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  • Hey, I noticed that you started a Mormon group on Zelda Dungeon a while ago. Not a bad group. ;)
    I never played Wand of Gamelon. I think our Wand of Gamelon walkthrough is actually fairly recent, though. I believe Mases put it up sometime without the last year or so.
    Hi, whiteknight, I saw your request. I was surprised because I thought I wasn't liked around the community.
    Glad to help! I think New super Mario Bros. Wii whould be a awesome lets play! ( if you really do a lets play make sure to mention me!) lol never mind only if you want. ;)
    Umm... what?
    If you mean you want to do a "Let's Play" I don't know why you would need help deciding, but I would have to say Kirby 64 all the way.
    On your siggy timeline; just being nit-picky here, but:
    1: Everyone here knows what SS (or SwS if you prefer) and OoT stand for.
    2: When you put too many characters in a row it spaces them automatically.
    3: You can use forum code to make the dots white so you don't see them.

    That being said, I think your timeline would look so much better in your sig if you did it like this:

    My Timeline.............Oracles
    ..............(Adult) ALTTP-WW-PH-LA-ST
    ..............(Child) MM-TP-MC-FS-FSA-LOZ-AOL

    That's your exact timeline, but condensed. Just my perspective.
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