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  1. TwilightZelda

    Ganondorf Had Mercy?

    Now heres a thread that doesn't make sense to me, common ganon is a dark heartless-coldblooded killer, but if he did let you live then there is a reason why he wants you alive.
  2. TwilightZelda

    Zelda Vs. Mario

    Mostly i would like zelda because its more adventurous and fun.
  3. TwilightZelda

    Skyward Sword General Discussion

    Well its good, i really like the mix of twilightprincess and windwaker graphics though.
  4. TwilightZelda

    Where Can I Got the OoT Soundtrack?

    http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/legend-of-zelda-ocarina-of-time-original-sound-track instead of downloading a illegal soundtrack try this site, this site has all of your favorite music in any kind of game. if you want to download it, you have to right click it and "save...
  5. TwilightZelda

    What is Your Fav WW Island?

    My favorite is dragon roost island, i really like the music in there and also i like the rito tribe people.
  6. TwilightZelda

    Twilight Princess POLL: How Difficult Was Ganondorf in TP?

    Really he wasn't that hard at all, Ganon's puppet:zelda just dives after you, does a triforce attack, and just throws lightning balls at you just like phatom ganon form WW. Twili beast:Ganon was too easy by the way,all you do is watch the potrals that ganon will come out and come chargin at...
  7. TwilightZelda

    What is your color?

    Blue is my favorite color and also white, white is like someway to be cheerful or to be and endless mystery which kinda sounds like me, blue is the color of the sky and water,It relaxes me when i see that color
  8. TwilightZelda


    What i do is i play basketball and baseball, those this are what im good at. In basketball im always the center player because im so tall and i also jump very high and block alot of shots, Baseball is where i go fast in here, i dont hit the ball very hard but im a fast runner.
  9. TwilightZelda

    Who is Your Favorite Artist?

    Well i have almost alot of favorite artists, but i'll go in order, Paramore: I really how this band rocks alot, favorite songs are "Brick by boring brick" and "decode". Lady Gaga: you might be thinking why, i know her videos are freaky but thats why she does it and her album is 'The fame...
  10. TwilightZelda

    Real Life Zelda Moments

    Hmmmm well i have been jump around every ledge lately, And also i found some items that i keep finding on the floor and they were really helpful.
  11. TwilightZelda

    What Makes YOU Replay a Zelda Game?

    Basicly if i feel like it, if i get so involved in the game i want to play it, the after that i'll get sick of the game eventually, but there still my favorite.
  12. TwilightZelda

    General Art Tell Me What You Thank of My Site!

    Well usually fourms go to a slow start so just be paticene, your'll get more user in the future someday.
  13. TwilightZelda

    ~Panda's Bamboo Hut of Graphics~

    hey thats great i can't wait to see the graphics that are better oh and BTW those are really good but blurry but im sure you can fixed that.
  14. TwilightZelda

    Is Twilight Princess HUGE!!!

    Well if you really have epona to ride then you won't waste any time at all. To me it's not huge at all.
  15. TwilightZelda

    Which Temple from Ocarina of Time Would You Want to Live In?

    i would go to the temple of time, that place reminds me of my house for some reason. Really like i have like alot of history in my house and its also white.
  16. TwilightZelda

    Is "bombable" a Word?

    Some games are picky on words and grammar, bombable cant be spelled like that so no its not a word.
  17. TwilightZelda

    Why Do You Like Zelda?

    Well for me i hate zelda before, i dont even know what zelda is until my friend showed me WW, well i didnt like it at first but slowly i like the game. That was my first zelda game ever, second is TP, and i really like the character zelda.
  18. TwilightZelda

    Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

    :lol:lol i freak when the 4th spirit show link screaming with his eyes rolled.D:
  19. TwilightZelda

    Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

    you mean zant's hands, because they are controlled by zant.Im just telling you what they are and yes they do creep you out, and the music starts to get dramatic like jawsO.o.
  20. TwilightZelda

    Name the Song Stuck in Your Head

    hehe lets see i have 2 songs in my head. 1. Ganon's tower from WW 2. Super metroid: brinstar underground dephts
  21. TwilightZelda

    Spoiler Your Shocking Moments While Playing Zelda Games?

    You know whats weird, in TP the same thing happen olny doesnt have swords, he just charges at you , and also his name is beast ganon.:lol:
  22. TwilightZelda

    Spirit Tracks Fan Art!

    so far i did link, zelda, and makar, now im doing medli.
  23. TwilightZelda

    Pikmin Series

    yeah it gets boring because theres no challange unlike pikmin 1, in that game you have to get all the parts of the ship at least 30 days
  24. TwilightZelda


    I watch yu-gi-oh when it came out, i like the show it wasa good, but im not a freak of it, im still watching it today but not that much.
  25. TwilightZelda

    Code Lyoko

    Man this was like the olny anime show that i like, too bad its cancelled from cartooon network but at least i watch it on the internet for old good times.
  26. TwilightZelda

    Your YouTube Favorites

    My vids are just random, but i do help people voice for there abridged series.
  27. TwilightZelda

    Favorite Movie

    My favorite movies are: 1. Transformers 1,2 2. She's the Man ( lol that movie is funny) 3. Taken 4.Iorn Man 5.The animal.
  28. TwilightZelda

    Help with Jump

    Theres no jump button for the A button, you just have to run straight at it.
  29. TwilightZelda

    Pikmin Series

    who here likes the pikmin series,i do this game has alot of adventure in here and has great gameplay and bosses
  30. TwilightZelda

    Help with Jump

    have you tried to ajust the camera angle to jump, or did you roll by accident,or did you have your zora armor on still, because if you had the zora armor on he dives when you jump.
  31. TwilightZelda

    Your Username

    i name myself twilightzelda, because i like the game TP and zelda is my favorite character.
  32. TwilightZelda

    The Hardest Videogame Boss Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well i figure out which is the hardest boss, my hardest is the titan dweevil from pikmin 2, the hard part is to keep your pikmin safe and he has all the four elements, fire,water,electric, poision.
  33. TwilightZelda

    Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 2

    this looks good i really like how this story looks. keep up the good the work.
  34. TwilightZelda

    Do You Think Link Should Talk?

    i dont really care if he talks, i just like to play the game.
  35. TwilightZelda

    The Funniest/Most Embarrassing Thing You Did While Playing Zelda

    when i was playing WW i was getting to the boss room something hit me when i was in midair, i thought i killed evryone but i forgot one
  36. TwilightZelda

    Treasure Charts

    heres an easier way, try to go each and every island,so the fish can draw on your sea chart and hey maybe you'll find the treasure when you visit evry island, i know its long to go to every island but stick with it.
  37. TwilightZelda

    Spirit Tracks Fan Art!

    well i finished my picture of zelda, but i need permission from my parents to take a picture of it
  38. TwilightZelda

    Why Living In Hyrule is Better Than the Real World

    Oh this is a good question. Hmmmmmmm sure i wouldn't mind if i lived in hyrule, i would love to meet princess zelda and be her hero lol( yeah twilightzelda keep dreaming.)
  39. TwilightZelda

    Spirit Tracks Fan Art!

    oh wow that looks good but im going to be honest, there too skinny, and links head is big lol. oh BTW im going to make a zelda picture too , its in progress still.
  40. TwilightZelda

    The Hardest Videogame Boss Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i don't know which boss is hard, for me every boss is easy.
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