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  1. whiteknight455

    The "Way" Between Hyrule and Termina

    I say that the protal is deep in the lost woods where only the Kokiri know how to get there. The happy mask salesman follows the Kokiris into that portal so he know now how to get in and out. And at the end of the I dont think Link went back to Hyrule I say he went to another dimension.
  2. whiteknight455

    Zelda Wii U

    I say it will be in Termina. And TP will be looking for a way to bring Midna back because either they need her for a coming war or Link just wants to find her like OoT Link wanted to find Navi
  3. whiteknight455

    Tingle in SS!

    Um.. did you people not read my second post if you did not please read. Thats is most of info that I need to tell that Tingle is going to be SS
  4. whiteknight455

    Tingle in SS!

    actually acording to Zelda Wiki in his game seris it explains why we have Tingle. In every game there not the same Tingle they are people charging large amounts of money to get into rupeeland
  5. whiteknight455

    Tingle in SS!

    Will Tingle be in SS? Okay so we now know that there is flying and small islands around Skyloft. To me it sounds like you might have to map the islands and who would do that for you? TINGLE! It would make sense if he is there in the game.Tell me what you think.
  6. whiteknight455

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    Oh its you i see you quite a few times so I say 8/10
  7. whiteknight455

    Ocarina of Time Who is Dark Link?

    I say that Ganon made the first dark Link then Link killed him then the mirror thing happened and that is the same Link in AoL
  8. whiteknight455

    Wow !!

    It not TP and Wind Waker combined it either OOT graphics returning or it own new stlye which I am in love with!
  9. whiteknight455

    Magic Meter

    Okay so we saw that the bar is the sheild bar but maybe later in the game you get the magic bar later on like in WW. I mean this could happen because we have only seen the begining of the game.
  10. whiteknight455

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^no I'm good <Is glad his sister is gone to camp Vknows what joy I'm right now because of my sisters absence
  11. whiteknight455

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^No but kinda want to <has seen the new SS trailer about 15-25 times V has seen almost everything about SS
  12. whiteknight455

    Bulbasaur Penguins

    So in the new trailer I saw the peguin thing that has a blub on its back or is that a puch it carries or waht but still what is called because for now I'm calling it Bulbasaur penguin:)
  13. whiteknight455

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    3/10 I've seen you before somewhere
  14. whiteknight455

    Koroks in Sws?

    I thought it was a bulbasaur combined with a penguin but its not a Korok and it is a new race and what where those guys who came out of the ground? Where they the suberosa(or something like that) that came out in some portable game
  15. whiteknight455

    ZD Family Tree

    Yah I have a family! so now what ?
  16. whiteknight455

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Girl's Possible Name.

    Fi are you sure how do you prounouce that
  17. whiteknight455

    Spoiler Ghirahim, the Pale Dude...

    Duh it the first boss fight (30 charters)
  18. whiteknight455

    ZD Family Tree

    Yah I have a Family!!!!!!!!(30 character)
  19. whiteknight455

    Spoiler Who is the Girl from the New Trailer

    I hope it is Zelda and I think Link and Zelda might be more tahn friends in this game
  20. whiteknight455

    Countdown to E3

    1 hour 15 min!!!!!SS SS SS SS SS SS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. whiteknight455

    Countdown to E3

    2:30 minutes and I cant wait because I woke up at 6:15 to see it but it turns out that it was at 11:00 at central time
  22. whiteknight455

    ZD Family Tree

    Hey adopt me too DekuNut I have the master sword
  23. whiteknight455

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^yes <Can't wait for SS Vis in love with SS graphics
  24. whiteknight455

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^who? <thought E3 was on monday so woke up early to watch it then realized it was on Tuesday Vknows who Chuggaaconroy is
  25. whiteknight455

    Your *facepalm* Moments

    Anytime talking to my sister gives me a facepalm because she just does stupid stuff
  26. whiteknight455

    What Superpower Would You Have?

    be able to control electricity and shoot it out of my hands. Who needs a dephultor when I'm around
  27. whiteknight455


    Okay I think that we will fight Volvagia but the hero of Gorons will ask Link for help Links kills him and the Goron takes all the credit for killing him it seems like something Zelda would do right
  28. whiteknight455

    Rate the Character Above You

    10/1o sees has the triforce of wisdom is a princess and has a game named after her Marvin the depressed robot(hitch hikers guide to the galaxy the book version not the movie)
  29. whiteknight455

    Should Skyward Sword Be Moved to "Project Cafe"?

    I think sadly it is possible if project cafe uses motion control but I still hope that it for the Wii
  30. whiteknight455

    Jump Attack

    Okay I have been waching the SS gameplay videos and I noticed that there is no jump attack. That worries me because I love to use it but I'm thinking that it is being replaced by the veritical spin attack. Can any one tell me if it is in SS and how you use it.
  31. whiteknight455

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    3/10 Meh I see you sometimes.....
  32. whiteknight455

    Graphic Requests

    I need a small but good siggy pic I'm thinking TP link with a white tunic or something like that
  33. whiteknight455

    Spoiler The Hopefully Flawless Zelda Timeline

    Here is my timeline in my siggy if your wondering why MC goes after is because I think the Piccori and the Master Sword are the same sword but still just a theory but hey so is the timetime
  34. whiteknight455

    I Replace Your ____ with ____

    no now I have bubbles I replace your Mac with Windows(I dont even have a Mac)
  35. whiteknight455

    Slingshot -_-

    Well I hope the sligshot is more usefull in SS than TP but still it was usefull I used for killing keese all the time because I dindnt want to wast arrows(sorry for misspells I suck at typing)
  36. whiteknight455

    100+ Things I've Learned From Playing Zelda

    16. all you need to warp places on the sea is a magic baton
  37. whiteknight455

    Truth or Dare Game

    okay it should be up in a sec so you can look at for the whole day
  38. whiteknight455

    Ping Pong!

    Justeazy you are on wall of shame now
  39. whiteknight455

    ...In My PANTS!

    amaterasu has 29 points in my pants
  40. whiteknight455

    New Super Mario Bros for Project Cafe have Online Multi.

    sorry I had to chang it before I gto banned so dont hate me for it. It was stupid but now I know it was wrong sorry
  41. whiteknight455

    ZD Family Tree

    Hey who needs a husband or brother ir what ever I avilble as long as dont like the CD-I games I'm okay
  42. whiteknight455

    Pre-order Bonus for Skyward Sword.

    maybe a sort of master sword thing that you can atach to your wii remote and also a sheild to make you feel more like Link. seeing all the crap Nintendo prodces like this (see and wal-mart game section) I say it is likely
  43. whiteknight455

    Ping Pong!

    okay lets stop calling the aleins and play some PONG
  44. whiteknight455

    Truth or Dare Game

    some one dare/truth me please.....
  45. whiteknight455

    Truth or Dare Game

    put this on Siggy it 42 so shut up
  46. whiteknight455

    The Member Fact Game

    has 36 post and joined ZD in April
  47. whiteknight455

    New Super Mario Bros for Project Cafe have Online Multi.

    sorry dude but sucks to be you
  48. whiteknight455

    Ping Pong!

    PONG SHUT UP!*the pong was me hitting you with metal bat*
  49. whiteknight455

    New Super Mario Bros for Project Cafe have Online Multi.

    oh sorry didnt know I'll get rid of it there it is changed okay I just hope I dont get banned
  50. whiteknight455

    King of the Hill!

    I steal your bike and run you over twice the blow it up then take the hill
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