  8. Mugen

    Hardest Dungeon in Any Zelda Game.

    I dunno why but the forest temple always anoyed the crap outa me. Was always fine with water temples, LOVED the great bay temple. Though on my first playthrough of OoT as a little kid i remember getting so frustraited at not having enough keys.
  9. Mugen

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    Wolf link was pretty fun, but yea it got annoying at times. Definetly a good addition too the game though.
  10. Mugen

    Should Link Have Rivals More Often?

    A rival if done right would be fun, always love kicken Gary's butt.
  11. Mugen

    Petition for English Translation of Hyrule Historia

    Omg having it would be awsome, a great collector item
  12. Mugen

    General Modern Link's Crossbow Training

    Its pretty decent for a spin off, kept me entertained for a bit
  13. Mugen

    Skyward Sword What's Your Opinion on Motion Controls?

    They were ok, but they did NOT have to have everything involve motion controls. But then again i hate the whole motion control gimmic, just another lame fad that has too die out like 3D
  14. Mugen

    Phantom Hourglass: Did You Like It?

    It was a pretty good try, alot of aspects turned me off but i still enjoyed most of it. Unlike many people i think it was far superior too spirit tracks.
  15. Mugen

    Is Link Truely Either Left-handed or Right-handed?

    Uhg this stupid argument yet again, he is whatever u want him too be.... hese a link
  16. Mugen

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Link, the goron from OoT
  17. Mugen

    If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

    Size and color dosnt matter, aslong as my loftwing has a fro.... give that loftwing some soul :cool:
  18. Mugen

    Favourite Skyward Sword Feature

    So glad they added the dash, u really get sick of having to roll everywhere lol
  19. Mugen

    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    I played SS with the highest expectations, and found myself to be highly disappointed. The game was pretty fun but not anywhere near as good as the old games. The story was extreamly linear with so much annoying FLUFF. how many times do i have to prove that im a hero or that i have courage in...
  20. Mugen

    What's Your Opinion on Upgrades?

    Upgrades were a very cool idea, and yea they definetly coulda added different effects and such to them.
  21. Mugen

    Epona Vs Loftwing?

    The loftwings were pretty darn cool for the start of the game, but with the lack of ANYTHING too do in the sky it just made flying around a boring waste of time. With epona or even the ship u get too shoot things while u are traveling.
  22. Mugen

    What is Your Favorite Race?

    been a goron fan forever, but i do love those kikwis <3
  23. Mugen

    Skyward Sword Graphics

    The graphics were great. Hate when people get so graphic orientated and think that its the most important part of a game.
  24. Mugen

    Which Imprisoned Battle Did You Enjoy Most?

    I wasn't the biggest fan of the imprisoned and the fight with demise went by way too quick.
  25. Mugen

    How Did You Like the Harp?

    the harp is the most ridiculous instrument so far. u just wave your hand randomly and u somehow play a different song. In older games you really get to know the songs and memorize them. I still know how to play most the songs for OoT by heart. But with the harp u don't really get to know them...
  26. Mugen

    The History of Nintendo

    wow i watched that a couple times, very nice
  27. Mugen

    Miyamoto's New Game for the Wii U, Better Than the Zelda Series?

    Oh how i would love an rpg, need more of them for nintendo
  28. Mugen

    Just Got Back into Skyrim.

    after doing all the big quests and being unbeatable i stoped playing, great game though so im sure ill be back too it again in a few months
  29. Mugen

    What's the Scariest Game You've Ever Played?

    Amensia for sure, still havnt played it all the way through. i havnt played a silent hill game and all the resident evil games arnt that scary too me
  30. Mugen

    Which Metroid Game is Your Favourite?

    metroid prime and fusion are a tie, there both darn good
  31. Mugen

    Favorite Fighting Game

    Soul calibur 2 and Super smash..... and i supose mortal kombat when i was young, but i always sucked at it :(
  32. Mugen

    How do you play Brawl?

    I have been using the gamecubes wavebird controller since the start of melee, cant play without it.
  33. Mugen

    Favorite Video Game Music

    Donkey Kong Country games have always had the best soundtrack in my opinion, and i absolutly love kingdom hearts and wild arms 1 + 2 music aswell
  34. Mugen

    SSB4 Charectors: Who's Going?

    Hated Rob, get rid of him and some of the clone characters like falco....there just far too similar
  35. Mugen

    What is Your Favorite Nintendo System.

    Snes of course, that thing came out with so many legends
  36. Mugen

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    It all depends on what games are released at the time, if there crap games ill hold out on buying it till a good one comes out.
  37. Mugen

    Xbox 360 or Ps3?

    ps3 for me, i have been a playstation owner since childhood.
  38. Mugen

    Kingdom Hearts Fans?

    LOVE the first and second games, but the others not so much. Never got into chain of memories.. hate that style
  39. Mugen

    Kid Icarus-Is It Worth Buying?

    I was thinking about buying it aswell, never played the original
  40. Mugen

    Favourite GameBoy?

    Gameboy Advance is at top, alot of time spent that thing, the sp was better but im goin for the orginal. Gameboy color was when i realy got into gaming though so its pretty tough
  41. Mugen

    Spoiler General Resident Evil 6 Discussion Thread

    Wasnt the 5th game supost to be the last one...... oh well and whats with leon he looks friggin weird now
  42. Mugen

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    Omg its hard to think back so far, its probobly super mario bros for the nes, which was like 18 years ago or somethin
  43. Mugen

    What's YOUR 2011 Game of the Year?

    Portal 2 was perfect, and as much as i hated the previous games.. i ended up really enjoying skyrim. Was pretty disapointed with skyward sword but its still up there. 1. Portal 2 2. Skyrim 3. Skyward Sword
  44. Mugen

    Which is Better?

    Playstation was the bomb, played the crap outa mine. and ya it had a great rpgs
  45. Mugen

    Thoughts on Old Games

    I grew up with a nes and snes, i like them far more than anything nowadays. always tell my friends that the snes was the best console ever
  46. Mugen

    F2P Runescape Leveling Up

    yea ur not guna find much more than hill giants as a free player, whip out that $6 or whatever it is nowadays
  47. Mugen

    Favorite Smash Bros. Game and Character

    Melee ofcourse, required alot more skill. Gata go with Marth as my altime favorite, followed by samus............though diddy kong was super fun in brawl
  48. Mugen

    Anticapted Game of 2012

    Diablo 3, bioshock, Luigi's Mansion 2. such a good year
  49. Mugen

    Is Mario Kart Worth It?

    I just got it with my replacement wii and i have been enjoying it. Single player does get anoying, much more fun when u get a couple friends to play with ya or play online. Stupid blue shells!
  50. Mugen

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    unfortunately i just started playing WoW again for the millionth time, waiten for diabo 3
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