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  1. Woah Jake

    Who Wants a New Zelda Show?

    I would like a cartoon that is something like adventure time, or atleast the art style! Zelda Time ;)
  2. Woah Jake

    Who Wants a New Zelda Show?

    I just watched the first episode of the old Animated Zelda series, It was crap! No wonder it was cancelled! I mean i'm not mad about the voice acting, im mad about the cheesy lines and storyline! I feel we need a new Zelda tv show so we can forget about the old one! I'd like to see a Zac...
  3. Woah Jake

    What is Your Triforce?

    The Triforce Of Pourage :D~! As you can see I'm a Power/Courage Fan
  4. Woah Jake

    General Modern Zelda: WiiU

    Completely New I want something completely new, as if it was a new series (Not really) I want no connections to other games, maybe just a master sword connection but thats it
  5. Woah Jake

    GrooseLand! Skyward Sword Sequel!

    Wouldn't that be a great idea?! Jk Although I love the idea I'm sure it would never become a reality.. Hopefully Grooseland is refferenced in future titles. What do you think?
  6. Woah Jake

    Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?

    I'd have to say the cutscenes,story, and the character development! In the beginning I hated grooses guts! But by the end I was begging for him to comeback! He is my favorite zelda character at this time! I hope he makes a return.
  7. Woah Jake

    So What's Next?

    Twilight Princess Sequel I say this game introduces a new link, and it could be a few years after twilight princess! have Ordon link be the father of the new link! There could be a war over lands or something like that :D
  8. Woah Jake

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    Hero Of Time I'd have to say 1. Hero Of Time- This is the most classic link of them all! His story still doesn't seem finished.. its weird.. maybe they could make a third game! He'd still have the mask's, the ocarina and some type of cool new sword or power! 2. Linebeck- He was pretty...
  9. Woah Jake

    Hero Of Time To Return One Day?

    Would you like the idea of a third game featuring the Hero of time ? I am craving it! If you are as well post some ideas of what you think the story would be!
  10. Woah Jake

    Things You'd Like to Have Return

    :D 1.The Hero Of Time 2.Zora's 3.Biggoron Sword
  11. Woah Jake

    Link To The Past 3ds Eshop

    Will it happen guys? I've been really wanting to play it.. but dont have the time to play it on a console.. do you think it could be a 3d classic
  12. Woah Jake

    Is Too Long of a Zelda Game a Bad Thing?

    I am just wondering if any of you have played a long zelda game and thinking of it as a bad thing... if so what game and why?
  13. Woah Jake

    Oh Dear!

    You sir are an idiot, I dont know why you are even posting this negative post in the skyward sword section... this game is going to be great and they have not overused the story for this game, this game is said to be very different from the others and I myself am exciteds about flying on my cool...
  14. Woah Jake

    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    I say a teleporting dark link would be cool
  15. Woah Jake

    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    I think having a skilled swordsmen as a boss would be epic! what would u want?
  16. Woah Jake

    Where is Four Swords on Eshop?!?!

    it said september?!?! where is it?
  17. Woah Jake

    Minish Cap! The Pixar Movie?!?!

    What do you think? I could see this happening... just look at the 3d art of minish cap i found.. http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=minish+cap+3d#/d30ol06 http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=minish+cap+3d#/d2huyuz...
  18. Woah Jake

    Will There Ever Be A Legend of Zelda Movie?

    I could see a pixar minish cap movie C:
  19. Woah Jake

    Ideas for an Original 3DS Zelda

    either a four swords sequel, tp sequel.. or even a spirit tracks sequel that takes place in new hyrule and a 20 yr old princess zelda is about to get married and a young link is training to become a knight and the night the wedding is supposed to happen zelda doesnt show and the groom is...
  20. Woah Jake

    Final Boss of Skyward Sword?

    Ganon duh...........................
  21. Woah Jake

    Four Swords DSI Sequel or Port?

    did the original four swords even have a storyline?
  22. Woah Jake

    Four Swords Adventure Sequel

    Should It Be 3D? Should It Be 2D? Should It Happen At All? What Should The Story Be?
  23. Woah Jake

    Your Zelda Bucket List

    Play every Zelda game, beat them get a replica of masterswords
  24. Woah Jake

    The Legend Of Zelda: The Sword Of Anguish

    A story about a boy who works as an assistant to a Blacksmith and one day is told to go store some old things in the basement, but unknowingly stumbles upon a Sword of great power! This sword he finds feeds of the anguish of its beholder and in return gives the holder great powers, keep in mind...
  25. Woah Jake

    Zelda Games On 3DS Official Disscussion

    ~Original Game~ 1.What do you think it will be about? 2.New Villain and/or Old Villain? What would you prefer? 3.Style? Cartoon/Dark/Both? 4.Touch Screen used for movement or no? 5. Sequel or Original? -Eshop Ports- 1.Minish Cap 2.Oracle Series 3.The Legend Of Zelda 4.A Link To The...
  26. Woah Jake

    What Could Possibly Ruin Skyward Sword?

    There is, check it out on the aunoma interview
  27. Woah Jake

    What Could Possibly Ruin Skyward Sword?

    First of all, skyward sword is confirmed to be very long, and the story is going to be refreshing itself with knight quests and flying on a birdy :D
  28. Woah Jake

    What We Would Like to See in the Next Zelda Game!!!

    What would you like? I want a 2D game that resembles minish caps style of 2D zelda with a decent story new villain either brand new link or spirit tracks link
  29. Woah Jake

    General Modern Which is Better, PH or ST?

    My opinion is... Phantom Hourglass!
  30. Woah Jake

    Remastered Legend of Zelda 3DS... (OPINION POST)

    Maybe for the 30th anniversary
  31. Woah Jake

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    Id pay over the amount of oot 3d dor mm 3ds
  32. Woah Jake

    Links Nasty Face!

    i hope that they change his eye brows and his lips.. thats all i have a problem with
  33. Woah Jake

    Links Nasty Face!

    Im sorry zelda fans but.. the link in skyward sword.. is just... well... Nasty! not to be mean! I love Every other character design.. its just.. his face.. it looks like he got botox done.. or something! what do you think? will they fiz links ugly face or will we have to play as a deformed...
  34. Woah Jake

    What Are You Looking Forward to Most.

    haha ikr! lol they rlly rlly need to edit link a bit and make him look a bit closer to TP link..
  35. Woah Jake

    What Are You Looking Forward to Most.

    Im excited for the new land and battles! epiccc! but i really do think the should edit links lips so they arent as puffy.. and his eye brows are a bit too close..
  36. Woah Jake

    General Classic Favourite Classic Zelda Game

    just got done playing the original Loz... im not used to it!
  37. Woah Jake

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    You people are crazy.. the water temple wasn't hard! i loved it and thought it was amazingly fun.. but an annoying temple was ****ing shadow temple.. :(
  38. Woah Jake

    A Link to the Past A Link to the Past Remake for the 3ds?

    i hope they do a 3d links awakening in the style of oot
  39. Woah Jake

    Ocarina of Time Fave Thing to Do in OoT

    Playing the game... durrrr hehe :)
  40. Woah Jake

    General Modern What Should I Play Next?/What is Your Favourite Modern LoZ?

    From What I Have Played... I Say Buy Phantom Hourglass or WindWaker
  41. Woah Jake

    Ocarina of Time Most Annoying Boss Not Including Ganondorf

    I loved Phantom Gannon! took me literally 3 minutes to beat him... and i ****in hate morpha
  42. Woah Jake

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple to Beat

    Just Beat Water Temple In OOT 3D It Was Eassssy And My Favorite Temple
  43. Woah Jake

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Ocarina of Time Sage?

    Duranai! I've always loved him! i was kinda sad when i found he was a sage... doesnt that mean your like dead?
  44. Woah Jake

    Tingle-love or Hate?

    Neither.. he is just really annoying
  45. Woah Jake

    General Modern Wii U Zelda Ideas Thread

    Yes and once you pick up the Wii U Pad and Hold it up to the tv it connects with the tv to aim
  46. Woah Jake

    Poll: Which Version of Princess Zelda Do You Like the Most?

    I like the zeldas with cool personalitys... like windaker zelda and it seems like SS zelda has a very funny persona
  47. Woah Jake

    What It Will Take to Top OOT

    Alot of zelda games seem like rehashes of others.. i say they take away the overworld underworld theme and just do underworld where the world is already in danger and there is a boy in a secret town underground and is meant to be the chosen one! and what they need for a villain is a villain that...
  48. Woah Jake

    Fanfic Idea

    I was thinking of doing a Zelda Fanfic not involving link but is in the same universe as OOT & TWW, so far its about a girl who loses her brother in the great flood and she is washed upon a shore and meets a zora and a fairy that resembles navi, her quest involves finding her brother before its...
  49. Woah Jake

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Character in the Game( Link, and Zelda Don't Count)

    Duranai! When i first played it i was shocked that he was one of the sages..
  50. Woah Jake

    The Deku Tree!!!

    I Hope The Deku Tree Is In Skyward Sword!
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