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The Legend Of Zelda: The Sword Of Anguish

Jul 6, 2011
A story about a boy who works as an assistant to a Blacksmith and one day is told to go store some old things in the basement, but unknowingly stumbles upon a Sword of great power! This sword he finds feeds of the anguish of its beholder and in return gives the holder great powers, keep in mind this Link has watched his parents die right in front of him, and his life is filled with anguish (coincidence). So after hiding the fact that he had stolen the sword
from the cellar his master catches him training in the woods with it slashing at trees, his master then fires him for taking things without telling him.
Link then sets off for home but then realizes that he forgot his backpack and is forced to ride his horse epona back to the Blacksmith's workshop.. but when he arrives the workshop has been destroyed! So Link investigates finding the Blacksmith laying on the ground seemingly unconcious, link then tries to
awaken the blacksmith, the blacksmith wakes up and whispers to link "I hid the sword in a place only you would check." so link then takes his bag and......
goes to get help, afterwards link goes to search for this sword but then gives up, link then heads home on epona, but stops right before he enters his
house and sees princess zelda running towards him, he has never met her but she acts as though shes known him for ages! She then tells link info on who may have attacked her friends and why she has come this far to ask him if he has heard his master ever mention a sword that was powered by anguish and that it belonged to a demon that died athousand deaths by the sword so many times that the sword transformed into something of an evil swordbut
zelda then says that it is impossible that its him because he was stricken down 100 years ago by a brave warrior.

Okay that was my zelda game idea.. what do u think? good or no good? if good u may continue it if u want

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
This belongs in a blog or the Fan Works forum. Just a heads up: a mod might move this thread.
Oh yeah, pretty cool story. :yes:

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