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  1. tetrafan

    Which Disney Movies Do You Think Have the Best Songs?

    Tarzan some of those songs are amazing!:yes:. Also Beauty and the Beast.
  2. tetrafan

    The 5 Zelda Games You Have Played the Most?

    1 Ocarina of Time 2 Wind Waker 3 Twilight Princess 4 Majora's Mask 5 Minish Cap
  3. tetrafan

    Favourite Mario Vs Bowser Battle?

    Super Mario Galaxy 1 I love the Music that plays during the fight.:cool:
  4. tetrafan

    Are There Any Fans of Merlin Here?

    I like it but hated the ending I'm catching up on the first 2 seasons as I never watched the series back then. I loved some of the characters and the episodes are good its a shame the series ended.:wrong:
  5. tetrafan

    What Was the Game That Sparked Your Love for Gaming?

    Yoshi's Island I was 6 years old when I got addicted to games. The moment I played the game I was hooked and it was my favourite game for years. Nowadays I have loads of new favourites and I owe it all to Yoshi's island its the reason I love games.
  6. tetrafan

    What Are Your Top 3 Sonic Games?

    1 Sonic 2 2 Sonic CD 3 Sonic 3
  7. tetrafan

    Your Top 5 Most Played Games on Each Console

    N64 1 Ocarina of Time 2 Majora's Mask 3 Pokemon Stadium 2 4 Conker's Bad Fur Day 5 Super Mario 64 Gamecube 1 Wind Waker 2 Resident Evil 1 3 Resident evil 0 4 Sonic Mega Collection 5 Super Smash Bros Melee PS1 1 Resident Evil 3 2 Resident Evil 2 3 Rayman 2 4 Spyro The...
  8. tetrafan

    What Are Your Favorite Disney Animated Movies?

    Mine are in no order 1 Fantasia 2 Beauty and the Beast 3 The Little Mermaid 4 The Fox and the Hound 5 Pinocchio 6 Dumbo 7 Bambi 8 Cinderella 9 Aladdin 10 Snow White 11 Sleeping Beauty 12 Lady and the Tramp 13 Peter Pan All Masterpieces in my opinion.:yes:
  9. tetrafan

    Pokémon X & Y: Favorite Starter Design

    I love the design of the Fire starter:party: the other 2 dont really stand out to me.
  10. tetrafan

    Current Gaming Obsession

    Mine is The Resident Evil games I just finished RE3 for the first time and loved it.:yes: So I'm going to play through it again. Its now one of my favourite games.
  11. tetrafan

    Your Favorite Childhood Games?

    I started gaming when I was 6 and its my favourite pastime so my list is 1 Yoshi's Island SNES 2 Super Mario World 3 Super Mario Bros 3 4 Zelda Ocarina of Time 5 Pokemon Yellow/Gold and Silver 6 Super Mario 64 7 Sonic 2 Mega Drive 8 Pokemon Stadium 9 Banjo Kazooie/Tooie 10 Spyro the...
  12. tetrafan

    Skyward Sword Impa: Yay or Nay

    Impa is one of my favourite characters from SS:yes: and my favourite version of her as I loved the design and the fact she does more in this game then the others.
  13. tetrafan

    Favorite Color?

    Yellow has always been my favourite.
  14. tetrafan

    What Was Your Favorite Childhood Movie?

    The Land Before Time original. Its wonderfully animated and has a beautiful score by James Horner and is probably the reason I still love Cartoons today.:yes:
  15. tetrafan

    Was Navi or Any of the Companions Really Annoying? I Think... NO!

    I thought Navi was ok I like the idea of Link having a fairy companion. Tatl is my favourite sidekick however and I love her rude comments it was a fresh change from Navi and some of the other sidekicks. Linebeck is another favourite of mine I think he's hilarious and makes Phantom Hourglass a...
  16. tetrafan

    What's Your Favorite Resident Evil Title, and Why?

    Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 1 remake both have amazing bosses and excellent replay value. Resident Evil 0 is quite good and I'm looking to play RE3/4 as well. :yes:
  17. tetrafan

    Most Underrated Pokemon

    I agree Raichu is always overlooked compared to Pichu and Pikachu. I always have a Raichu in my team plus he can learn Giga Impact and Hyperbeam which ia a bonus.
  18. tetrafan

    General Modern Toon Link Poll‼

    Wind Waker Link easily. Its great watching Links expressions throughout the game. Also I thought the voice artist suited this Link perfectly.
  19. tetrafan

    Sonic the Hedgehog Fans?

    This is a hard one either Sonic 2 or Sonic CD. Sonic 2 has more levels:cool: and is more challenging in my opinion and Tails is playable too. Whereas Amy Rose isn't playable in Sonic CD a real shame:mad: but its music is fantastic and the past'present and future level aspect is brilliant.
  20. tetrafan

    Favorite Sonic Levels?

    Sonic CD Collision Chaos Sonic 2 Mystic Cave Zone.:yes:
  21. tetrafan

    Which Water Dungeon is the Best?

    OOT Water Temple mainly because of the Dark Link fight and the wonderful music.:yes:
  22. tetrafan

    Am I the Only One Who Doesn't Like Princess Zelda

    I like Zelda she's one of the best characters Nintendo has ever created!:yes:
  23. tetrafan

    Best Ice Dungeon

    Temple of Droplets for me! I love the music and puzzles and I always look forward to completing it whenever I'm playing MC. I agree it is the best Temple in the game.:yes:
  24. tetrafan

    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Pikachu.:yes: Its the reason I got into the series in the first place! and Pikachu is still my favourite after all these years. Thunder and Thunderbolt are always in my Pikachu's moveset.
  25. tetrafan

    Top 5 Game Characters

    1 Link 2 Mario 3 Miles Tails Prower 4 Pikachu 5 Lara Croft
  26. tetrafan

    Does Raichu Suck?

    I love Raichu its always been one of my favourite pokemon to use. But Jolteon is a more impressive electric pokemon with its amazing speed and better special attack.
  27. tetrafan

    Favourite Sonic Game

    I would have to say Sonic 2 closely follow by Sonic CD! amazing games.
  28. tetrafan

    What's Your Favorite Cartoon?

    The Golden age of animation Disney,Warner Bros and MGM nothing else even compare's to me.:yes:
  29. tetrafan

    Favorite Girahim Battle

    The Second one mainly because its more challenging then the first and I'm not keen on Girahim's real form in the last battle. Plus the cutscene was really fun to watch.:yes:
  30. tetrafan

    Favorite Legendary?

    Same here easily one of my favourites.
  31. tetrafan

    General Modern Favorite Zelda Race?

    Kikwi their so adorable and I love the way they hide.
  32. tetrafan

    What if You Never Came Across Video Games?

    I would probably read loads more novels. I have been a Gamer since I was 6 Years old and I honestly can't imagine my life without them. :yes:
  33. tetrafan

    Are You Left Handed, Right Handed, or Ambidextrous?

    I have to agree with you! ambidextrous is pretty cool it makes playing Skyward Sword easier. I do use my left hand more but I throw with my right.
  34. tetrafan

    Groose: Beginning or Later?

    I agree Groose was much better on the surface he's much more mature near the end of the game. although it was funny to see him moping in his room though...
  35. tetrafan

    Pics of My Zelda Collection

    That's a fantastic collection! I wish I could match it...
  36. tetrafan

    Majora's Mask Favorite Transformation Mask

    Deku Mask Its really cool to play as Deku Link and to fly through the air.
  37. tetrafan

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I do Wolf Link is one of the best reasons to play Twilight Princess and I enjoyed collecting the tears of light.
  38. tetrafan

    General Modern Favorite Part of Minish Cap

    Temple of Droplets was my favourite part the Design is one of the best in Zelda games.:yes:
  39. tetrafan

    Your Favorite Skyward Sword Music

    Skyview Temple was my favourite plus the fantastic boss music included at the end of the Temple.
  40. tetrafan

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    1 WW Link he's my favourite Link and I would like Nintendo to continue using this style of Link in a future 3D Zelda game with Tetra too of course. 2 Tatl she's been my favourite of Links partners so far and needs a comeback in my opinion. 3 Midna but only if she's in her Imp form I didn't...
  41. tetrafan

    What is Your Favorite Link?

    WW Link is my favourite. There's something very memorable about a character killing a guy with two swords single-handedly!:yes:
  42. tetrafan

    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    My favourite part is when you encounter Dark Link in the Water Temple and the stairs leading up to Ganondorf.
  43. tetrafan

    Do You Have Any Suggestions for Making Pokemon Better?

    I would like to be able choose the gender of the pokemon I'm going to breed. Except ones that are only Male or Female species.
  44. tetrafan

    Does Toon Zelda Like Toon Link, Vice Versa SP?

    I like to think so being a big Zelda/Link pairing fan. You can see Link likes Tetra in Wind Waker and Link does blush in some cutscenes in Spirit Tracks.
  45. tetrafan

    To Evolve Or Not?

    If I like the pokemon enough I don't evolve it. where as I used to always evolve my pokemon. Now I dont evolve my Pikachu into Raichu when it learns Thunder any more. Same for my Tepig because I cant stand its evolutions so I keep it in its basic form also Dewotts much cooler then its final...
  46. tetrafan

    Do You Like Legendaries?

    I like legendary pokemon but I don't like having them on my team. It makes the game too easy and I like a challenge. Plus I think there's too many. The first generation has the best ones Mew is awesome.
  47. tetrafan

    Favorite Pokemon by Generation

    1 Pikachu 2 Espeon 3 Latias 4 Glaceon 5 Tepig
  48. tetrafan

    Favorite Eeveelution

    1 Espeon its my favourite Psychic Pokemon and the best in the second generation for me. 2 Glaceon its an awesome Ice type and its special attack is devastating.
  49. tetrafan

    Game with Best Music

    Ocarina of Time. The Forest,Water,Shadow Temple and Ganon's Castle are my favourites. I also loved Phantom Ganon's theme in WW.:cool:
  50. tetrafan

    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Powered Up Arrows!

    Light Arrows. Its fun to destroy Phantom Ganon in Wind Waker and then have Zelda fight Ganondorf with them alongside you.
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