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Both Wii Zelda Games in Cgrundertows Top 25 Wii Games

Sep 20, 2011
Has any ones else watched cgrundertows top 25 wii games yet? I was wondering what was everyones thoughts about where they placed Both the zelda games in the list?


Jan 10, 2011
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I think we all know Skyward Sword, for me, would go at #1 for the best game on the Wii, but as for Twilight Princess, it wouldn't crack my Top 10, and probably not even Top 20. It's possible it would be in my Top 25, but I don't know for sure. Either way, though, they're both great games.

By the way, here's my Top 5 Best Wii Games list.

5.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
4.) Donkey Kong Country Returns
3.) Metroid Prime Trilogy
2.) Super Mario Galaxy 2
1.) Skyward Sword


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Jul 12, 2010
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I think that it's absolutely fair to place both Zelda Wii games in the top 5 Wii games ever (even though Twilight Princess isn't really a Wii game and thus shouldn't belong in this list) because they are both great games. But my top 5 Wii games list would look like this:

5) Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Prime Trilogy tied
4) Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 tied
3) Super Paper Mario
2) Skyward Sword
1) Twilight Princess


Jun 22, 2011
That looks like a pretty good list.

My favorite Wii games are:
1. Skyward Sword
2. Donkey Kong Country Returns
3. Twilight Princess
4. Super Mario Galaxy
5. Super Paper Mario

It's rare for me to like any non-Zelda games more than a Zelda game, but DKCR was just awesome. That series was my favorite growing up before I started playing Zelda, and Returns does the earlier games justice.
Jan 2, 2012
That's not a bad list at all. My list would be:

1)Skyward Sword
2)Twilight Princess
3)Super Mario Galaxy
4)Super Smash Bros. Brawl
5)New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I haven't played Galaxy 2, DKCR, or Metroid Prime series yet so my list will most likely change eventually.

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