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  1. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    Picutre of the little miss as promissed.
  2. bushwacker87

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    Let's see..seeing how we just had our second child a couple days ago I guess me answer would be yes. I love having my son to play with, teach him bad habits, and just watching him learn things. I have my daughter now so I can spoil her and scare all the boys off when they come around. As for...
  3. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    I like that name but my niece is already named that but different spelling. Soon iwill have pictures up just haven't had time yet to get in the computer
  4. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    Congrats hylian_monolith for winning the baby pool. You have bragging right over the form on how awesome you are at guessing. Here is the info Kinsley Sue 6 pounds 6 ounces 19 1/4inches long 1235
  5. bushwacker87

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    How soon will my wife give birth to our little girl...god its killing me
  6. bushwacker87

    What Do You Do to Earn Your Allowance or Pocket Money?

    ahahahahaha please explain we all want to know now....lol
  7. bushwacker87

    What Do You Do to Earn Your Allowance or Pocket Money?

    Never recived allowances but I do recive a pay check every other week...just a matter of how much is left after all my bills lol
  8. bushwacker87

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Got up butt crack of dawn, took the dogs out, got ready for work, drove through traffic, now been at work all day. Ready to get out of here
  9. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    Thanks now join in on the game..but once she is born Ill let everyone know her name and post a pic of her.
  10. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    lol...see my last name is bush so there is alot of names my wife would not allow me to pick just because its not good to put in front of bush
  11. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    lol alright do you want to guess a name?
  12. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    lol my son figured out a hammer helps with making those round pegs fit into the square holes lol
  13. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    Yea I have already been working with my son on playing video games. Hes 2 and will be 3 soon. Right now we are playing Monster hunter tri. He just loves to kill his rawrs lol. Thank you so much.
  14. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    ahh see I wont give any hints on the name untill she is born...
  15. bushwacker87

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    country girl by luke bryant...
  16. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    I would say the name but then everyone would be able to get her name correct...haha
  17. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    Lol already have the name picked out but the wifey didnt let me go with that one..
  18. bushwacker87

    Baby Pool (baby Guessing Game)

    So I haven’t post anything for a while but here soon I’ll be having my second kid "little girl". I am trying to have some fun with it by doing a baby pool for ZD. Please everyone join in and guess. The only thing up for grabs is for pride and the right to brag. So far I only have two people...
  19. bushwacker87

    Chain Reaction! Read the Rules!

    Beverage Association
  20. bushwacker87

    Chain Reaction! Read the Rules!

    kid proof
  21. bushwacker87

    Twilight Princess GameCube or Wii?

    I have only played the wii version so I have to go with wii.
  22. bushwacker87

    Both Wii Zelda Games in Cgrundertows Top 25 Wii Games

    Has any ones else watched cgrundertows top 25 wii games yet? I was wondering what was everyones thoughts about where they placed Both the zelda games in the list?
  23. bushwacker87

    Zelda WiiU Predictions

    I would like to see it go back to where you really have to explore and not hand held on what and where you need to go. Make it an actuall open world adventure game with lots to do.
  24. bushwacker87

    Wii U Preview Event General Discussion Thread

    I am super excited for it. If anything its worth spend the extra 50 bucks for the premium package expecially if they start giving you options of downloading games threw the nintendo shop. The only thing I wished they showed is how you interact with friends online. One thing the wii didnt...
  25. bushwacker87

    Peanut Butter Gamer

    I have watched pbg for a while now. He is a good reviewer but sometimes his drunken idiotness bothers me. Another good reviewer is StormDain.
  26. bushwacker87

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man great band check them out
  27. bushwacker87

    Whos Ready for Season 3 of Walking Dead

    Ok so I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. Great zombie show. I guess I like it because it takes a diffrent perspective on the zombie appoclipse. Its not just all about killing the zombies but more on the growth of the people trying to survive. So who else is ready for Season 3 of the...
  28. bushwacker87

    Spoiler Why is Zelda Smiling?

    @Terminus Never said I hated ST. Sorry I was joking about it. In fact I love spirit tracks except for a few flaws it has.
  29. bushwacker87

    WW-Wii U 3DS

    I think eventually it could happen but you might see it as a downloadble title on the 3ds shop.
  30. bushwacker87

    Would You Like to See Another 2d Zelda Game?

    I would love to see another 2d game. I love them and enjoy the game play a lot
  31. bushwacker87

    Greatest Hand Held Zelda Game?

    I like Spirit tracks all execept for two parts. The crapy traveling that just seemed to me useless. Yea you can fire a cannon at crap but most of the time i set my destination and just set it down. The other complaint I had was the climbing of the spirt tower. when you got to the later levels...
  32. bushwacker87

    Greatest Hand Held Zelda Game?

    There might be alread a post about this but I didnt find one so here we go. What are your opinion of what is the greatest hand held zelda game. Im not including oot3d because the original was not a hand held game. My choice would be either one of the Oracle games. Im alittle biase on it...
  33. bushwacker87

    Spoiler Why is Zelda Smiling?

    Cause shes going to get to do alittle something something with link in that train lol. Shes a dumb blond what do you expect she was probably thinking look at that pritty train looking thing. lol
  34. bushwacker87

    Best Console to Play Zelda on

    Wii, the motion controls just add so much to the experince of the game play. Nothing like swinging your arms around acting like you are really fighting all the evil villans
  35. bushwacker87

    What Character Would You Have Make an Appearance in the Next Zelda Title.

    Zelda or Link jk lol. But Dark link would be alsome to have return
  36. bushwacker87

    What MOST Affects Your Enjoyment of a Zelda Game?

    My two would have to be the gameplay and story. I always like it when the game can suck me into the story and complament it with great game play.
  37. bushwacker87

    Most Confusing/Easiest/Hardest Temple in ANY Zelda Game?

    hmmm easiest would be any temple in spirt tracks, most confusing for me water temple in tp, hardest i guess the Snowpeak Ruins in tp. Ok give this becuase its been for ever since iv played the old zeldas and havent played alot of legend of zelda games
  38. bushwacker87

    Should Dark Link Be a Boss in a New Zelda Game?

    I would have to agree. Dark link would be an alsome villian. Even as the main one. Gives that inner struggle that is needed for a great game. Dark link could even be an old friend that he grew up with and trained with that got made at him because zelda fell in love with him.
  39. bushwacker87

    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    Create a dark zelda. like an evil twin of zelda, she could also have a weird love connection with link to make it harder for link to kill her at the end.
  40. bushwacker87

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Mine would be midna. Shes just fricking sweet.
  41. bushwacker87

    Twilight Princess An Instrument?

    I love TP. I think that it really didnt need any insturments to improve it. The small sections of howling stones was a nice add to the game but I wouldnt of wanted any insturments that you had to play a lot during the game.
  42. bushwacker87

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Release It on the 3ds?

    So the question would be how do you show the demand with out another petition. Kind of a catch 22.
  43. bushwacker87

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I think out of the very few ones I have played it would be Spirt Tracks. Dont get me wrong I loved the game just not as much as other ones I have played. A few problems I had was the transportation system just seemed monotonous and very linear. And the one thing that really annoyed me was the...
  44. bushwacker87

    Did You Begin Playing Zelda Games at a Young Age?

    At a very young age I started playing zelda with the oracle series. I also remember going over to my neighbors house and watching them play the legend of zelda on the nes. I thought it was the coolest game I have ever seen.
  45. bushwacker87

    General Classic Create a Petition to Re-release Ooa and Oos on 3ds Eshop?

    So seems like everyone is pritty well saying a petition could be to much right now for getting these games. Now could you see a problem with them rereleasing these games based on they where developed by Flagship/Capcom? Mabe this is why they havent been able to put it out on the e-shop yet.
  46. bushwacker87

    General Classic Create a Petition to Re-release Ooa and Oos on 3ds Eshop?

    What do you guys think about creating a petition to let Nintendo know that there is an intrest in releasing OOA and OOS on the 3ds eshop so that every one can have another chance to play these two classic games? Me personally I would love to play them again seeing how those where the first two...
  47. bushwacker87

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Release It on the 3ds?

    wish it was to be released in 2012. With 2012 being over half way over look like we have to keep on waiting for this day to come.
  48. bushwacker87

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Release It on the 3ds?

    Sweet where did you find that information that it will be released in 2012?
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